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  1. I'd copy and paste into word, but that's just me. It's really meant to be used with character sheets. Fixed. Did you press Finalize? The program auto adds the bonuses and eliminates the excess options you did not choose.
  2. I figured it was bugged, I'll look into these. Please! Keep reporting bugs! It's live, not prefect.
  3. Loyalist scum! Yor sacrifices have been heard! Check out the other topic.
  4. http://dragonlord132.tumblr.com/BlackCrusadeCharacterCreator Version 3 done! Blasted life getting in the way... For offline use: just right click Save Page As on both pages. Make sure to put them in the same folder. Replace "http://dragonlord132.tumblr.com/YourBlackCrusadeCharacter" with just "BlackCrusadeCharacter.html" or whatever you named the second page. Use Ctrl F in notepad to find it.
  5. My rituals have not been in vein! I have the Tome of Decay! It comes with 6 archetypes instead of the usual 4 so it will take longer than expected. Vrakas, no external database here, just HTML and JavaScript. It might be considered "bad" coding but it works! The Daemon Prince is really more of an Upgrade than Creator. I would make a separate program for that and I prioritize a Minion Maker before the Princes.
  6. Blarg, it's been awhile. The Tumblr hosting is down and will be down until a little after Tome of Decay comes out. Blood and Excess characters have been added but I want to release the complete gods version. (I'm a bit stuck on the Q'sal sorcerers...) Praise be to the Dark Gods for a complete set of Four! *sacrifices cultists*
  7. Character Creator is now hosted: http://dragonlord132.tumblr.com/BlackCrusadeCharacterCreator
  8. New version with custom allocation is here: http://www.mediafire.com/?7rosoa8q2027s9d
  9. Alright, working on it, with custom max allocation too.
  10. No, because 1: I don't have the books and 2: somebody has already done so: www.blackmoor.org.uk/40K.html
  11. They're probably just places for the GMs to use. There's no information on them because you're suppose to make that up. Or for future releases. Chaos navigators don't exist because they aren't needed. Imperial navigators are used to go through the warp and come out alive, but since chaos and warp are the same thing, chaos worshipers come out unscathed or get a mutation blessing. Navigators are just trained psykers anyway...
  12. Games Workshop doesn't own the rights to Malal, so you're going to have to make house rules.
  13. It is just the random dice rolls, but you can keep pressing the roll button till you get something better. You get one Reroll for every Roll for Characteristics. Or just distribute the computer rolls onto your paper however you like and ignore the computer stats when you Finalize (just remember to apply the pride/disgrace/motivation bonuses.)
  14. It's done and up! Check out the new thread.
  15. Here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/?1058j0ajoy7aajj 1: Download 2: Extract the files into the same folder 3: Open BlackCrusadeCharacterCreator.html And here is just some great Chaos art: http://heretics-undivided.deviantart.com/
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