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  1. You may also find the quantity lists of most LOTR LCG sets in the unoffical FAQ at: boardgamegeek.com/filepage/66894/comprehensive-card-reference-unofficial-faq www.kaybee.org/kirk/LoTR_LCG_Cards_and_FAQs.pdf.
  2. Hi, I don't know if this has already been posted but I just wanted to inform you that a new version of the 'Lord of the Rings LCG Comprehensive Card Reference & Unofficial FAQ' by Kirk Bauer has been released. This is IMO a great document for getting quick help when playing LOTR LCG. Easier to use than the official FAQ and updated more frequently. The new update is available from boardgamegeek.com/filepage/66894/comprehensive-card-reference-unofficial-faq or directly from Kirk's homepage at www.kaybee.org/kirk/LoTR_LCG_Cards_and_FAQs.pdf. Kirk has also released a quick turn quide: www.kaybee.org/kirk/LoTR_LCG_QuickRef.pdf which is also a good help for breaking down the game phases.
  3. The Quest Log has been updated and now has two Aragorn heroes. As Sick_Boy suggested they are named after their game so we have Aragorn (Core) and Aragorn (Watcher in the Water). Thanks to FFG for fixing this pretty fast.
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