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  1. Ugh, just submitted a win against Ithaqua with my score as my nickname. Switch "16" with "Chronicles" please.
  2. You're deliberately making this more complicated than it is. If it says "Magical Weapon" on the card, it's a "Magical Weapon." That's it. No weapon or item in this game is both Magical and Physical.
  3. As someone who is (almost done!) working on a similar project this thread at BGG is an invaluable resource and source of inspiration
  4. Just noticed that in game submission #819 Chronicles defeated by Shub-Niggurath I forgot to mark that the Dunwich Horror awoke.
  5. Last game I played we had 4 seals burst. "Good Work Undone" popped up just after we'd all just got back from sealing gates and had to rush to come up with the clues. Managed to pass it, but it ate about ten clues. Finally we had 5 gates sealed and all ran into gates to get the last seal. All investigators are in the second area of an other world when the last doom token is added. Quite possibly the longest game I've ever played, we technically got 9 seals and were a turn away from 4 more! Alas, we got what had to be our first loss to Azathoth since our first ever game.
  6. I keep fixed items in the same envelope as the investigator sheet, token and personal story so they only exist when that character is in the game.
  7. HBO's "Carnivale" was set during the depression and dealt with the supernatural. Not quite Arkham Horror but it could be pretty creepy. The "traveling circus" format of the show let it deal with both episodic "monster of the week" type stories and an overarching story. I'd recommend checking it out (although it was cancelled after only 2 seasons and ends on a cliffhanger )
  8. Maximum refers to the maximum amount of sanity/stamina for a character. For example, Harvey Walters has a maximum sanity of 7 and maximum stamina of 3. Over the course of the game he can be hurt or drivien insane so that he can be at 6 out of 7 sanity or 2 out of 3 stamina. There are certain effects (most common in the base game is playing against Cthulhu) that can lower that second number permanently. Similarly there are effects that can raise the maximum (having Duke or Sir William Brinton as an ally). If that number is ever lowered so much as to be 0, it can't be increased at the hospital/asylum and the character will die.
  9. For example, Shriveling or Dread Curse. They add dice to a combat check. A combat check that you will be unable to make, as you have no sanity and have to go to the asylum.
  10. Just missed the cut off with my latest game. Lost in final battle, Hastur at -4. Epic Battle card where the AO attacks first ruined my day. That and the MULTIPLE 9-die 0-success rolls. Ugh.
  11. Er, in this situation, the combat would have continued until Joe either died or defeated the Cthonian. Unless he fled, he wouldn't have been sucked into the gate.
  12. 4. I consider myself strict, but I say you can pick up clues during upkeep. Why? Because Kate Winthrop starts with the clue that normally is on the Science Building.
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