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  1. I really like this game but I think it is lacking in some areas and would really like to see one or more of the following among the future releases: Tomb Kings - An "egyptian" themed box. Players venture to the deserts in search for riches, only to encounter skeletons and mummies. Lizardmen - Adventure in lustria Pretty much the same as above, only with a different theme. Players now have to deal with big scary lizards aswell as a harsh and deadly environment. Undead - Vampires!! This game really needs some more vampires (not the Twilight kind). A vampire hunter career could be cool to play. Naval expansion - To the seas. I know that we have a dreadfleet pod, but it really is kinda small. A big box expansion would be really sweet. Players can now aquire ship sheets. These ships can be uppgraded by socketing certain cards to the sheet. Also, alot of cool careers: pirate, buccaner, swashbuckler. Theese are just some of my thoughts. Feel free to let me know what you think and if there is something that you would like to se in a future expansion.
  2. Hi there. Have anyone tried running a game without the comrade system? If you have, did you compensate the PC´s in some way? Like an extra half action each turn or maybe slightly better stats? Im about to run my first game and I am thinking of trashing the comrades. I really would like to hear your take on playing without comrades.
  3. gruntl said: They always start with power/favour equal to their WP, that is the so called equilibirum state. From page 111 in The Player's guide (not sure if it is stated this clearly in the Core set rule book): "A spellcaster who has as much power as his Willpower score is said to be at equilibrium. It is the default, natural “rest” state for all wizards. All spellcasters trend towards equilibrium, and they are assumed to be at equilibrium anytime their current power is not defined, such as during story mode (in most cases), or at the begin- ning of an encounter. During the end of turn phase, a character whose current power is less than his equilibrium gains one power. A character whose current power is greater than his equilibrium loses one power, unless he spends a manoeuvre to control the excess, as noted under Excess Power above. Characters also trend towards equilibrium in this way during a Rally Step, gaining or losing power as if it were an end of turn phase. Note that priestly favour behaves in exactly the same fashion as a wizard’s power, in regards to equilibrium." Thank you very much for your answer. I haven´t got the players guide so I couldn´t find this anywhere in the core set
  4. I am about to run my first game in a couple of week and found some items regarding wizards and priests that I do not clearly understand. Do these casters "begin" the game with an amount of power/favour equal to their willpower? Or do they always start on 0? I read the Tome of blessings and Tome of mysteries and they state that the casters slowly regenerate their power/favour but I cant really find any rule that states how this works? I hope that you understand my question.
  5. The items that really stand out and the ones that I would like to use in other games are: Party Sheets. I like the Idea that your party has a characteristic of its own. The different classes. In for example Descent, there are tons of characters, but they play very similiar. All the fighters are pretty much the same, and this goes for the casters and ranged aswell. Abilities and level system. Gonna compare with Descent again, as that is what I mostly play when it comes to dungeon crawlers. I like the concept that you character can level up and gain new abilities and talents. The way I see it is that the combat system would be to slow to use in a dungeon crawl.
  6. I am a big fan of dungeon crawl games. I really like the idea of venturing down into a dungeon and hacking your way through hordes of monsters. So recently, this game caught my attention and by instinct i started converting the game in my mind, to make it fit for a dungeon crawler. The first game that sprung my mind was Warhammer Quest. Maybe theese two games could be combined in some way? Ive played alot of Descent in my days, and i like it. I do however feel that it lacks depth. Alla the meele fighters are pretty much the same, there are just some minor stats that differ. The same goes for the ranged characters. There also isnt any way to level your characters. I know that there is a second edition of Descent on its way that will deal with some of my concerns, but I still think that it will lack some of the depth that you get from a roleplay game. Back to my question. Could WFRP be combined with an already exsisting boardgame to create a more open world dungeon crawler? Or is there maybe some already exsisting house rules for incorporating miniatures and maps? I don´t mind writing house rules. /robin
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