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  1. What did you use to create portals and boards? THe stock looks the same as the game stock. Its really good.
  2. Nice stuff here since I posted. Sad I will probably have to DIY my 6th player options, but people posted some cool options. Just don't get why they would release expansions that didn't add player components for a game that played 6 players. Same thing with TI4 - we've played TI3 with 8 for years and TI4 comes out and plays only 6 with no word on expansions.
  3. I just hate that I have been playing TI3 with 8 players for years and now TI4 has only 6 players. Could really use components for 8 and more exploration tiles for larger set up.
  4. When? I have the chessex WizWar with 2 expanions, each added a player and a board, and was very disappointed when the second expansion came out from FFG without adding a 6th. When we will see this? Also, for further expansions our group has been toying with the idea of an arena area(or areas): neutral boards with movement obstacles but lots of line of sight to open up combat. We like the idea of having one of each wizards treasures here or powerful items like a single treasure worth 2 points.
  5. While very excited about moving independent creatures through out the board, I still need another sector and player pieces. I have the original WizWar with both expansions which plays 6, and we have really enjoyed the FFG release, but we need the option for 6 players. It would be seriously disappointing if this expansion does not include 6th player options. I really like the schools of magic so far and its great that Tom Jolly wrote the release info!
  6. I don't understand why it doesn't have a game sector and pieces to add a sixth player? Have they just not released this info yet?
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