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  1. I'm %100 in.........love 40k and to be able to play 40k without months of painting and 4 hours to play a single game, plus original art.....yes please.
  2. often times, focusing out a big unit can be more effective than killing them, because if you just kill him and they have another in their hand or top deck another copy, he'll be right back out. Having said that, keeping Elite units locked down isn't the easiest thing to do but many LS decks these days do have access to alot of tactics icons.
  3. As far as the final two force packs go....... hoth speeders, AT-ATs and the executor....enough said
  4. of course you can damage their objectives on your first turn and their first turn as well. engagements aren't the only way to damage objectives. a dark time for the rebellion is another example of being able to damage your opponents objectives on the first turn of the game. night sister is another.
  5. a protector can only protect damage up to his CURRENT health. so a moisture farmer can protect 1 damage, the rest stays where it was originally targeted to. as a side note, shields do not change the amount of damage a protector can soak. if a guardian of peace has 2 health and a shield, she can still only protect up to 2 points of damage. if she has a single health left and a shield, then she can protect 1 damage.
  6. thx, i couldn't figure out why vader's ability was limited.......
  7. unless speificed otherwise, such as darth vader's reaction, which is limited to once per player turn.
  8. there is only a few people around me. hopefully the game picks up with time otherwise it will be hard for people ( including me) to justify continuing to buying the cards.
  9. wow, that scum set, other than dengar, is terrible......sigh
  10. There would be no need for them to have different names for the same character, as they are assigned to a pod number. That makes each unique character a different version. So, you could have a future S&S version of Han Solo and name it Han Solo. there was no need for decipher to do it and they did...... the only reason i commented on it at all is because someone actually eluded to you being able to have multiple copies out at the same time IF they had different names. thats incorrect, reguardless of the name, there can ever only be a single copy of any unique card out.
  11. False. You can have both the Millennium Falcon and Renegade Squadron in play at the same time, even though the former is an integral component of the latter. Then there's Red Five. that card undeniably represents a figher being flown by a specific pilot - without Luke at the controls, it's exactly the same as any other X-wing. Nothing special about the ship itself, yet you can have both on the table at once.I guarantee your wrong. if they ever put out different versions of the same character with different card names ( such as Han solo and captain solo) you will not be able to have them out at the same time. renegade squadron and millennium falcon is a bad example because frankly the renegade squadron isn't the millennium falcon. the renegade squadron flew a number of different rebel fighters which didn't necessarily include the millennium falcon, nor were the renegade squadron missions space based. having said that, I think they have already demonstrated that they won't be using different names for the same character as decipher did, so this is all a moot point.
  12. it wouldn't matter if the card names were different, it's the same person and you can't have multiple copies of the same unique character out. having said that, I'm very doubtful that ffg will use different names for the same character as decipher did in the star wars ccg, and you still couldn't have copies of Darth Vader and Lord Vader ( among others) out at the same time.
  13. you can't run Sith affiliation with unstoppable advance, it's a navy only affiliation.
  14. I got my pack from MM weeks ago. it was delivered on the Monday after the pack came out.
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