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  1. Pick 2 Factions. Pick 5 Pilots From Each. Play Forever.

    There are only two factions (plus a broken abomination) Offhand.. REBEL: Dash, Poe, Rey, Jake, Luke IMPERIAL Darth Vader, Academy Tie, QuickDraw, Scimitar Squadron, Shuttle?
  2. Can Someone Explain the Hate for TLJ without Spoilers?

    Don't give in to the Hate. That way lies the Darkside. Personally as a life long fan I loved it. The Haters need to accept change and move on, actors die, characters die, but Star Wars is going to live forever. Also it's so much better than the prequels, almost anything can be forgiven
  3. Obligatory film ranking thread

  4. I thought it was fantastic, non top action, great scenes... only one character got on my nerves... but I could live with it. Sadly I knew they would get rid of Luke, but I'm sure he'll be back as a Force ghost. Overall I was totally entertained. looking forward to the next one! Solid 9/10
  5. Bad match up tips wanted

    Lock the door. - And hope they don't have blasters!
  6. yes, Harpooned! does that

    Harpoons and Deadmans switches can cause a chain reaction which annihilates every ship on the board in one move! Boom!!!
  7. What breaks with two EPTs?

    Why stop at 2? Have as many as you can afford!
  8. What are your top 5 favorite fighters in Star Wars?

    Red T-65 Blue T-65 Open S-Foils T-65 Closed S foils T-65 Millennium Falcon
  9. Those hull and shields are more like it. If FFG did it they would be half that or less, like all the other woefully weak Epic ships LOL (2 Millennium Falcons = more hull+Shields than a corvette? Yeah right. )
  10. Does X-wing need a rotation?

    No. The End.
  11. Green Dice: What Are They For?

    The problem isn't bombs, It's the Mary Sue Bomber that drops them. Nym. Arguably a better dial than an X-Wing, can take a turret, can take a droid and a system, or a crew, can barrel roll... has a wildly useful pilot ability in either form. Can fight for two factions,(I'm surprised there isn't an Imperial version LOL), has infinite bombs, all of which do 2 damage instead of 1, has 10 hits to kill, same stats as Dash, a larger Freighter.... It's just too much for what is supposed to be a lumbering bomber. I have no idea what the playtesters were thinking, I assume they just take their cheques and smile, they sure aren't working for the cause of game balance. It doesn't break the game as much as the original Phantom did, but it does push certain ships onto the scrapheap which should not be there. I'm sure that FFG will 'fix' it with an anti bomb card upgrade that all ships can take, 'Mine Detector' anyone? Until then we must suffer... or play Nym and have fun annihilating all those weak ships that rely on Green Dice.
  12. Introduce a third dice, describe how it would work

    For a game like this there should be a Force dice, for use by heroic pilots. Used to add to attack/defence or maybe to prevent one shots or other negative pilot abilities.. whatever... However that will never happen, because the game is, unfortunately, 100% geared towards tournament play and 0% towards fluff, theme, casual missions and all the other stuff which I would love to see.
  13. FFG and TLT Hate, where is the Nerf?

    For me, making it unique would be enough. I's only TLT spam that is soul destroying. Oh and word it so that the ghost can't use it twice somehow
  14. Begun? LOL Its been a rip off since day one, it comes with the words 'Star Wars' next to anything unfortunately
  15. Does the Scurrg warrant rule changes?

    Nym is bad, but I have never felt the hopelessness I felt when up against Whisper in the pre nerf days. The real issue is that Nym effectively bans so many ships from the table. I doubt that Interceptors will ever see play again, as Nym (correctly positioned) can do 2 - 5 damage, ignoring defence dice... (Even Corran is scared) plus forces any ace who can't make ps10 to go home