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  1. Yeah from what I remember of the rule book, it forced the player's to make choices when selecting skills. Take some nice skills now, or wait 1 or more points to get a rather nice upgrade. I have always been torn while choosing skills because of this rule lol.
  2. Thanks guys I'll go ahead and do this. I really appreciate the responses! I really do need to build up on my expansions so I can vary the replay ability of this app. Thank you FF for making this app!
  3. So I have the first addition base game as well as the 2e game with 3 expansions. I bought the conversion kit to bring over nearly 20 heroes from the 1e box set. Is there a way I can play the characters within the apps campaigns? Varikas the Dead is one of my favorite toons, and would like to play him as well as some others in RTL. Thanks!
  4. Well I have the old core game, got the conversion kit for 2e, but really wanted to play my favorite hero Vaikas the Dead in an adventure. Is there no way am to a fully play any of my old heroes within the campaigns of this app?
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