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  1. This was explained, the simple answer is no. The AC you ask about only applies during the space battle step of an activation. Since PDS fire happens before this step of an activation the hit happens outside of the step the AC is played during. Thus it cannot be used.
  2. I do believe it will be Q2 last I heard.
  3. We need more information. Because the way my group plays is that whenever an enemy moves within range of your PDS(Deep Space Cannon or not) they can choose whether or not to fire on those vessels. Our group has interpreted that any time another player moves units within range of a PDS the player in control of the PDS has the choice to fire upon those ships.
  4. The Creuss system on the map is considered a special system. Special systems have Red or Yellow borders.
  5. I would concur with this, from a roleplaying perspective I would envision each flagship having some kind of special technology that each race is hell bent on destroying if the ship is about to go down. Thus the end is near and they hit the button to destroy said technology.
  6. I would interpret this card as being only when you choose it, since you choose your SC during the strategy phase and not when playing an action card I would say that you cannot play this action card if you use the Masterful Strategy AC to gain the technology card.As for the Jol-Nar using this action card it is useful to them if they are forced into taking the Technology card, otherwise it is not of much use for Jol-Nar. The key word in this action card is "choose" If you do not choose the card for yourself the card is not able to be used in my interpretation.
  7. I would suggest not using the core game or any optional rules at all, instead use the scenario game from Shards. It eliminates most of the overly complex parts of the game and focuses almost exclusively on the core mechanics of the game and the flow through the phases.
  8. Here's the thread at BGG for my introductory games. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1135991/southeast-connecticut-introductory-twilight-imperi
  9. I would like to start doing an introduction to this game for new new new players every couple of months. I'm hoping to be able to start it up toward the end of May. My target date is the last Sunday in May.
  10. Reading the rules for the strategy cards, when using representatives you do not use Political II, you use Assembly II. Since spies are resolved first no representative should be revealed ever before a spy. Reading the rules as far as sending a representative, it appears that so long as you have an available representative to send you must send them. As there is a statement in the rules stating that if you have no representative to send then you may not participate in a vote.
  11. To further expand upon my views here regarding the scenario game for the fall of the empire. The reason I find this superior to the base game without expansions is that it eliminates many of the more complex parts of the game. It almost exclusively focuses on the mechanics of the game and flow of the game through the phases. The phases in my experience are where most of the players have the most trouble with comprehension. Once the new players have grasped the flow of the game with the phases and the mechanics of activating systems and so on, then I would move on to the base game with the original strategy card set and play with that until the new players are comfortable with the parts implemented in that setup. After that I would go free reign and allow players to suggest and explore the game with me and other experienced players as guides to help them. To the experienced players I would like to say this. Remember we were all at one point staring at the rule book for this game scratching our heads saying "What?" If you view new players with this perspective in mind and take a compassionate and encouraging approach, rather then a dominating and superior approach you will be looked upon more kindly. Take things slow with new players, ease them into the game, rather then bombard them with all kinds of rules and complex parts of the game.
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