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  1. So we had our first play session with a conjurer last night. I am playing the said conjurer and so I want to be doing it right. I had been flipping search tokens and objectives with my images. The overlord still pounded us pretty good last night but that is beside the point. I'm going to start playing them right and not use them to flip tokens ect. Anyway my questions are follows: You may discard any number of image tokens at any time during your turn. You may spend 1 movement point during your turn to move an image token 1 space. This is on the channeling card. Does this mean I can only move an image one space per turn or can i I move it four spaces if I use all of my movements if I have four. It doesn't seem to take an action. I could just stand around while I move around without using an action, attack with an image every round then rest with the final action every round. : Exhaust this card. For each image token on the map, you may either move the image token up to your speed or perform an attack with a Magic weapon. Bringing this up since its the first ability I bought. It seems a little expensive to me with 3 fatigue and an action. Ideal scenario for me so far is to make 2 images the first being free, and the second costing one. I have 3 fatigue left and I use this. I can attack with my images once each then once myself. This seems pretty expensive for one extra attack and all four of my fatigue are gone. Can anyone think of any other good uses?
  2. So yeah, were playing and I am the overlord. I am having good luck but I was wondering about some of these abilities the heroes are using. Namely the disciple. He is using prayer of healing every round in addition to two actions because there is now action arrow on the card. Is this correct usage? Can the heroes use as many skills as they want every round as long as they dont have an action arrow on it? We are veteran 1st edition players so this is a little strange to us and I trust them, but I want to make sure we are doing things right.
  3. Thank you, I did what you suggested and read over the rules again. I will adjust our game accordingly.
  4. So, I have come to impose a question about a topic that is a fundamental of Descent. One of the players in my gaming group has come up with the idea that nowhere in the rules does it say the overlords monsters can attack twice in a round like the heroes can. They can only attack, and then move, or move then attack. Being as it is a game fundamental, I wanted to get it cleared up before our next "nerd night". Thank You
  5. As long as the rules are concrete they can take all the time they want. We were playing Sea of Blood tonight and I had to fudge a bunch of house rules with the Kraken luitenant because it is just a complete mess. By the way, I am in the Diablo 3 beta. I cannot really talk about it, but if the rest of the game is as amazing as the first act, it will be one of the greatest games of all time.
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