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  1. Does anyone know of or aware of any type of non stick type terrain dice replacements? Anything official in the works? I put the stickers on and they definitely stuck without any issues and the second time playing the game we had the stickers coming off randomly twice during play. I read a thread saying alcohol or soapy water should have been used before applying the stickers but unfortunately I already applied them and don't want to risk pulling stickers off and damaging them. Thanks!
  2. That's not exactly accurate. I finished the delve quest and we were able to complete it last night after a few hours. Are you remembering that if the Abomination is in front of you, you must still roll a black die? Taking a potential 4 wound hit to attempt to heal a few damage is not my idea of easy. Yes, if you have no monsters in front of you healing is not an issue with the Abomination, but we had a tough time keeping ourselves healed and could not really 'run the clock'.
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the responses, I feel a lot better now!
  4. Hello! I have a few games under my belt and was playing with my best friend. We have both tried a few different armies and was wondering what all of your thoughts were on certain aspects of the game. One thing we both noticed is that for the most part when units pin each other there's a high chance both units will be removed from the game as casualties. Near the final round the board is a barren wasteland and it almost feels like neither side had a tactical advantage. Ranged attacks while relying on luck from dice rolls are sometimes devastating to any army. I was playing as the Orcs against another buddy of mine who played the High Elves. Round 5 hit and all my units were destroyed where I had only taken two of his off the map. It was all ranged attacks and I could not get near him. He also is not a fan of my Dwarf Runic Cannon which last game we played is the only reason I was able to win the game by 2 points. I can almost see the point where his rock lobber was not able to do much and my cannon was able to remove 2 disks per turn almost on a really good roll. Are we doing anything wrong? I've read the rule book three times now and assume for the most part I'm playing the game correctly. I guess we thought being based off the Warhammer Fantasy game it would be possible that at times one player would have all his units out while the other would have a few stragglers left and not only due to ranged attacks. Thanks for your time reading this, I love the game regardless and will definitely continue to play and cannot wait for more expansions. (Hope lizardmen/skaven are next!)
  5. I've been playing the Dwarfs for awhile now. My best combo is the Master Engineer and the Runic Cannon. As long as he is within short range and I activate a command card I can essential fire off two shots one after the other. You activate the cannon and fire. Activate the Engineers focus ability to remove the token. Fire again and piss off your best friend as your shots scatter and wipe out a few of his disks. Also, if you draw rain of arrows in the beginning of the game remember the extra die is for 'missile' units only which war machines do not fall under.
  6. I've always wanted to play runebound but never really had the chance, and I guess deep down kept assuming a newer edition might eventually be released. I *have* played the witcher board game digital edition in beta last night. The game was definitely fun to play, although a bit hectic as there's no real rulebook to read just the basics are explained to you as you're playing. For example, I have no idea why I am rolling the amount of dice I roll. I'll try to read the runebound rules and see if the game was playing the same way. I definitely will be purchasing the actual board game now without any hesitation after playing the digital edition. It's a game my group will definitely enjoy!
  7. Anyone else notice that the new stands for the characters all fit perfectly without any issues? My biggest gripe with the Relic set is that I have literally pushed with all my might to get the peg into the stand and have hurt myself at least twice out of the twelve games I have played. Last night my copy arrived and I was stunned at how easily they snapped into place together. Is this something that they had fixed later and now all of the current shipping Relic boxes no longer have this issue? I actually invested in magnets and green stuff recently in order to have a much easier time of putting the stands in together.. still trying to find a useful guide on that process as it would be the first time I have done so!
  8. Could you clarify something for me on this.. I've been trying to find the correct answer in the rulebook. It says here that the scatter result can be resolved against the disk making the ranged attack. I'm going to place two examples below to hopefully answer my own question. I use my hell cannon at siege range, and I roll two misses and a scatter. There are no units within range of that target, so this scatter die counts as a miss? What about if I roll ANOTHER scatter die on the new target? Also counts as a miss from what I'm reading. I use my hell cannon at short range and have a scatter on a target.. the target is in short range of only my hell cannon.. I reroll the scatter die and roll a hit. Does it basically mean they fired and it backfired? Thanks!
  9. steelwulf99 said: The mistake was assuming the Runner got a free draw at the start of their turn. They do not. Runners are 4 actions per turn, any of which could be to draw a card. The Corp is 3 actions per turn, any of which could be to draw a card, and a compulsary draw. Once we figured that out the game got way better, and the Corp became lots of fun to play. Well, we've definitely been playing the game wrong. I assumed it worked like Magic the gathering and every other card game I've ever played. I actually played her as the runner yesterday and I won, go figure.. although I also was using the draw a card each turn rule. Maybe I'll try to play her again as the corp with her NOT drawing. Thanks for the update, that may have been the problem afterall!
  10. Hello all, I started playing the game last week with my girlfriend. She has played the runner a total of nine times, and I have played 3 different corporations. I have lost all 9 times so far. What am I doing wrong? I've put 3 ICE on the important places, it just feels like she always has that extra click to make more money. I tried using the two starter decks they prefer, and she has been playing as the same runner. Am I doing something wrong? I always protect my R&D and HAND, I also protect all Assets and Agendas. Next time we play I will be the runner, I just did not want to give up but I'm at a point where I feel the corporation does not have it as easy. Having only 3 clicks does not make things any easier either!
  11. I checked the website and according to it, it shows Descent 2nd Edition as being 'At The Printer'.. how long has it been there for?
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