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    madquest8 reacted to Firebird TMK in Rebel Players: Is It Worth Continuing to Play until January?   
    I've been playing Rebels since the early days of 1.0.  Never been the best player, but I've had fun.  Even in later 1.0 with all the abusive builds around.

    FFG sold 2.0 as the solution for the problems of 1.0.  More balance, they said.  Fewer abusive combos, they said.  Less token stacking, dice modifications and other shenanigans, they said.  So I bought into it.  And I've tried to play in that spirit.  Minimum upgrades.  Emphasis on maneuvering.  Etc.

    I believe FFG has not delivered what it promised.  Abusive combos, token stacking and excessive dice modification are still prevalent.  And factions are WAY out of balance.  Result: almost every game I've played has been a negative play experience.  Even when I've ended up winning.

    I've considered looking for, or trying to come up with, the most abusive, WAAC Rebel list I could find.  One highly likely to produce NPEs.   But I don't want to play that way.  Didn't play that way in 1.0 either.

    So, Rebel players, is it worth continuing to play before the upcoming "rebalance"? 
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    madquest8 reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in Brace yourself... (Holidays & Star Wars don't mix)   
    What's your point here?  First of all, disclaimer: I'm not vegan.  I eat animal products very often.

    But are you saying that vegans are wrong about veganism?  That a diet free of animal products is not healthier, is not better for the environmental footprint, and is not better for animal welfare?  Because the evidence is pretty overwhelming, in fact, that those points are true.

    It's one thing for you and I to say "Well, yea, the vegans are right about those aspects of veganism being better... but I just don't care enough to be vegan myself" and another thing to say that "vegans are wrong about those points but blindly convince themselves that they know the 'true' truth.  It sounds like you're claiming the latter, which is a really stupid point to defend.  You've actually flipped it, as now you're denying those bodies of evidence that support veganism and calling it "fake news" (the blind convinction to the 'true truth' they've constructed) in order to justify your own worldview and behavior, thus making you the one that is detached from reality.

    Instead, I recommend just stepping up and saying something more like: "I accept that the points supporting veganism are true, but I don't care about those points and won't live a vegan lifestyle."  "Don't go all "fake news" and try to act like the evidence is wrong and that in reality eating animal products is better for personal health, better for the environment, and better for animal welfare...
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    madquest8 reacted to Darth Meanie in Ramblings of a old X-Wing dinosaur who is stuck between 1.0 and 2.0   
    I'm staying put.  I'm still just having too much fun with 1.0 to care, so there is no point in shoveling more money into the game simply to reboot.  I grabbed a 2.0 Fang for the repaint and a Y-Wing for the resculpt, but then I'm just going to toss the cardboard and use them in 1.0.  I'll do the same for Lando's Falcon, but it's currently out-of-stock because I didn't buy it the day it dropped--a first since 2013.
    Last night I put my Reaper on a medium stand because I could, and used the new dial, but the game was 1.0.  Didn't seem to make a bit of difference.  So yeah, stuck between 1.0 and 2.0 feels about right.
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    madquest8 reacted to LordFajubi in Ramblings of a old X-Wing dinosaur who is stuck between 1.0 and 2.0   
    Feel you on many counts bomber. I too rarely if ever play but through 1.0, even when disgusted by some of the rules, I wanted to play. In 2.0, after converting 1 kit for each faction I still don’t play but the biggest thing is I don’t really want to. I find myself spending money on other games and not looking forward to or planning to buy anything else. Not selling my stuff or rage quitting but I don’t even have the sense I should use what I have. Maybe my mind will change but I definately lost that lovin feeling for x wing. Still makes a nice glass case filler in the man cave.
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    madquest8 reacted to Da_Brown_Bomber in Ramblings of a old X-Wing dinosaur who is stuck between 1.0 and 2.0   
    A brief history: I have been playing since Wave1. I tend to focus on playing one faction although my preferred faction has changed twice since I started playing. I started as a rebel player (XXXX was my first list, XXBB and Fat Han after that). Then moved to Imperials (Firespray was my favourite ship but I was also a big Lambda Shuttle advocate back before Palpatine was a thing). Now I am a scum player (finally Scum Boba Fett is at full power and scum has just so many options right now).
    im not buying any of the new clone wars faction. tbh I am not sure I will even invest any more $ in converting to 2.0. I have put plenty of $ into 1.0 and I'm just not able to bring myself to buy any 2.0 just yet. I havent played a game in 2 years. Not even a casual game. Iv attended store events and regionals and even a national event but now im just not finding the time to get any ships onto the table.
    I own...
    SCUM: 2x shadowcaster, 3x firespray, 2x Y-wing, 2x Fangfighter, 1x Hwk-290, 1xG1A starfighter,  2x Scurgg bomber, 1x YV-666 light freighter, 3x jumpmaster, 1x starviper, 1x Khiraxz fighter, 2x Aggressor. 
    REBEL: 2x YT1300, 5x X-wing, 2x Y-Wing, 4x Z-95, 4x B-wing, 2x Y-wing, 1x Yt-2400, 1x E-wing, 2x K-wing, 2x A-Wing.
    IMPERIAL: 8x tie-fighter, 3x tie-intercepter, 3x Tie-advanced, 3x tie-bomber, 3x lambda Shuttle, 1x VT-49 decimator, 1x tie-defender, 2x tie-advanced V1.
    FO: 3x Tie-fighter.
    Resistance: 1x T65 X-wing.
    ... stopped buying a few waves ago. started to focus on scum around when Atanni mindlink was popular.
    ... no interest in playing rebels or FO or Resistance. 
    ... will have imperials as my backup faction when i want to play something other than scum. Sai with bombers or vader with bombers look fun. imperial aces perhaps. 
    ... imo scum is the easiest to convert from 1.0 into 2.0. Plenty of options. i might get 2-3 quadjumpers as they are a top filler ship for scum and go nicely into a drea swarm or scum junkyard style list.
    ... kinda bumbed the jumpmaster got nerfed so hard but i understand why it did. Dengar seems to be the only pilot worth playing and even then hes not what he was in 2.0... i get he needed a points hike but taking away the 360 turret and upping his cost would have been probably enough. The dial just makes u want to play either the scum falcon or firespray instead.
    ... i wonder what the attrition rate has been like for 1.0 players making the conversion to 2.0? I'm betting we all have a few friends who didn't make it. Im still on the fence myself. Maybe i'll wait a few more waves when stock is cheaper to get. FFG just havent released anything yet for 2.0 that im like 'I have to own that!'.
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    madquest8 reacted to Roller of blanks in Noob 1.0 to 2.0 questions (more cards than Last Vegas)   
    Just sell it.
    2.0 is way better and you're better off getting some cash
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    madquest8 reacted to Firebird TMK in Is the game still healthy?   
    Not true.  Those of us who still play Epic will keep playing 1.0 to do so.
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    madquest8 reacted to Bad Idea Comics in Afterburners come in fang pack that cant use it?   
    It's the first small Scum ship being released in 2.0 so they put the card in thre so people who only want to collect Scum have access to it without buying out of faction.  The Firespray is more expensive and everyone converting likely already has one of those, so putting Afterburners in there would have sucked.  Also, there's more of a reason to get a new Fang: SPINNY WINGS!, so folks are more apt to purchase this new model and get the card they'll want for other ships.  And no buying out of faction.  BOOM!  Thanks FFG!
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    madquest8 reacted to Embir82 in Afterburners come in fang pack that cant use it?   
    Isn't it simplier to just add another copy of Afterburner to core set, or, you know, Conversion Kits?
    The level of delusion when it comes to defend dubious FFG practices is unreal.
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    madquest8 reacted to ficklegreendice in What are some fun things to do in 1.0 you can't do in 2.0?   
    You can transition into second edition!
    Everything is so new and shiney!
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    madquest8 reacted to Darth Meanie in Are players in your gaming club staying with 1.0?   
    I probably fit in that small batch.
    I only play with guys in the basement.  There is a sweet spot for "conversion value" that I think most tourney players hit.  My bro and I have way too much, the new guys have way too little.
    Everyone seems to think that 2.0 is going to liquid gold, ignoring the fact that it is being minted by the same dev group they flamed 6 mos ago as being, shall we say, challenged in the game design arena.
    And, in any event, 1.0 is not broken for me.  We play for fun; JM5K, TLT, and Bomblets were never abused.  My brother loves B-Wings, and I still dread them.  So, given that there are going to be no new ships for a couple of years, I see no point in spending money to play stuff I already own.
    Lastly, I just started a campaign with my brother, designed for balance around 1.0.  It will probably take us a year to play thru at once-per-month gaming.  All the 1.0 ships will probably still not have been converted by then.  So, as @LordFajubi has pointed out elsewhere, I'll let you chumps beta playtest 2.0 (), work out the kinks, then see if it's worth $.
    I can only see 3 caveats leading to Instant Conversion:
    A.  A bonafide, official campaign set featuring PvP (not HotAC style)
    B.  The introduction of Prequel ships and factions that completely break new ground, ship-wise.
    C.  A sale on 2.0 stuff so good that I would be a fool to pass it up. 
    If I ever "play in public" (GenCon, most likely), I could always be one of those netlisters who looks up the cat's meow and then just buys enough decent 2.0 to let me participate in an event.
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    madquest8 reacted to spacesound in Are players in your gaming club staying with 1.0?   
    We have a lot of X-Wing players in my gaming club, and a lot of them will not be advancing to 2.0. Instead, they plan on staying with 1.0. In a way, I don't blame them because they have huge collections.
    I'm still new to the game, so I was looking forward to 2.0 since I only have a small collection of models which I got for a lot less than they are worth. For example, I picked up a 1.0 core set in almost new condition for only $6, which is $2 per ship model and everything else is free! What I'm saying is that I'm not heavily invested in the game unlike a lot of other members in my gaming club, so if my gaming club stays with 1.0, I will end up saving a lot of money.
    Are other gaming clubs experiencing this phenomenon?
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    madquest8 reacted to ficklegreendice in TIE/SF ability + Gunner + Everything   
    Too much 1st Ed in a second Ed topic
    Butt missiles seem fun
    Though I will agree it seems unnecessarily finnicky, I guess it's thematic to have to actually point the gunner 
    Otherwise, until slots and dial and point costs are known, further analysis is pointless 
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    madquest8 reacted to nikk whyte in TIE/SF ability + Gunner + Everything   
    The ship only needed LWF because the power level of other ships was SO high. It’s going to be just as good as it is in 1.0, only now you’ll have to work for it. 
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    madquest8 reacted to Jike in 2.0 is kind of a mess   
    Putting aside the hyperbolic "hours" for now, if the problem is the time it takes then the solution is the app. I know you've already said you dislike the app for...some other reason, but at this point it just feels as though you're trying really hard to find issues with what is a fairly common approach to miniature gaming.
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    madquest8 reacted to Vontoothskie in 2.0 is kind of a mess   
    I never said it makes playing the game take longer.
    It takes hours to find, print, and organize the information now, and we'll need to do it everytime theres an errata.  Most people dont play tournaments, so many of us never bothered with checking errata anyway. Needing to now look at rules before playing is an additional complication
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    madquest8 reacted to Glucose98 in 2.0 is kind of a mess   
    Not the best analogy since you do not have to look up your upgrade costs while you're playing X-wing.  
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    madquest8 reacted to ViscerothSWG in 2.0 is kind of a mess   
    My recommended solution is to wait for the app if you dont want to refer to the pdfs.
    You then said you want a way to turn 2.0 cards into 1.0 card format. That involves using the pdf to transpose the info to the 2.0 cards. And redoing those that change when they change. Nothing is stopping you.

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    madquest8 reacted to Commander Kaine in 2.0 is kind of a mess   
    I like things. I don't like cards. 
    I gladly pay for things. I hate paying for paper. Its one of the most worthless materials, and I almost never use them in a game, and it costs a lot. 
    Also because errata would change everything on paper. 
    Its easier for most people to use the app. That's how the world works. The needs of the many...
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    madquest8 reacted to Commander Kaine in 2.0 is kind of a mess   
    Id be happier if there were no cards at all. 
    Let's save the trees!
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    madquest8 reacted to Vontoothskie in 2.0 is kind of a mess   
    The physical cards would have the information on them required to play.
    You know, like 1.0.
    Imagine MTG if you had to look up mana costs to play. 
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    madquest8 reacted to JasonCole in 2.0 is kind of a mess   
    Vontoothskie is a known hatertot, and an enemy of the improved game state. His opinions are best left ignored.
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    madquest8 reacted to Vontoothskie in 2.0 is kind of a mess   
    Lol there isnt a viable non app way to play yet.  i bought saws renegades and tried building a list with the pdf 2 days ago, just to see if 2.0 was less annoying than i thought.
    Its awful. Absolutely awful. I just lost interest after 15 minutes. At least I got my 1.0 x-wing fixes though
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    madquest8 reacted to gadwag in X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered   
    Regarding #1: Listbuilding for 2.0 is way more fun, with way more real options, than 1.0. The larger number of upgrades in 1.0 didn't lead to more options - in fact, it narrowed the options to powerful ships and powerful upgrades. 1.0 list-building was thus severely restriced even before choosing upgrades.
    For example, every ship in 1.0 which had boost always took autothrusters. Similarly, green turns meant always taking PtL. Less than two green dice on a TIE? LWF is your only option (unless you're a named phantom, in which case you need VI+ACD). Almost every powerful ships has a "fixed" build with little to no variation in upgrades. While you could choose to deviate from this, doing so would be unwise.
    For my second example, look at Z-95s, TIE Fighters, Punishers, and every other ship that was almost never flown in 1.0. Right out of the gate, the power level of 1.0 stopped you from choosing these ships if you wanted an effective list. Now, the reduced power level of 2.0 makes almost every ship a viable option. This is particularly true early on before everyone works out what's good.
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    madquest8 reacted to ficklegreendice in X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered   
    Yeah, you're taking crazy pills. Play the game before trying to analyze it
    My games so far have been the best I've had in Xwing since my Deathrain run to store championship victory just after the release of Omega Leader. Been here since the dawn of the horrid dark age that was wave 5.
    Now obviously there's no meta yet, just locally most everyone's gravitated to ace + miniswarm be sure Howlie and co have proven monsterously effective
    And yet? Counterplay abounds. just properly utilizing obstacles is the literal difference between failing to catch Soontir forever or getting swiss-cheesed by TIEs. 
    Also, game may feel more limited just at a glance at the cards...then you remember the scant percentage of first Ed that was actually viable...yeah no, we're swimming in options here 
    Empire especially is AWASH in amazingly distinct ships with incredibly varied playstyles necessitated by their unique capabilities.
    Basically, yeah even this prerelease state matches and sometimes exceeds the absolute golden Pinnacle of first Ed for me. Flying matters more than upgrades and turrets for ******* once, and there's tons of combos to explore 
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