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  1. I'm pretty sure the Tyrion+Timmet thing works because the "cannot be killed" is being gained before the effect resolves. My memory is that once something is moribund, adding "cannot be killed" to it WHILE it's moribund will have no effect because the character is, technically, already dead.
  2. Yes. And if your opponent makes the (common) mistake of attempting to stealth on attack (I attack with these characters and stealth your naval dude), you just politely remind them that you have an action opportunity before they declare stealth and then naval in your defender.
  3. Yes, you could use BK to return Darkstar to hand as Darkstar is still counted as "discarded" and it is still during the same Action Window. If both were Responses, you'd still be able to do it because you would still have an opportunity to trigger the response once your opponent has triggered theirs. Technically, I believe you could still use BK when a card is discarded for a cost because BK is not a cancel, it's a Response. The cost was still successfully paid, so you should still be able to trigger the response for the card being discarded. If it were a cancel, you'd be right, there's no cancel opportunity for paying a cost.
  4. I don't think the order matters here. The rules say that attachments do not go moribund until the passive step of the action window, which is AFTER all "When revealed" effects resolve. So, you should still be able to choose Frozen Solid even if your opponent chose LMB since it is not yet moribund. To answer the question though, the person who controls the effect always chooses first. So, the person who flips At the Palace of Sorrows, must choose first.
  5. As far as I know, Farwynd's ability prevents ALL reduction, triggered or passive, for non-nobles.
  6. Thanks Khudzlin, that's an important distinction.
  7. While kauai1964 is correct, there's an important timing element that I want to point out. Quite often, someone will declare a challenge and then declare stealth at the same time, "Military challenge, stealthing your Naval guy." The problem with this is that it's incorrect, timing-wise. There is a player action window preceding the framework window where stealth would be declared. This means that a character that has a Naval Enhancement can be brought into the challenge as a defender BEFORE the stealth window opens, thereby, effectively bypassing stealth because they're already participating before the attacker can choose stealth targets. FRAMEWORK ACTION: Challenge initiated, attackers knelt PLAYER ACTION: Each player can take actions until both pass consecutively (this is where a Naval character can enter the challenge) FRAMEWORK ACTION: Stealth targets are chosen, defenders are declared (at this point, any character without stealth, Naval or not, that is not involved in the challenge already can be chosen as a stealth target) It's an important distinction due to the frequency of the "I attack and stealth so and so" shortcut that is often used.
  8. Bomb - I'd have to agree with Khudzlin there. The event does explicitly say "CHOOSE ALL participating non-Dragon characters" - if you have a single participating non-Dragon character that is immune to the effect, you could not fulfill the explicit target.
  9. Only the Active Player counts income. Each player, in turn, must wait until they're the active player before they count their income. This matters because there are cards that can be played that will affect the income count of the next player. A card that is immune to non-plot card effects CANNOT be targeted by a global effect like Westeros Bleeds. You should read the Scope of Immunity section in the FAQ to get a better understanding of how far immunity extends because there are specific exceptions.
  10. Fantastic write up. It's great to see a true icon manipulation deck perform so well.
  11. He discards down to 4 and then draws for Bay of Ice. The reason for this is that Bay of Ice is a passive and Rule By Decree's effect happen during the "When revealed" framework step BEFORE passives fire. So, you must fulfill RBD before Bay of Ice's effect.
  12. No - a challenge is not in progress until you have declared attackers. So, abilities that allow you to add someone to a challenge can't be triggered until you've already committed an attacker.
  13. They'd stay on Coin Mint. Kneeling Coin Mint is the cost (and it would stay knelt) and moving the coins themselves IS the effect. So, if it's canceled, the coins just don't get to move.
  14. You're wanting something more authoritative, I'm sure... but I can't help but ponder this. It would seem to me that although Shadows is a Framework Event that is treated like a Player Action... it's STILL a Framework Event, so all Shadows actions would still fire BEFORE passives in the FAW. So, Tywin doesn't get his money until AFTER all Shadows actions have happened. But - that's just my read based on the flowchart itself... Shadows is weird, so I could be missing something.
  15. No, you can't. At the end of the phase, there is no Response window (per the FAQ), so there is no opportunity to trigger Meera's response.
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