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  1. Yeah the rights could be a mess… do you deal with the reformed FASA, Catalyst, or Topps? Who knows, that could even be an advantage depending on "who owns what" in Battletech terms. That said, Catalyst hasn't broken into the card game market (so far as I can tell), so they may be willing to make a similar arrangement to the one between FFG and GW. (of course on a smaller scale/cost)
  2. I'd love to see FFG take a look at doing something within the Battletech/Mechwarrior franchise. There used to be a Battletech CCG ages ago that was really fun, and with Mechwarrior Online entering closed (now open) beta, my LGS has seen an increase in people playing the Classic Battletech Tabletop game. MWO has drawn new players to start playing (and vets to return to playing) Classic Battletech, I imagine people would likewise be drawn towards a Battletech LCG as well. In the meantime, I guess I could proxy old cards and rehash the "good ol' days!" A Battletech LCG, who's with me?!?
  3. Oh boy, there is so much art to love! I'm in love with the girl on the cover of the box. That has to be my favorite! Posted Bounty is another sweet one… And I can't overlook my total bro-mance for Gabriel. I like the way he looks in "Bank Job"… but I hate the artwork on his Identity Card though. I wish they would have had the "Bank Job" artist do Gabriel's Identity card. (or just used Gabriel's pic from his character card in the Infiltration board game) I'm still tempted to photoshop an alt-art Gabriel Identity card for myself…
  4. I'd love, love, love for some card pages (like the standard 9-pocket pages) to be able to put the "mini" cards that come in the X-wing game. Obviously, you'll have 18 or 20 pockets per page. (no measurements, just guessing) Having both the standard ship cards and smaller upgrades cards completely organized and in the same binder would make squad building so much easier! I do not believe there are any binder sheets of this size currently on the market, and if so, FFG would have a nice little niche built in as both a supplier of those mini sized cards as well as the supplier for appropriately sized card pages. Surely I'm not the 1st person to think of this, come on FFG please make it happen!
  5. Asmoridin said: Ewoks vs Jawas, please . Ok, I admit it, THAT would be pretty funny! =p
  6. +1 for a Dust-style (either version) star wars game! … just no Ewok army please!
  7. I've always wondered why there hasn't been an RPG done for the Terrinoth setting, given that the large number of games in about the realm. I would also like to second the idea of seeing some Terrinoth novels as well! I'd LOVE to read more into the lore… Come on FFG! (Maybe there should be an "I can haz Terrinoth Novel" thread too!)
  8. Great idea! It would be interesting to see something like this developed, even if only unofficially done by community members. Also, given the small size of the action/item cards their "once per game" ability/feat could easily be done as one of those small cards that would sit on or beside your character card and simply returned to the box once used. Also, having the ability on the action-sized cards would also make it easy to just have then thrown into an expansion if one comes along.
  9. theguildllc said: This is a carrying/storage case. This pic alone takes the cake! I love what you did to the inner lid, very creative! =)
  10. Siouxfire said: Looking good, but one thing that for me personally always looks a little odd is a perfect decal. I'd chip away at the "411" with a little of your base colour (yellow) even if only a tiny, tiny bit. Wow, I never even thought about the "perfect decal" thing. You are right, that would look a lot better!
  11. Here's the updated walker. I added some shadows around panels and such with the original basecoat, and added in a few more highlights as well. I also redid some of the chipping and "muck" on the legs with the sponge technique that I notice a lot of others using. It was my 1st attempt at it, and I kept it limited to the legs, underside, and just the right portion of the walker as if the driver may have clipped some rubble in an urban setting. Any ways, here it is… @mgentile7 - No worries, they were good suggestions and I think they helped "step up" the model just a bit. … back to painting! -WuhSawBe-
  12. Jiltedtoo said: I like your recon gren. paint scheme. Good job! Thanks!
  13. Yeah, you are right… the walker could use some extra detail, the yellow looks a little to "clean". I think I'll rework in some shadows, and maybe redo the highlights. (I'm not a big fan of "edging" highlights on vehicles, so I may try the "natural light" approach) I also noticed I completely forgot to do any highlights turrets! =P Thanks for pointing that stuff out, and making me re-think the walker. I'm hoping it will turn out better after some additional work! -WuhSawBe-
  14. I recently picked up the Dust core set and set out painting the Germans in a Hermann Göring paint scheme after the FoW project that I never got around to doing! I really latched onto "the allied invasion of Sicily", followed by their advance onto mainland Italy. (although I realize the timeline is different in Dust, I still thought it was a cool theme) These are my 1st Dust models, and overall I'd say I'm pretty happy with how they are turning out. I don't have much finished aside from the "test models" but I figured I'd show em anyways. Hope you guys like em! My Panzer Aufklarerlaufer I-C. Sadly, the colors seem a bit "off" in the pics, but I used Vallejo Middlestone for the Dunkelgelb. Also, I just couldn't seem to get both the upper part of the walker and the "HG Dial" into focus at the same time. All the walkers will be numbered and such as from the "4th HG Panzer Division". Lastly, I just had to guess where the exhaust burns should be placed! =P This is what my Sturmgrenadiere Pioner Squad, along with all the other "light" infantry will look like. I've got the Feldwebel that came in the core box in an officer fieldgrey scheme, and some of the "heavier" infantry like the laser grenadiers will be in a dunkelgelb scheme to match the walkers. My Infantry will all be from the "2nd HG Grenadiers". I've got plans to give a similar treatment to my Allied force as well. For them it will be 2nd Armored Company with support from "Tank Destroyer" units… mainly because they took part in the Allied Invasion of Sicily (iirc) and I have the decals for em already as well! I'm hoping to get things painted to try and get fellow gamers at my LGS hooked onto Dust Tactics and eventually Warfare through some demos and just getting the game SEEN at the shop in general! Thanks for looking! -WuhSawBe-
  15. Wanting to see if there are any players interested in getting in a few games sometime up at 31st Century in Olathe KS. ( www.31stcenturygames.com ) I've got some Targaryen stuff and will probably be playing Greyjoy as well. I just want to gauge interest in a playerbase before I make the dive into spending a ton on cards. I'd LOVE to find enough players to create a dedicated "Game of Thrones Night" and/or possible get a friendly league or tournament going.
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