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  1. So, now that we have a new expansion announced, do we have an event at which we can try it out?
  2. If you take a look at the rulebook that has already been printed for all of our eyes to see, you will note that the power token for a ship in port statement does not happen to mention the "Dark Wings, Dark Words" card. It sounds like lots of players are assuming that because "Dark Wings, Dark Words" sometimes has the same function as "Game of Thrones," therefore all of the same rules should apply to both of them. It would not, however, be reasonable to assume the rulebook says things that it doesn't really say. You can house rule it if you want. I wouldn't count on it in a competitive situation, though.
  3. Yeah, I think that's cheating. That text only keys one time. I don't believe any of the other conflicts can be activated multiple times either.
  4. If you happen to be ahead of the other guy on the Iron Throne track and you have a march order in the region in question, you could just activate that march order and move somewhere else before he has a chance to activate his. Obviously, you wouldn't want to leave a power token behind to maintain control. This move would have to happen on your turn. You could NOT activate your march order after the other player has already activated his and declared an attack on you.
  5. I'm pretty sure that the play testers played a very large number of campaigns and probably used statistical methods to analyze their results. Generating the amount of data to evaluate the claim of balance or the lack thereof in this game would be an undertaking that is not worth the cost. Play it and enjoy it. If you have to win to have fun, you're playing the wrong game!
  6. Yeah, the last game of Arkham Horror I played, the players didn't have a chance. The game before that was won by closing gates in only about an hour.
  7. The rule book states that all 3 Westeros cards are first revealed, then the wildlings track is advanced based on the number of symbols on the three cards. If this action results in the token reaching the "12" spot on the track, then a wildling attack is immediately resolved. Finally, each Westeros card is resolved in numerical order. The step of advancing the wildling token has already taken place, so I would say that another symbol being revealed would have no effect on the position of the wildling threat token.
  8. Stark only loses their march order in a Lannister attack if they are forced to retreat from the region in which the march order is placed.
  9. I think your solution will probably cause more problems than it solves. Baratheon is only a problem if the other 3 players don't realize they're giving the game away by fighting among themselves. Cooperation and diplomacy can prevent Baratheon from winning at a walk.
  10. I think the take-away message is that nobody plays this game well the first time you play it. It is hard to get players hooked on it because the strategy is so complex that you have to learn it from experience. From what I've read on these forums, most beginners who play Greyjoy make the mistake of crushing Lannister early because they can, and then come to regret it when Baratheon takes over the south unopposed. Unless you've seen it happen, you don't understand at the beginning of the game that crushing Lannister is a bad move. Most beginning Lannister players don't seem to understand that they should push south instead of pursuing the seemingly low-hanging fruit of the riverlands. That move just gives Greyjoy more reason to crush them.
  11. Please remember that sea regions are separated by red lines and land regions are separated by black (or is it white?) lines. The map art dragonstone island is smaller than the region defined by the black (or white) lines. There is no separate sea region between dragonstone and shipbreaker bay. I believe that you have confused the edge of the island illustration with the border of the land region.
  12. I think it would be a great idea to use the cards to achieve a better balance. I think you can mix and match the cards from different sets without anybody noticing by using card sleeves with opaque backs. You should buy this expansion and some card sleeves and let the play testing begin!
  13. I'm pretty sure that both cards have to be revealed before their text takes effect. The cards' text has no effect until they are revealed in combat. Therefore, you spend the power after seeing your opponent's card and assessing how much power you need to spend to beat them.
  14. Moebius said: I agree, and i think it does not improve the game. I also sense a certain power creep in the cards and that is not welcome. I like the new starting positions though, it just gave a twist to the game so everybody has to come out of their "traditional" house strategies which is welcome indeed. I am sorely tempted to do card mixing between both sts for both the stadndard set up and the expansion. I have a feeling that this expansion was intended to shake things up for the players who already think they know the "best" way to open the game for each house. It completely skips over the portion of the game in which players gain control over neutral territories and puts them in immediate conflict. I also think it would be fun to allow players to construct their own hand of house cards with the following limitations: 1. You may only use cards of your own house. 2. Select one card each of strength 4, 3, and 0. 3. Select two cards each of strength 1 and 2. I have, however, studied the house cards and found only a few combos that use cards from both sets. One good one for Lannister is Tywin Lannister (gain 2 power tokens if you win) and Qyburn (spend two power to give Qyburn the strength and combat icons of any house card in any discard pile). Adding the 2nd ed. Roose Bolton to the ADWD Stark hand would allow for the Ramsey Bolton/Reek combo to be used more often. Having both versions of the Queen of Thorns could really shut down an opponent's combat by negating their house cards' text effects sometimes, and other times removing support orders. It might also be fun to develop a set of draft rules that allow the players to select cards from any house for their hand. Then there would be a greater chance for some overpowered combos. On the other hand, the strength of each house's hand of cards is part of the balance in this game. Upsetting this balance may result in an uneven playing field. Of course, many people are already complaining about this game's balance issues. Perhaps creating more balance problems isn't the way to go…
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