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  1. You've chosen a proper quest for morale boost. Others from that cycle tend to be annoyingly difficult. Meanwhile, I've just unpacked my Fellowship 2018 kit. Playmat is awesome.
  2. Thanks for extended review, now I'm sure that I might live without it.
  3. I support that. Lake-town requires specific deck building and can be frustrating even with proper deck. What worries me is that you go straight into On the Doorstep, which contains at least one quest annoying for similar reasons.
  4. In contrary to Authraw, I think highly about 7th Level Nightmare; Sometime last year I played it at least 50 times and never got bored. I also think higly about all Heirs Of Numenor NM Pack: PiP with its upgraded mechanics gives tons of fun, while other two quests are hard, but not overly frustrating. And there really are some nightmare quests that force me to give it up, sell my collection, burn the boxes and tear up the playmat: Blood Of Gondor To Catch An Orc Nin-In-Eilph. Those are plain unfair designs.
  5. We are He's present here, you can send him a message: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/profile/252848-banania/
  6. Here you are, if you don't mind shipping cost: http://www.rebel.pl/category.php/1,1849/Dwarrowdelf.html
  7. What's wrong with Blood Of Gondor? I've been trying for about a week with no success. Man, I can't get past round 2 because of too much of everything happening right out of the gate. OK, it's an ambush, I get it, but how am I supposed to manage six low threat enemies hitting for at least three on round one, with chaining shadows and heaps of hidden cards approaching from basically everywhere? The only viable option seems to engage sen. Palpatine ASAP, but he has a nasty habit of un-hiding his minions which means dead heroes round 1. Seriously, I didn't expect to get stuck here after fighting through Woses and Amon Din.
  8. This one?: http://www.myget.org/F/octgngamedirectory/
  9. Looks like we've hijacked the thread a little. I got little confused by ringsdb publishing/fellowship creating method and as a result you are commenting on previous iteration of monospirit, which in fact used Gandalf. Fun factor was undeniable, but the financial burden was a real problem. I corrected the link and now it leads to current version. I even managed to write enhanced description
  10. Here you are: http://www.ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/1119 Now I feel obliged to enhance description a little... Galadriel keeps the threat of her deck at 0, tactics deck tries to put Burning Brand on Beregond asap. Threat reduction effects allow me to get a round or two free of Balrog attacks. With some starting hand luck I am even able to boost my card draw with Deep Knowledge+Double Back combo, which gives more threat reduction, which gets me another round of buffing up and here it goes. Played NM SaF 5 times, won two, two were lost after a long fought battle, one after round 1. More games coming, since I think that the effectivness of deck against certain scenarios can be reliably measured after minimum 20 tries.
  11. I used older versions. They're quite different from my setup and I like to use them now and then, especially against quests that create problems for me. This quest was the other way around - my guys finally managed to push Balrog down the Khazad-dum sewers. Some luck was necessary, of course - Blazing Grip came precisely on Balrog's last attack. If it appeared earlier, there would be no success.
  12. Would be great. How was your Shadow Of Flame? I tried it with your Last Host Of Firstborn decks, but to no avail.
  13. Thanks! This forum's search engine can easily be compared to NM'ed Journey In The Dark Balrog when it comes to use/fight it... I was specifically looking for that topic to unearth it for two reasons: 1. It was great read, I prefer it that way instead of turn by turn reports, so I wanted to demand more; 2. We're approaching second anniversary of your promise that you would return there "in next few days"
  14. You certainly did not reveal Spider's Web in Setup, followed by turn one Ungoliant's Brood Replaying this quest like ten times might revise your grade. My current NM experience has just reached Into Ithilien. Except Escape From Dol Guldur, I don't find any of those I played ridiculously difficult. Most times they're harder, but not to the level where one could say "no way I'm gonna beat this". Revised mechanics benefits some of the scenarios greatly; yesterday I spent half a day chasing local troublemakers through Pelargir in search for Alcaron's scroll and it was cool. I'd also like to mention that there are some great writeups of early NM's by Psychorocka somewhere in this forum, but I could not find them.
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