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  1. Well when I wrote it it was actually in the middle of the day over here (Sweden). I guess that's the good thing about different time zones, they increase the chance of other people beeing awake in odd hours. Personally I have no problem with the cost-for-no-gain mechanic. What I don't like about the spells is that there's really no reason to use them very often. And I think it's a shame that such a big part of the components and rules rarely gets used. Same with the Strange House in Kingsport. I want there to be different choices in the game, not just "go to locations with clues, use weapon to fight". I agree that your spell rule is an easy tweak to make and it doesn't really make it easier, it just gives the option to use spells as a viable alternative. And I think it's a great idea.
  2. Julia said: Musha Shukou said: Julia said: And I answered the LAST one. How many times does OP want this answered? ::laughter:: at least, there was consistency among our answers! Haha. Perhaps it's a test to see if people know what they are talking about
  3. It's nice that you start to get the hang of it. As for the tank guy. Well I'm sure you can find something useful to do. After all, keeping the streets clear can sometimes be quite an important job. There's no point in having the clues to seal a gate if you can't make it to the gate at all. And yes the most important thing is that everyone cooperates and have the same goal in mind. This can sometimes be a little dificult when playing with new players. Some I have played with rather put all their focus in getting the best gear for their investigator or just kill monsters. I'm still not sure what to do then. Do I let them play the way they want even though I know we're going towards a fate worse than death? Or do I try to control their every action and feel like I'm playing a solo game with people to move around stuff for me? I'm still not sure wich is worse.
  4. I see. Well the gatebursts can really be unplesant. But I think I prefer to play them as usual. I often had the situation in the basegame when I realised that I could really not loose anymore (except by the terror level and that is rare) and that it was just a matter of time before victory. Doesn't having two shots at every gateburst pretty much send you back to those stiuations? Personally I use two house rules to make the game game more diversified. Both of them I found on this forum. The first is that spells only cost sanity if they are successful and the other is that you can use the Great Seal to seal a gate (you don't need clue tokens). Both of these things I think encourage people to try different things and makes the game more fun.
  5. The Professor said: Gate Bursts force the token to be flipped from the Elder Sign to the Doom Token side. I'm a bit curious. What does the flipped token do?
  6. Two things. First, I get the impression that you don't think Dunwich adds new investigators. It does (and some really fun ones to). There are 8 new investigators in Dunwich, 8 in Kingsport and 16 in Insmouth so don't skip Dunwich just because you want new investigators. Second, personaly I kind of like the Black Goat but if you want it to make a real impact on the game you pretty much have to play with the herald. I saw that you want a greater challange but beware, the Black Goat herald can be really brutal sometimes and I would recomend you to get one of the other small boxes first. Both because you can then get started with another herald and also if you get tired of using the herald BG will not offer as much other stuff as the others. Watch out for the Lurker though since this herald actually makes the game easier (but the new gates from it's expansion can be a bit hard). And I must agree with Julia, this is probably one of the most common questions here so there are tons of good material for decision making.
  7. Or Wilson + Wendy. Little girl with motorcycle, whiskey and a shotgun. Sounds like something Quentin Tarantino could have made.
  8. I've seen that particular confusion too. Perhaps not that strange since the batman stories really did take the name for the gotham mental institution from Lovecraft.
  9. It has always bothered me a bit that the AO apparently still stirs in its slumber even when it is awakened. But on the other hand, why would some of its powers disapear when it wakes up? So I guess its actually just the wording on the AO sheets that bother me, not the mecanic itself.
  10. The icons only show what the encounters are most likely to give you. You don't get a common item just by moving to an area with a common item icon, you have to take an encounter card and resolve it and that encounter card will have a fair chance of giving you a common item but it's not guaranteed. And even if it can give give you something you often have to pass a skillcheck to get it.
  11. That is beautiful. Your mum is awesome.
  12. eiterorm said: Ah! So you're one of the few on this board who might actually comprehend my username. =P You and Nidhögg I was wondering if it meant what I thought it did or if it were just some nonsence word in another language. Seems I was right =)
  13. @Full Doom Track: I was thinking about the updated FAQ, perhaps I was a bit vague @eiterorm: You were right I am a he, my real name is Linus (a common swedish name if you are a cat or more than 75 years old, I'm neither). About the updated FAQ: I don't believe it, I just took something unlikely out of the air and it turns out to be true. Let's see if it works again, Hey, I bet there are no new expansions anounced! And to all of you: thanks for the warm welcome
  14. Concerning reasons to hang out on a gate: don't forget the "No one can help you now" mythos card (gates can not be sealed). If that one comes up late in the game, there's often no alternative to just stay, wait and hope. And for some reason it always comes just when you are about to win.
  15. If I haven't forgotten something, the undead ability has no effect on its own. It is just affected by other cards like the cross for example. So if there are no cards that says something about undead there are no effect. Pretty much the same for mystic, urban and wheather on the mythos cards. It is only affected by certain AOs and some other specific cards like the acts from KiY. Otherwhise all environment cards are the same, they remain in play until a new environment is drawn no matter what type it is.
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