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  1. Well, the Gen Con attendants do get to play the released POD expansion six months earlier than anybody else. I do not see why FFG needs to provide a special card on top of this. And if they do, why not make it part of the expansion as everyone thought it was in the first place. I simply cannot see how FFG benefits from creating a collectors secondary market. It will earn them nothing and only frustrate a percentage of their customers.
  2. I found a copy for US$90 some months back. This is the predictable outcome when FFG decides to issue a special card in small numbers for an event that is impossible to attend for most of the game's fans. If they want to build a secondary "rares" market with crazy prices, then this is what they are getting with this policy. I do not see their upside in this and I do not believe it is the idea / spirit of the LCGs.
  3. Anybody still looking for the Gen Con Alternate art Gimli may want to check this auction on eBay US. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Alternate-Art-Gimli-Lord-Of-The-Rings-LCG-/281939568278?nav=SEARCH
  4. Yeah, as mentioned in another thread I am also on the lookout for a Gimli. As a LOTR LCG completist I am willing to pay a pretty good price :-) And hopefully, in the future, FFG will stop issuing special cards to such a limited audience. With the Nightmare and Fellowship events you at least have a chance as a non-US resident...
  5. Hi all, I do not know if this has been written anywhere else but here is a confirmation from FFG that the alternate art Gimli is a GenCon 2015 exclusive card that will not be distributed with the Print-On-Demand release of Ruins of Belegost. The promo that was included during the GenCon event where tired to the event and not product. Meaning, that when Ruins of Belegost goes on sale, it will not be included with the product. Thanks for your understanding. Regards, Kalar Komarec Fantasy Flight Games Customer Service Team customerservice@fantasyflightgames.com I hate this exclusivety stuff. One of the reason I bought into the LOTR LCG back in 2012 was that you presumably avoided having to chase "rares" or "mythics" around the world. But no!! First the playmats were released (why not sell these in the FFG shop?) and now they start to produce alternate art cards (Aragorn and Gimli so far). Why only award a very small crowd of players that have the chance to attend a specific conference? Why not give all their fans the option to get such a card without having to spend tons of time and money chasing it in the secondary market? In Denmark the only option to get these special releases is through eBay or similar. No game store I am aware of organizes LOTR LCG events. The nature of the game is not really well suited for events. Anyway, if anybody has an alternate art Gimli card they want to part with, then I am ready to pay a nice price for it. Let me know.
  6. Does anybody know if the Gimli alternate art card will be part of the POD quest when released for regular purchase later this year or whether it is just included in the GenCon release?
  7. I own 3 core sets. It is the greatest to have three "Unexpected Courage" cards in your deck. Try it!!
  8. I agree with the previous couple of posters. As a fan of the Middleearth Quest game I would actually be very happy if FFG would produce the two remaining heroes from that game, The Middlearth "time-period" of the two games match nicely. Eometh with a fast moving (rider) ability for Tactics or Leadership and Argalad as an Elvish Spirit or Lore hero would be terrific. So, FFG please consider adding these to the LOTR LCG game in the next cycle…
  9. I forgot to mention that there is also this guy producing wooden inserts for the original core game box: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/152772/uk-based-card-storage-game-components I was considering this solution but the available space for the card rows seemed incompatible with the FFG sleeves. Other sleeves might fit.
  10. Hi, I have been having storage problems as well. I found these boxes from a seller on eBay. Now, I have purchased 7 x 1000 cards boxes from them. The good thing about these boxes is that they certainly keep the cards well-protected and easily accessible. They also have room for sleeved cards as the 95mm width fits the FFG sleeves very nicely. It is a very expensive soluton but then again, now I do not need to worry about card storage for quite a while as I still have two spare boxes and I am not even close to fill up the five boxes I have taken into use Here is the link to the eBay store: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/GOGOKIWI-HOBBY-SHOP And here is a picture of one of the boxes. They sell 500, 1000 and 2000 card boxes. Notice, that the capacity is for unsleeved cards. For sleeved cards the capacity is somewhat lower (I would say 30-40% lower).
  11. No, the hero's turn ends and he/she does not perform the encounter step.
  12. My playing partners and I use the log for keeping track of all the won games. We have logged all of them. I also use the log to keep track of which heroes are underused and which we tend to use all the time. For multiplayer games we just note in the comments field who we played with. When all the players do that, we can retrieve a total record of the played multiplayer games if we wish to by logging into all the accounts and find the game. I think it is a great tool that could be made even better but probably won't.
  13. Rapier said: I think one problem is that they assume people haven't bought previous expansions - therefore they have to explain the secrecy keyword every time and that means reducing the amount of other "new" rules they explain. It would be best I think if the deluxe expansions were printed with all the rules needed (for any expansions) since that wouldn't add much to printing costs, but would make keywords like secrecy more accessible in the adventure packs. (Since it is assumed that you will own the deluxe expansion that ties in with that cycle). I think you are correct about this which is why I fear that Secrecy will be left out in the future cycles. It is a very good suggestion that FFG should simply add the Secrecy explanation to the deluxe set rule "book" which has multiple pages and better room than the adventure pack's one page rule sheets. Then, maybe, FFG could just put a short reference to the deluxe rules in the smaller adventure packs… FFG, please listen.
  14. Hi all. I am wondering if FFG has already abandoned the Secrecy mechanism now that the Dwarrowdelf cycle has ended. Neither the Hobbit Saga nor any of the cards we have seen so far from the Númenor cycle have the Secrecy keyword. I can understand it for the Hobbit as this expansion is very much designed to be played with only the Core set. However, it is a disappointment that none of the spoiled Númenor cards have had Secrecy although I believe a couple of the new allies make good candidates. I think the Secrecy mechanism was a very nice idea that expanded the options for game variations but we have had too few Secrecy cards to really make it work. If they already stop putting any more cards out I doubt Secrecy decks will be used much in the future. So, FFG please do not forget about Secrecy!!
  15. Yes, it would be great with an expansion. Unfortunately there was no announcements on GenCon to that effect. New heroes and more enemies would enhance the combat part of the game as the board would get more crowded. Also, it would be great if the game could go on for a bit longer and leave more time for combat and missions.
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