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  1. I recently purchased this game & after a struggle with the manual and 2 actual playthroughs, we had encountered a situation for which we couldn't find a solution. This is the situation: I had played the n°2 order card (activate hex, move troops in from up till 2 spaces away - supremacy: do the same, but no battle allowed) Step 1 was a success & I had supremacy. The enemy had retreated from previous hex & had 2 bowman standing up in the hex where he had retreated to. With my hero and his object, I was able to rout the remaining 2 bowman, and then I rushed in a berserker of mine. Question is, is that invasion still considered as a battle or not? Since routed units in a hex can not partake in a battle and there were no more other units present, I was inclined to say it was a legal move... Any of the more expirienced players who can shine a light upon this?
  2. I guess there are no zombies, because the Ghoul character makes them from his slain enemies - if he chooses to.
  3. I suppose that the "Stranger" designation of this card is fixed?
  4. foldeddice is correct on Q 1&3, so no need to repeat his answer Now the "monsterhunter" - I have the french expansion, where that follower is called "Tueur des Monstres", so I don't rightly kow his name in the english version- states very clearly: IF you can draw a card, you can choose to draw an extra card. When a space says "Draw a card" and there is already a card on the space (the Cave, for example), one CAN NOT draw a card as there is already an adventure present on this space, ergo the monsterkiller can NOT give you an extra adventure card. If the space would say "draw 2 cards" and there would be 1 card present (let's say, the Pool of Life), then the player has to draw an other card and thus can make use of the "monsterhunter"'s ability to draw an extra card - if he wants to. If that space would have 2 cards (Pool of Life and Labyrinth), the user can not draw an extra card.
  5. Congratulations, Rickard! I'm the creator of the simply named but humongously-heavy-and-bound-to-suck-up-all-your-available-bandwith "Lucky 13" entry.
  6. Soooo… any news on how far you got with that pile of new stuff you got in your in-box?
  7. On average about once in a week I guess… Problem is there are so many other good games too
  8. From the moment you are able to fullfill your quest, you do it. So yes, same time.
  9. Ohnononono... Imagine a leprachaun with a poltergeist follower. You'll never get him killed with the Crown's "command spell". O_o
  10. Poltergeist a curse & a boon. You always know where you're going, and if you happen to draw a fountain of wisdom or a magic stream, then you're settled. The only thing the hag gives you is some fodder for the vampire...
  11. So, what you want to do is switch the BLUE 8 into a RED 8 via the use of a RED 7 and ditching the BLUE 8 result... That's NOT possible. If it would, Nefarian's special-power text would state this clearly. It does not. What it says is, only red&blue 8's do what they do, the rest of the hits go into attrition. So, you're stuck with a BLUE hit, no switching colours allowed. Time to cough up that crate of beers you promised your friend, or whatever it was you promised him
  12. Well, it's very easy. Only '8' in red or blue truly hits Nefarian, and gets placed in it's correlated box. Blue dice that hit (that's only 8's), go into the damage box. Red dice which hits (again, only the 8's) go into the defense box. You can not choose for a blue hit to go into the defense box, or vice versa. Quote: It never specified any correlation between the damage token and dice colour anywhere. There I must prove you wrong. If you look on the board, the Combat Area (the 3 circles) show quite clearly that blue dice go into Damage, red and green dice go into Defense. Otherwise, there's also page 29 in the rulebook, under PLACING DICE HITS. It states: Blue dice: for each blue die producing a hit, place a hit token in the damage box of the Combat area. Red dice: for each red die producing a hit place a hit token in the defense box of the combat area Green dice: for blabla hit blabla armour token blabla defense box blablabla. Off course there are some exceptions...The Hunter has a skillcard which allows him to replace a certain amount of blue hits to go in the defense box (Clipped Wing iirc) and the Ring of Agility (auction house, soulbound item) allows to do the same, but only for 1 hit token. But remember, these are exceptional conditions. You did not mention this in your post, so let's presume you do not have access to these 2 possibilities. I just mention this to be complete in the overall answer. Blue dice represent direct damage, like arrows or fireball spells. It is very difficult to form an effective shield with something as flimsy as an arrow. Red dice are comparable to melee damage, the damage you deal using the fine art of sticking the pointy end of a sword into the squichy bits. As with every hand-to-hand weapon, the sturdyness of these tools also allow you to parry damaging blows from your enemy, thus reducing the damage you need to soak up. Green dice are your armour, with a pretty straightforward -and singleminded- use. Now the problem with Nefarian is this: He's a dragon. As you might know, these magnificent creatures tend to feast on the succulent flesh of all sorts of adventurers and pompous knights. Most of the time, there is only one tricky bit for a dragon. These fools come barging in, clad in armour and loaded with gems, gold and whatnots. You might have noticed also that dragons don't have opposable thumbs, which makes the use of a can-opener close to impossible. This means chomping off large pieces, with armour and goldcoins included. And thus, little by little, the ground of their lair accumulates all thess metal tidbits picked out from their teeth, on which they then fall asleep. Over time, theses metal chunks get interlinked with their scales, in fact hardening their already pretty decent natural armour. Nefarian is comparable to a dragon emperor, who has had already many tons of adventurers' flesh going through his gastro-intestinal tract. His natural armour has had just as many upgrades So, to go back to your example: B: 7,7,8: The 8 produces a hit, it goes to the damage box, while the 7's can't reach the squichy bits directly, so they bleed into attrition. R: 7,7,7: There are no 8's, so nothing goes in the defense box, everything bleeds into the attrition box. G: 7,7,8: Nefarians power does not target armour results, so you can put these 3 as armour tokens into the defense box. This would give the following result: Damage: 1 hit token Defense : 0 hit tokens, 3 armour tokens Attrition: 5 hit tokens from 7's, and 2 hits from the +3 attrition halved & rounded up So, if you would be playing against the weak Nefarian, who has an attack of 12, you would need to soak up succesfully 9 damage. If you survive this onslaught, then you put the hit tokens who are in the attrition box into the damage box, giving you a grand total of eight hits in the damage box. Congratulations, now you only need to do 18 more damage before Nefarian dies. So yes, your friend was right... Anyhow, happy hunting!
  13. I must contradict quite a few people on this discussion, my apologies for that. First, even without expansions, this game is really good. While it maybe lacks stuff in the eyes of somebody who is used to playing with the expansion(s), I never got my hands on them, so I only know vanilla. The game has a 100% replayability value. Second, a game does not take that long. Granted, I do only 2-player games, and both me and my fixed adversary have become quite skilled in this game, so we don't have any of those awkward moments where you seem to wait an eternity before it's your turn again. A game takes between 2 and 4 hours, but most of the time we kill the big boss around the third hour. There is one big flaw in this game, though, and that's PvP combat. It's tedious and boring, and the only thing you get from it is a stupid item, maybe some xp and gold if there's a "Bounty" or "Old hatreds" event in play. And to be honest, ending the game with a PvP battle feels truly as a hollow victory, 'cause you know that the big boss is still roaming the countryside. It's a boss-kill, or nothing As an endnote, I must say this : It's a true shame that this game has been discontinued by every party involved. It rules in a way like Warcraft II ruled the pc-game community back then
  14. I only have the Reaper expansion, but the one character that I still like enormously is the Ghoul. He might be be a bit weak, but I just have a soft spot for zombies Otherwise there's the Dark Cultist, though she's sometimes a bit overpowered. I also like the Sorceress, but she's only good when there's at least 4 players. The guy I honestly think who sucks bigtime is the Assassin.
  15. also, iirc the wolfform entry in the booklet states specifically it can only be used on land AND only follow roads - though that's a given, dracula hates trains. And a wolf taking a train would just be ludicrous
  16. Fogity said: [... ] I think it showing up in an official expansion rather more shows the idea was good and not the opposite. Just my thoughts though. Indeed it is a heartwarming idea. Still, I re-editioned my entry and sent it back where it belongs: Jon's inbox, together with the rest of the competing entries.
  17. Definately the Reaper expansion for me.
  18. Oh nooooeszzzzz... I sent in my entry for the L13 competition, and what does my eye see today? New Talisman expansion, with a new follower: the Black Cat... Darnit FFG, now I've got to go back to the drawingboard for changing stuff for the micro-expansion. Stop stealing my ideas
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