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  1. Quoting from What Lies Within announcement page
  2. Scenario: Dearly Departed (Drodzy Zmarli) App: Steam v1.2.7 (558) (Polish version) Played Today (Dec 21 2016) Every window that pops up with text, just says "Japanese" http://screenshot.sh/ouEw6I8TnBpnU http://screenshot.sh/m7VDs9ALdgakC
  3. Scenario: What lies within. App: Steam v1.2.6 (548) (Polish version) Played Today (Dec 21 2016) It seems that the ending for the DLC is the same ending for the first scenario, because SPOILER ALERT In the DLC the Shoggoth ran away from the mansion, while the ending told you that the portal made by the cult destroyed the remains of the already shattered house, which is the ending for the first scenario. I believe this is a bug, since the ending makes no sense with the cinematic one.
  4. Hello Due to circumstances, unfortunately I have to sell off my Descent collection. Im trying to sort the expansions, and Im only left with sorting the tiles. The numbered ones were easy to do, but I've got a problem with end caps, extensions and transitions. I tried searching the forums and checking out the quest vault for some anwsers, but I were unsuccesful. Maybe somebody knows how many of those were included in which expansion? I'd be mostly grateful for any help Ive got: - Descent Base - Lair of the Wyrm - Labirynth of Ruin - The Trollfens - Manor of Ravens Thank you! @Edit Sorry for being a dummy. I just found pictures on BGG of unpunched tiles from the brackets. I guess EOT >.<
  5. I own an english version of the base game and Forbidden Alchemy exp for MoMs first edition and I'd love to acquire the Call of Wild expansion also in english for my 2nd edition MoM to mix it in for the additional content, but since Im from Poland, theres only Polish versions of the expansion available. Meh T^T
  6. Kessadir


    Grudunza said: I already made one for personal use, but typically FFG won't let you share them publically, without some restriction (cards without text, etc.). Tell you what... If you ask FFG about that and get a response, let me know and I'll share my module if able. It works great. Is there a possibility that we can somehow contact about the module that you have made? I've actually sent you a friend request with the message, since I couldnt find the private message option.
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