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  1. Your options are super limited out of a single core. At best you learn the fundamental concepts. I can't remember if you can splash other clans out of one core, but if you can grabbing 'Let Go' and 'Mirumoto's Fury' is a good way to deal with Dragon shenanigans. But even with two cycles under our belt, Dragon is top tier and their splash is never not good. Adding 'Miya Mystic' is another way to make them drop attachments. It's a tough match any way you slice it. If you're both playing from a single core (and it sounds like you are now that I reread your post) that means "Miya Mystic' is really your only attachment removal option as your opponent probably (and should) has 'Let Go' and 'Mirumoto's Fury'. Dude, if it's not fun tell them. One box is a learning experience. If that's all you have you guys should be trying all of the clans; not one dude monopolizing a beat stick.
  2. Oh, also look over at CardgameDB. That's where most of the talk for all of FFG's cards games happen.
  3. I'd take the suggested cards from the one-core lists and double up on the cards that look interesting. Your options are really kind of limited with two cores. Look at what the decks are trying to do and remove cards that don't help and add cards that do. Or just get as close as you can to three core decklists and fill out the empty slots with cards that look interesting.
  4. Overall, tonight was a great day. Great players, great games, and lots of jokes. As expected, a lot of people dropped after promos were handed out. We were only given one set of MTFBWY at that time. The second set was given during round five. Makes sense; encourage people to stay and play. Except there was no second set. There wasn't enough printed. Europe got two sets but the very last event ever gets shorted. We all paid for the promos we were expecting to get. But somehow this feels poetic. The game has always been FFG's redheaded stepchild. Still, it was great to see everyone and play. Good luck to everyone who made the cut!
  5. Bruh, it's one card in the Conflict deck. One. Odds are it's never going to be seen. And since it's only one it had better be pretty darned solid to justify the slot. Man, I can't wait for your other six posts for when the other Clans get their versions of this type of card...
  6. Bruh. It's a role-playing game. Try role-playing. I can understand passing because you don't think there's enough content, sure. But it seems your real gripe is no Crab. Try a different Clan. I'm Scorpion first. Unicorn when I'm feeling frisky. But I'm playing an Ikoma Bard in my current game and it's great. There's something to enjoy in every Clan. It's like you're proud you've limited your ability to have fun.
  7. Nope. Ikoma Bard school abilities only target allies. I have jiujutsu. I flipped a merchant onto his backside for thinking he could bribe me last session. Why is the cat even there? I don't know how that can be blamed on me at all! We all know I don't know how to use a sword.
  8. I'm actually not bored at all! I get that there are roles and not everyone will be able to do everything; I completely embrace that and dig it. I just want to make sure I'm not missing something I could be doing from an in-setting perspective. So no one is expecting me to contribute in a meaningful way. I grabbed 'Battle' as a skill so I could maybe give tactical in a conflict advice based upon my PC's reading of historical accounts.
  9. I didn't know where else to post this, so here I am. I'm playing an Ikoma Bard in a 4th Edition L5R game along with a Togashi monk, a Kuni shugenja, an Utaku Battle Maiden, an archer, and another bushi character. So, combat is a thing. I generally play courtiers but I struggle to find a way to make them meaningfully contribute to a fight. Unfortunately, I can't easily find anything in any of the 4th Edition books that talk about this. Is there material out there that does? Buying ranks in kenjutsu is boring to me. If the school was supposed to swing sharpened metal bars it would be a school ability. There's also the problem of me then carrying a katana, people thinking I'm a bushi, challenging me to a duel, and I lose badly... I like the idea of characters specializing, not being proficient at everything and having to work creatively when out of their element. But I'm struggling to do that here. Suggestions?
  10. I can give you a copy of Civ6 and its expansions. I got a copy with Humble Monthly and I will never use it.
  11. Late game force your opponent into inefficient defensive maneuvers. Sure, you can send all you units in a massive push, but you can't hide that and you can't effectively get your opponent to waste cards in Edge. Seeing Yularen sucks, yeah, but I still think spreading damage around is the better overall play.
  12. So, I just ordered a single core for my wife and I to check out. I know this game is story-driven, so beyond that core in what order should I buy stuff? Any other things I should know going forward?
  13. Attendance was on a steady decline year over year, at least at GenCon anyway. It's a matter of allocation of limited resources. With L5R being the new LCG hotness, and how big the GenCon event turned out to be for it (it sold out twice), it doesn't make sense to continue to provide any kind of support for the Star Wars LCG. I am curious about what will happen with the promos they still have. The full bleed cards, Force commit cards, affiliation cards, Death Star dials, and everything that can't be repurposed for other Star Wars games. I'm sorta interested in going to Worlds just to see if they try to dump all of that stuff there.
  14. Cool. I'm glad people are having fun. I suppose things would be easier to control in an online environment. Me? I stick to in-person. I suppose if things were agreed to in advance that would be fine. Eh, maybe this is just my contrarian grumpy side showing...
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