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  1. Well, I don't think there is necessarily an archetype for an Imperial Saint. A "normal person" should do, or at least someone with higher than normal stats and talents. If you wanted to make the saint far more epic, I recommend Dark Heresy v.1 sourcebook "Blood of Martyrs" as it contains a big section on Faith based powers generally available to True Faith priests and the Adeptus Sororitas
  2. Dark Heresy v1.0, Haarlock Legacy Trilogy Part 3, Dead Stars, had some rules for intense cold exposure. Any hit location not covered by armor that is considered insulating or cold-protected means the wearer is considered Exposed. An Exposed character must make a Toughness(+0) test or suffer D5+1 Energy Damage ignoring armor and a level of Fatigue. Up to you to determine how often that test need be made. A character with the Survival skill can make a Survival(+0) test to reduce this damage by Intelligence Bonus for himself or an ally.
  3. DH2 switches equipment purchases into Influence checks against items, basically using the same system as Only War regimental logistics, except this uses your/your Inquisitor's influence.
  4. One of the Dark Heresy supplements said that a lower hive manufactorum worker on Scintilla would make 25-30 thrones a month ... Soooo, since IG have all their needs met but are in fact in mortal danger at all times perhaps it matches up?
  5. Quick question ... PC Sergeant uses pistol and sword and has all the Two-Weapon wielding talents. If he swings with the sword and takes his target out, what can he do with the pistol? Is that attack wasted or can he shoot at another target? There is a line in the rules that the pistol can only be used on the target in melee, but I assume that implies that target is still living. Thanks!
  6. Yes, Formation Combat can be very fast moving and deadly. That's why, in terms of the times I've used it, I've used it in a more abstract method i.e., one turn of formation vs formation combat does not equal one turn of PC structured time. Of course, this doesn't really work when the PCs themselves are attacking a Formation ... As for Formations of Orks, check the special "orders" for Formations, the Ork ones ... basically if you don't do Ork Toughness Bonus excess damage, the Orks get a Toughness(+0) test to just completely shrug off the attack. Addtionally, one of the orders, Scatter I think it is called, is used for evading sprays and blasts. As for heavy weapon troopers in Formations, you can keep them separate from the rest of the unit so they roll their attack normally and are Overseer style for targeting purposes. You are right in that the semi/full automatic weapons do not matter in Formation rules, but I think it assumes that BOTH sides would have semi/full automatic weapons so they more or less cancel out. If you are having a squad of autoguns attacking a squad of laslocks ... I think you can assume one side would clearly win
  7. Oh man, I'd love it if the other players thought it was warp related and started being suspicious of him. I mean, in a previous session he did bamboozle most of the squad into coming with him on an obscura-deal. The "creature" by the way is based on the genestealer template from 'Creatures Anaethema' (minus the oviposter rules) but basically with a cameoline cloak. It hunts via sonar/vibration, hence the whining noise that only the paranoid player can hear. I think i'm going to let them track noise down to a piece of equipment someone is carrying, but that's just a red herring as the noise DOES return. And you're darn right a comrade is going to be pulled screaming into the darkness by it.
  8. Do you remember old battle reports in White Dwarf (maybe they still do this, I have no idea, haven't seen an issue for years and years)? They'd have a simple graphic representing the battlefield as well as rectangles representing units and such? I have used that style of tabletop gameplay to represent a platoon-level combat in Only War. Mondo-mat grid, cut out some rectangles for each squad in the platoon ... some Chimeras graphics, some Warbuggy and enemy unit rectangles, a few smaller circles to represent important characters or targets. The battle then played out using the Formations combat rules from Enemies of the Imperium. I let each of my PCs control a squad, the squad's Chimera, and then their own PC. After a few rounds of combat, the focus of action basically zoomed into where the actual players were as this was the most vital part of the combat and the rest was abstracted away.
  9. I realized I've been missing out on a good roleplaying opportunity for not influencing one of my players who is a Paranoid Light Sleeper. That changes next session! Squad has a mission which requires them to travel underground for a few days. I hope to cause havoc via the paranoid light sleeper, but in reality they ARE being stalked by a creature in the dark depths of the planet. For general gameplay purposes, I think I will give him a few Willpower tests otherwise suffer fatigue. I don't think this will really affect gameplay that much as they have 4 days of travel which will be more or less uneventful, but it will send the message. The fun torment will be via these six notes I have for him, folded closed and marked 1 to 6. Based on the timing and the rolls of Willpower I will have him open them. Anyone else have any suggestions or stories on "tormenting" players who are light sleepers and paranoid?
  10. I ran this scenario over the weekend and I feel that it went as well as I could have hoped. With the Medic taking the lead on the Tactics tests and the Sergeant assisting, they did pass every Battlefield Awareness roll. They used a Fate Point (or two?) to reroll the Awareness test to ensure they passed as they realized the importance of the noticing the flow of the battle. The events went pretty much as I expected, although the players went off the rails a tiny bit (LIKE PLAYER CHARACTERS DO, THE JERKS), but improvising on the fly is part of the fun of gm'ing, no? If you were curious, the sergeant ordered the nearby NPC squads to rescue the Commissar as the Medic went safely down the trench to check it out. As a result, a NPC character was shot and the medic had to choose between the Commissar and the grunt. In the end, they passed every event with flying colors. Perhaps I made everything a bit too easy, or should have increased the number of successes they needed for certain parts. More importantly, however, each player had an important role in the battle and the whole scenario played out in just under an hour of game time. THAT was really what I was going for, as the massive battle scenario was more a way to use dice and gameplay to illustrate the current status of the players' war (since there was a big change since the previous session, which included a time-advancement of 6 months) I think if you want to flesh this type of format out for a longer scenario and ensure that things get interestingly worse with each failed Battlefield Awareness test would work out great.
  11. So, the way Psychic Powers work is pretty different between Only War and Dark Heresy v2.0 ... since DH2.0 is newer, do you think that the Only War version should be replaced by DH2.0 if you have access to it? The powers are virtually identical, just how you use them has changed. In short, if you are not aware, in DH2.0, the less power you exert the easier it is to get a successful cast of the power, just with diminished strength. The more Psy Rating you use, the harder it is to cast but the more powerful it will be (and the more likley to generate Psychic Phenomenon/Perils of the Warpity Warp)
  12. Also don't forget, if a Chimera is loaded with troops, you are facing a broadside of 3 of its mounted lasguns, the turret Multilaser/Flamer and the pintle Stubber/Storm Bolter
  13. I haven't been able to make ammo a real concern in my games (if your lasgun is running out, the combat is really slogging out long in my opinion), so an ammo loss penalty seems pretty insignificant, unless it is something for like the flamer but then you really are just punishing one player. As for the gas attack, it still happens but only in a narrative sense, basically if the Battlefield Awareness roll fails for the Medic event (either one), it falls through to the "The Line Breaks" event ... you can assume the gas attack contributed to the enemy getting to and into the trenchline.
  14. Additionally, my Sergeant PC has his eyes set on promotions and having more troops under his command. If he messes up his first real command, he might want to rethink about putting so much XP into being a killing machine and focus on that which would make him a better leader of Guardsmen
  15. Don't have the book here, but isn't Might Shot +1 for every 2 points of Ballistic Skill bonus? So a +3 Might Shot would be from a BS of 60? Does Tank Hunter apply to any time of weapon? Even fists? Regardless, an experienced tank hunter with rare armor piercing bullets, knowing where to aim exactly on a Chimera to hit some important fuel line or ammo magazine? Doesn't seem that broken or out of character. However, if you want to spend all that XP to kill Chimeras in 6-10 rounds, go for it. How often do you think you'll be fighting Chimeras? How often do you think you'll be able to shoot uninterrupted at its side armor without being harassed by other troops or say the Chimera rotating 90 degrees? Free will is a blessing and a curse
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