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  1. madquest8

    Wave 2 Core Set droid wordings. (spoiled cards)

    FFG don't care about establishing any sort of convention, the sooner things get messed up again, the sooner they can cash in with X-Wing 3.0 In fact it's in their best interests to fail at sorting things out. If it's perfect, no one will want to 'upgrade' to 3.0.
  2. madquest8

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    So many ships, utterly, utterly ruined. A sad, sad day for x-wing. Player base is now split between 1.0 casual and 2.0 tournament players.
  3. madquest8

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    Unboxing is kinda useless. No idea on points costs and no ideas on ship slots because of idiotic 'App only' requirements. Sad.
  4. madquest8

    FFG's app

    Version 1.0 of the App is free, but once you come to enjoy using it they will upgrade to 2.0, which will have a cost per faction charge.
  5. madquest8

    My Thoughts on 2.0, and why (for now) I plan to stay with 1.0

    V2 lovers, lease watch...
  6. madquest8

    The fate of your favorite list in 2.0.

    Dash will be ruined. No more PTL, nerfed turrets. Goodbye to the most fun ship to fly. In fact all large ships are basically dead meat, with no engine upgrades and nerfed turrets. Sad.
  7. madquest8

    Man people are really nasty on here if you arent converting

    Its the internet. My ignore list has swollen nicely in the last few days. Unless you leap about happily, proclaiming that you are eager to accept all the new problems of a new ruleset, are rich enough to spend $2-300 just to be able to use the ships you have... and love the idea of having to go online to even build a list, then you are attacked, belittled, called a troll, etc, etc. Sad, but as soon as you say something someone else doesn't like, the keyboard warriors hit town. Welcome to the internet 2018
  8. madquest8

    $350 to convert $700

    What I'd prefer is not to have to pay out ridiculous amounts of money to continue to play with my ships. FFG have shown their true colours here. They should get into trading card games... oh wait...
  9. madquest8

    Consolidated X-Wing 2.0 Changes Thread

    From what I can see its... Play V 1.0 if you want to keep having fun. Play 2.0 if you are a tournament addict and have to shell out cash to keep playing with horrible new rules.
  10. madquest8

    One weird side-effect of all this 2e nonsense

    Wait... will FFG take blood in exchange for 2.0 stuff? That changes my opinion quite a bit... in fact, now we're talking! Does it have to be your own blood, or can you use someone else's?
  11. madquest8

    Are the conversion kits a scam?

    You've heard of MTG, right? You know how money grabbing FFG are... right? You realise that as soon as 2.0's 2nd wave hits, it will have new cards, new upgrades that aren't needed.. etc, etc... right? Roll on the 3.0 cash grab.
  12. The alternative is for FFG not to screw over their customer base and think they can get away with it. Will the new players joining the hobby exceed the old ones leaving it? Only time will tell I guess... and support from a few play testers and FFG employees isn't going to help them.
  13. madquest8

    Are the conversion kits a scam?

    Where you don't get charged £200 to continue playing every few years...?
  14. This is the way I see it. FFG create a rules system about space dogfights. They then sell you a new ship every few months, with new upgrades and skills and weapons.. even though the rules don't need any more upgrades or additions. Soon they are creating upgrades simply because they HAVE to. They are't necessary, but every new ship must have a new card with it. Soon the rules are bloated, falling apart because of poor play testing, and even more upgrades keep on coming. FFG realise that they have screwed the game up by constantly introducing new rules, so decide to reboot the game with a new rules set. which unnecessarily changes lots of things in minor cosmetic ways... so they can charge all the customers in their game £200+ That's right. THEY screw up the rules, then charge YOU £200+ to fix them. Once they finish counting their wealth, you better believe X-WIng 3.0 is on the way, because every few years they will be doing this again. SO buy your 2.0 stuff fast people, before the 3.0 conversion kits hit the stands. DISGUSTING! Get out now, while you can...