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  1. I talked to a friend this past Saturday and let him know I'm passing on Star Wars. I've been playing it since it came out but, at least where I live, there are only really the two of us who play. But everyone and their second cousin is playing L5R. And I love L5R and have since Celestial Edition. On Saturday's when we played Star Wars, again, it was pretty much just the two of us. Sometimes a third guy would show as his schedule allowed. With L5R on Saturday, there are 6-10 people there. And games being played at our main store and other locations throughout the week. I don't know if L5R will be the deathblow to the Star Wars LCG, but I know what I'm moving to. I'll still buy Force Packs, and I plan to hit a regional tournament (don't want to waste my bye), but for regular games, I'm putting it away. I only hope FFG finds a way to revitalize the game because I want to play it, but the players simply aren't there.
  2. Then annotate the areas that have been updated referring back to the errata. That way you at least know there's something to look at.
  3. Still not compiled into a single document? The beta book becomes less and less relevant with every update. By design. Why aren't these updates being included in the beta book?
  4. We still have soft nougaty cores that sometimes just want to be hugged. We're not monsters!
  5. It's going to be just like old times! When Crane did dishonor better than Scorpion and still everyone hated Scorpion anyway. I'm having Celestial Edition flashbacks.
  6. As a Scorpion player, I feel that way about Dragon. "Oh, you have a bazillion attachments and are now 1000 strength 'roid monsters who don't care I dishonored them? GG, bro." I may run dishonor, but I still have to win conflicts somehow sometimes, and Banzai isn't always enough.
  7. Moving the goalposts. I never said they don't make mistakes. If you're going to take issue with something I said, please make sure I actually said it. The "I'm saving the game" justification made the argument that the card made for a bad play environment. That is, at best, debatable and completely subjective. And since you mention errata, that is the mechanism by which these issues are dealt with. Not one guy getting on his cross before the card even has the chance to actually do anything. If you're gonna play the "hero this game needs" role, make sure the thing you're afraid of actually has the impact you think it does. Because for as much as designers and playtesters make mistakes, many cards that look to be game breaking to throngs of internet fanboys (and Backhanded Compliment ain't that) end up being anything but in actual play.
  8. This. 100%. When I heard what had happened I thought it was actually kinda funny. I had zero problem with it. Then I read the "justification". Everything soured. He was trying to save the game? Really? One card was going to break it? You think the game designers are so stupid that it took you to save them from themelves? You out Scorpioned the Scorpion. Leave it at that. Simply say you didn't want to see the card used in tournaments. But no. You had to save the game. Sure.
  9. So, if this move was to stop a NPE, how was that achieved of 99.9% if the games everyone will play is casual? What's stopping the card from being played in that environment? Unless it's banned from Scorpion decks in casual play, this move seems to me to only be intended to deny Scorpion decks a useful tool in tournaments.
  10. Courtesy is what we draw instead of weapons in a civilized society. And given the individual being slighted by Khift gave him the 1) courtesy of reading his whole post before responding and 2) gave him the courtesy of letting him know what was to follow was emotional, it is only Khift being discourteous.
  11. I used a lot of the official Star Wars LCG sleeves and after awhile, yeah, they're not great. I resleeved all my decks in matte single color sleeves and they feel better and hold up better.
  12. Never trust a Scorpion. But you will never have a more loyal friend than a Scorpion. The Scorpion's job is a thankless one; they keep the gaze of the other Clans on them, so they do not gaze greedily at the Chrysanthemum Throne instead.
  13. I saw a single core Lion beat a three core Unicorn.