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  1. Steve-O said: let's at least let second edition get out the door before we start reminiscing about the good ol' days, shall we? Agreed. Let's see what happens. (I'm just so dearly interested in getting my hands on a Roads to Legend box.)
  2. Two heroes are actually a real pro-gamer option, because it is too easy for the overlord to overwhelm the heroes. Playing with four heroes will make it a lot easier, due to the incresed fire power, especially if two heroes have piercing weapons or runes. I played this quest a couple of times as Overlord, but the giants never appeared to be a problem. The heroes can easily step back from them, and even melee characters can stay out of reach if they invest fatigue. What threw my heroes off were most often the undying ogres. They don't do that much, but if you rely on killing them, instead of taking your safety step backwards, you can get into big trouble.
  3. Now that the 2nd edition mows its way threw a new audience, can we hope for a re-release of all the older expansion sets? One would hope that the new edition obtains similar success as the old one, encouraging a re-release of those expansions that have been sold out for half a decade.
  4. I appear to be mentally challenged by the Search option. I endorse your encouragement to search the forum before posting new threads, but the only botton that is dedicated to "Search Forums" is deactivated in my browser, both Firefox and IEtab Plus. Please enlighten me: how do I search the forum?
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