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  1. Pretty simple going off the title, a PC of mine has acquired the deeds to a planet which he suspects should yield considerable mineral deposits. Naturally being a work shy PC he has elected to rent out the planet to more determined NPCs and I was wondering what people felt was a good figure to put on something like this. As it stands I've proposed an initial estimate of 42k a year over 25 years, something he isn't too enthused about, or a quick sell for 250k. As I'm fairly certain I know what he'll spend the money on I'm not too worried about how much he gets, I was more just looking to see if people thought it was reasonable/unreasonable.
  2. I must be thick, can anyone exactly point to the theme change button at the bottom of the screen, all i can see is the sharing buttons at the bottom, and then the extra ones (youtube, twitter, rss) underneath.
  3. You know i absolutely forgot there was a chapter with more in depth summary of the talents, thanks for the replies and help!
  4. So looking at the Signature Vehicle talents for the Rigger I was confused by the larger project talents at the side. The main talent allows you to select any vehicle or starship as a signature vehicle, presuming you can select any vehicle why would you need to upgrade the silhouette you can take, if you can start off taking any silhouette? Sorry if I've missed something basic here.
  5. One of my PC's is interested in running a character that uses a Light Whip. Unfortunately I know comparatively next to nothing about the Star Wars lore so this caught me rather by surprise, I've read the Wookiepedia article which helped a bit, but I still had some questions about them. My PC assures me that these things were not just used by Jedi, so having one, and using it wouldn't necessarily bring the Inquisition down on you, but how common would they really be? Finally I'm faced with making a stat sheet for the weapon, looking at the article, I'd expect it to be slightly less damaging than a Lightsaber, but also harder to block, harder to use, and prone to causing nasty, tangling, vicious injuries. So maybe something like Damage 5, Crit 3, range short, Hp 2, unwieldy 3, inaccurate, ensnare, Vicious 1. Pierce 1 If I emphasise the space required to swing one of these as well, then suitable disadvantages and threats could easily hurt you or your friends as much as the enemy. So does this seem fair? Price isn't particularly an issue but i'd imagine a ballpark of around 4000.
  6. I did see the preview for Far Horizons, and will definitely get it for this campaign (i thought it was coming out in late september until you mentioned it), I also was linked to the new preview when I posted this over on another site. I gave it a read and thought it was maybe more emphasising a personal base that isn't a starship, so I don't think anything I've done here will be made redundant by Far Horizons, but I shall see. This is intended in lieu of anything in Far Horizons, though if it does have any thing that compliments this I'd be happy to alter this.
  7. I wanted to make a more tailored form of Duty, rolling to see if Duty will help at the start of missions and going for personal duty for the rebellion didn't seem to entirely fit. All in all I wanted to make something more personal for the players rather than a vague number which'll occasionally increase.
  8. So iin the near future I was planning on running a campaign where the party would be colonists on a planet, and rather than have the usual party hi-jinks of screw up move on repeat, i wanted them to have a more permanent and fixed relationship with their colony. Rather than just impress upon them this I wanted to help them along with a style of obligation, but one linked to the community that could increase and decrease, and would also denote leadership within the community, which I hope will give them some motivation to seize it. I typed up a little word doc which has some explanations of the rules and situations i was hoping ot encourage with these rules. Thoughts and feelings on this would be much appreciated, and of course should anyone want to use it they would be more than welcome. Drive File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B16uAbqroeeiUmt3aktCX1ZnVDA/edit?usp=sharing As a slight aside i designed this with my players and play styles in mind, and as such was not expecting any power-gaming with these rules, if you feel they can be overbalanced or too weak please let me know anyway!
  9. I'd recommend GamesLore, they're very fast, usually two days delivery from order and very reasonably priced to boot. http://www.gameslore.com
  10. Y'arr it be a pity me game be tomorrow, so I have no excuse to be a pirate then. garrghh
  11. I'm working on an index now, just a simple excel spreadsheet, don't know about all this technical who-ha stuff. Seems people were discussing it a while back, and no one has come up with anything, so a simple excel spreadsheet be coming up! Edit: turns out i was wrong, there has been headway on the online version https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ak_n9RboJB7sdEZLMXhFT0owcVRVRXJxNE9QTklRWGc#gid=0
  12. I was totally thrown off guard by this, wasn't really following the release schedule so it was an unexpected surprise, and with the palava over the dice shortage I went and ordered mine straight away. I'm thinking the semi-structured story line I'll probably use at a university RPG where I won't know people as well, my home group would probably just go right off the rails...
  13. I've made a large Excel sheet for various NPC's fellow GM's may find useful: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B16uAbqroeeiQi1RLWpWUVdqY3M/edit?usp=sharing
  14. Just tried now and some excel stuff i took for granted also played up, google docs dont allow spill over the cell edges (unless i cant find it) so putting the cell liit to include all the skills has made the agility be a massive distance away form the brawn
  15. If the functions stay the same then i'd be happy to, I'm not sure if the hyperlinks would stay the same, those took the longest time, just to write all the cell numbers down
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