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  1. Hi, I'm an active AGOT player, living in Den Bosch. There are a few active players also in Eindhoven, but most people play in Arnhem. We (as dutch agot players) have a very active whatsapp group, we can also be found on facebook and have a forum. I would say, welcome. Lots to do for AGOT for who wants to! If your fast you even can join the first tourney of 2016 (3 Jan I think in Arnhem). Laiyna
  2. btw, its not extension, its revoking what they are doing. What completely invalidates your argument....
  3. This one post proves everything we accuse FFG from, and the way US guys feel supperior to EU. There can be a US last champion, but not EU ? Stahleck is there as the only championship for years and it gets taken away and the host disreguarded as a piece of waste ? Worlds is tiny compared to Stahleck and thats a problem for the avarage US guy/company ? EU got a bigger playerbase then US....
  4. FFG just screwed over the biggest Tournement they ever had for some ecconomical reason, About 250+ players (yes more then 250 players would be at the tournement) get the short end. Way to go FFG, especialy at the start of the launch of your new 2nd edition you alianate your playerbase. Good start to build a playerbase with these actions and shows how serious you take europe players.
  5. laiyna

    Forum Changed?

    Hi, Not logging in often, but when I did login in recently I lost my profile pic, and all games of FFG I did play. The pic was soon back again, but the games I can not seem to find. Laiyna
  6. Zombie/Survivor Horror LCG Nothing more to say
  7. I mostly play with 2 more people, and that makes my draw work perfectly, I get almost all turns 1 extra card. Forest Patrol works great, only bad thing about it, is that I can only put 3 of them in it
  8. Hi, Made a secrecy Trap Deck, but not completely happy how it works. I have 2 cards to much, so I want to cut it down a little bit. Also looking for some suggestions how to advance it Hobbit Trapdeck Hero (2) Sam Gamgee (TBR) x1 Pippin (TBR) x1 Ally (20) Anborn (TBoG) x3 Dunedain Wanderer (RtR) x3 Ithilien Archer (EaAD) x3 Ithilien Tracker (HON) x3 Bill the Pony (TBR) x3 Keen-eyed Took (THoEM) x3 Warden of Healing (TLD) x2 Attachment (26) Fast Hitch (TDM) x3 Dunedain Warning (CatC) x3 Hobbit Cloak (TBR) x3 Forest Snare (Core) x2 Ithilien Pit (EaAD) x3 Poisoned Stakes (TBoG) x3 Ranger Spikes (HON) x3 Resourceful (TWitW) x3 Boots from Erebor (KD) x3 Event (6) Forest Patrol (AoO) x3 Timely Aid (TRG) x3 In general if I get one of my secrecy cards in my start hand, I will do oke, resourceful on pippen asap. Laiyna
  9. I know there are some attachments and event cards with draw 1 or 2 cards. This is not a stable draw. Some deadly/char kill effects, but this also gives no stable draw. Samwel with ravens, but that cost a lot of space for the raven cards you need. Sansha with attachments, could work but then you give up 20-30% of your deck to attachments (that also give draw). Seal of the Crown, very risky to use, and no way to search your deck for the card, so needs multiple copies and still not sure you get it. Stormdancer (especialy winter), but again not stable becouse you need to win defence.. Val, again very fickle....
  10. I'm toying with some ideas for a deck, and looking into maesters (a few) and stalwart. But I hit against a wall to get enough draw in my deck. What are my options to get draw in my deck as Stark/Neutral ? Laiyna
  11. Can I take a neutral enchantment if I play Winter Stores and I play with the neutral house card?
  12. Hi All, I'm kinda a thematic player, and I'm oposed to a real Jaime (we play both joust and melee with the same deck). Could use some help with my deck to make it work Characters 2 Arya Stark 2 Guardian Wolf 2 Meera Reed 3 Shadowcat 2 Ser Mandon Moore 3 Ranger of Winter 2 Catelyn Stark 3 Maester of Last Hearth 3 Direwolf Pup 3 Wolf Pack 3 Carrion Bird Locations 1 Northern Cave 1 Hidden Chambers 2 Storm Dancer 1 Tower of the Hand 1 Lord Eddard's Chambers 3 Great Keep 3 The Roseroad 3 The Searoad Events 3 Winter Reserves 3 Endless Endurance 3 Winter is Coming Attachments 2 War Horn 3 White Raven 1 The Long Winter 1 Deep Freeze 1 Crown of Winter Plots 1 The Winds of Winter 1 The Minstrel's Muse 1 Respect of the Old Gods 1 A Time for Ravens 1 Winter Festival 1 City of Lies 1 Storm of Swords
  13. I stand corrected, we have a green Noldor hero but at a cost of 12, it still would force me to play without blue (where my Noldor cards would be) and a starting threat of 32.
  14. I sleeve, the sleeves are cheaper then the cards, and I play for the nice pictures the cards have I would hate to see them damaged, it would lower the enjoyment of my game.
  15. Hi, Been now playing for some while and I find there is a lack of cards, or better, type of cards. Sylvan (we have 1 red Hero, but in red no allies) also the majority of the cards is green (without a hero) but only 1 card that effects Sylvan cards (ally that heals). Noldor (we have a red + purple hero) while the Noldor playing cards are green and blue (green unique ally, blue unique ally and effect). It would rock to see some love for Sylvan and Noldor, I doubt I'm the only thema player on this forum…. Laiyna ps: as mentioned before, we also lack Female Hero's but thats old news
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