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  1. If you didnt like talisman, i'd imagine you would like this game…..i for one cant wait, also been playing talisman on the PC
  2. NemaLive


    Its not compatible as it adds an extra stat….cunning
  3. I like the idea, I think im the only player from my group to ever visit the highlands
  4. To me talisman means when my mates are over with their wives and having drinks….this is one game that we will all play….no other game except for possibly relic can do this
  5. The outside is the planet surface and the inner is in space
  6. At the start of each game of Relic, a randomly drawn Scenario card is placed in the center of the board, bringing with it game-changing effects. The basic game, entitled “The Mystery Beyond,” is a race for the Inner Region and the unimaginable power contained therein. Other scenarios pit characters against a powerful Daemon Prince, an infernal Chaos Manufactorum, and more. For example, while Relic is always a competitive game, the scenario “Lost Flagship of St. Antias” ratchets up the rivalry. This brutal death match requires that all players duel each other at every opportunity. What’s more, the final confrontation is a all-out king-of-the-hill style brawl for control of a mighty ship that promises dominance of the sector! Relic offers an entirely new take on a classic, beloved adventure game. Will you save humanity, or fall to the powers of Chaos? Venture into the depths of the Antian Sector, and prepare to face its mysteries!
  7. golgothika said: Found this link. http://thegaminggang.com/2012/07/exclusive-first-look-at-relic-from-fantasy-flight-games/ There's a short interview and a peek at the game. awesome thanks for the link
  8. Coyote81 said: I'm looking forward to it. But I don't know if my GF will like it. when we play talisman its always a bunch of couples….i hope its the same for relic
  9. +1 I love the look of the busts
  10. I really didnt want to post here coz dont care much for the haters, but i love talisman and hope they dont over complicate or drift too far from the core rules
  11. I hope we hear something about it soon
  12. Thanks long time lurker, first time poster. I thought the comment from ell was just an opinion and not official...? Sorry dont know who's who on here
  13. looking forward to this expansion my guess is that with the day and night card, the +1/-1 will only effect undead my other guess is that the character with the flail is a wild elf
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