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  1. I am thinking about getting From the Grave for my group since a player wants to be a Necromancer, however his conscern is that it appears to have only 1 follower option that being the Ghoul. Is there other options (skeletons or Zombies) and can you only have 1 undead at a time or a small force of undead? Thanks
  2. In terms of which is activated first I would say placement on the Iron Throne should decide
  3. I am getting confused fast making a character, is there any advice out there? So far I have picked Race Feral World Human Stats WS: 35 BS: 35 S: 42 T: 37 A: 30 INT: 26 PER: 37 WP: 25 FEL: 28 Career Guardsmen, spent XP on Strength, Weapon Skill, Swim and Awarness but I am confused does this gain me the next box Trained? since they are already marked Basic? Next up on equipment what does 1D10+2E mean?, whats with the giant list of weapons trainings whats Basic Weapon Training SP? IDK but thank you to anyone who attempts to guide me
  4. My main complaint is just no updated news and no FF people on the forums to give said news
  5. Why don't we all just protest then to stop supporting Fantasy Flight until they come around the forums and post something, you know if the game is selling poorly tell us that you are pulling the plug do not let it die slowly without saying a word. Involve us that is how we will get excited again and get new players to buy in not by making us hate you.
  6. If you want to try tomorrow at 2 my time 8 your time I am up for it, sorry about today my nieghborhood is new so there is alot of construction.
  7. So this Monday we will test I will pm my Skype address
  8. Well 1:00 Monday works currently for me, I would be able to test connection on Sunday as sat is when I run my game of WHFRP at a gaming store. I will most likely use my custom randomizer to make my guy usually I do not write much background I like to have an empty pallete to form the character as I go.
  9. Well I love WHFRP and hope it gets continued support we need a human expansion that adds in Cathay, Nippon, ind, Kislev,bretonnia, tilea, Estalia, and Araby rules for their human race, careers that fit those lands like Nippon samurai ect then lastly 4 adventures each a unique location not in the empire. This expands the world beyond empire lore, expands human options in a way many fantasy games have not as usually a human is a human.
  10. As far as this map tools and the other thing goes I don't see why cannot just have our sheets in front of us on Skype and be trusted on our rolls theres really no point to cheat in a RPG. Would we decide are character or will we use the randomizing system?
  11. Are you still looking for players? I have the core set, signs of faith, heroes vault and others currently I dm so I would love to be a player if you are still interested post here we can pick a time I am in Florida so us eastern standard time and I would use a iPad with skype
  12. I was wondering if the Thousand Thrones has to be set after the Storm of Chaos or could it be a year before, I havent read into that much just wondering.
  13. Thanks this helps a lot, I am not sure what got me thinking it was a opposed action and am glad to learn otherwise that makes it alot more sensible.
  14. Hello all, I started WHFRP maybe 3 months back but then was sidetracked a bit to play DND 4th since one player was very against playing WHFRP, I have since convinced him to play lol. I have 7 Players (yes I know its insane, but I am not sure who to cut and would feel bad to do so) + I am slightly confused on Attacks, if a Character High Elf Sword Master with Strength 3 attacks a Chaos Warrior with Toughness 6 does he take 3 Challenge Dice? (I believe the answer is yes) + I bought the Creature Vault and am Confused as to how much inherent Defense, Example When attacking the same Chaos Warrior how much Defense does he have? For that matter any monster how many misfortune dies do I add for monsters and where do I find the number? + Where do I get Mutations and Diseased Special Rules? many chaos cards refer to these but I do not have the rules for them? + How does the Dice Budget work I usually have 1-2 Combats that happen a session does every monster get the full budget on the bottom of the card for themselves? + Healing is not clear to me, we had a Character Fall Unconscious and take 4 Critical Wounds with Toughness 4 he did not die, so what happens next? none of his allies have Heal Trained, and I assume he heals 4 wounds after fights as normal but then what is he knocked out? I am not sure how the recovery goes at that point. Thanks I know I had alot of questions
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