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  1. Well, the Gen Con attendants do get to play the released POD expansion six months earlier than anybody else. I do not see why FFG needs to provide a special card on top of this. And if they do, why not make it part of the expansion as everyone thought it was in the first place. I simply cannot see how FFG benefits from creating a collectors secondary market. It will earn them nothing and only frustrate a percentage of their customers.
  2. I found a copy for US$90 some months back. This is the predictable outcome when FFG decides to issue a special card in small numbers for an event that is impossible to attend for most of the game's fans. If they want to build a secondary "rares" market with crazy prices, then this is what they are getting with this policy. I do not see their upside in this and I do not believe it is the idea / spirit of the LCGs.
  3. Anybody still looking for the Gen Con Alternate art Gimli may want to check this auction on eBay US. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Alternate-Art-Gimli-Lord-Of-The-Rings-LCG-/281939568278?nav=SEARCH
  4. Yeah, as mentioned in another thread I am also on the lookout for a Gimli. As a LOTR LCG completist I am willing to pay a pretty good price :-) And hopefully, in the future, FFG will stop issuing special cards to such a limited audience. With the Nightmare and Fellowship events you at least have a chance as a non-US resident...
  5. Hi all, I do not know if this has been written anywhere else but here is a confirmation from FFG that the alternate art Gimli is a GenCon 2015 exclusive card that will not be distributed with the Print-On-Demand release of Ruins of Belegost. The promo that was included during the GenCon event where tired to the event and not product. Meaning, that when Ruins of Belegost goes on sale, it will not be included with the product. Thanks for your understanding. Regards, Kalar Komarec Fantasy Flight Games Customer Service Team customerservice@fantasyflightgames.com I hate this exclusivety stuff. One of the reason I bought into the LOTR LCG back in 2012 was that you presumably avoided having to chase "rares" or "mythics" around the world. But no!! First the playmats were released (why not sell these in the FFG shop?) and now they start to produce alternate art cards (Aragorn and Gimli so far). Why only award a very small crowd of players that have the chance to attend a specific conference? Why not give all their fans the option to get such a card without having to spend tons of time and money chasing it in the secondary market? In Denmark the only option to get these special releases is through eBay or similar. No game store I am aware of organizes LOTR LCG events. The nature of the game is not really well suited for events. Anyway, if anybody has an alternate art Gimli card they want to part with, then I am ready to pay a nice price for it. Let me know.
  6. Does anybody know if the Gimli alternate art card will be part of the POD quest when released for regular purchase later this year or whether it is just included in the GenCon release?