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  1. Probably, they used a sh*tty engine (Unity). It is worse for mobile. Even though it's just 2D images, it burns battery very quickly.
  2. I would like to see: - Random dungeon generator (skirmish mode, something like the coop print-on-demand expansions) (willing to pay for this); - More work with the sounds: voiceover for flavor texts, dynamic music, more varied ambient sounds; - Option to increase text size. I cast the app to my TV, but it is far away from the game table and text is hard to read. - More campaigns of course! (willing to pay for this); - Integrate tiles (and other stuff) from expansions to all quests, not only a few side quests. - Even more flavor: longer description of interactable objects and quest start/end story; also more interactable objects and more travel events... anything to bring that RPG / exploration feeling to the game. - Something to enable playing printed campaigns (from the base game and expansions) cooperatively with RTL (willing to pay for this). General feedback: This app was a game changer for me. My group didn't really like Descent very much, so we kinda forgot it and moved on. Recently we tried the app and are loving it. Particularly the fact that the scenario is revealed as you explore it. Adds a sense of fear / expectation that wasn't there with an overlord player. Also, we can play together This app made me order every expansion and monster/hero pack available so far. Also bought the coop PoDs and really liked them as well. Anyway, I hope FFG will devote more time on developing the app, expanding it with the features mentioned above and in other posts. Thanks FFG!!
  3. Making a long story short, I have the following situation: my players suspected Niklas from the beginning, and have been taking the stones they found to Ubersreik (taking the rain with them). Now on the latest session, they killed Niklas after his failed attempt to steal the stones, and the players now have all the stones on Ubersreik. One of the players is a priest of Verena, and they hope the priests at the temple can help with finding more info about the stones (what they are for, what's on the marked spot...). Right now my players are in Ubersreik. So the "grand finale" on the TGS book never happened, and technically the campaign ended, but I noticed they are still expecting a conclusion to this campaign. So I ask you, what do I do? I thought about mixing in another one-shot adventure, replacing that adventure's location with the Nexus location (the bend on River Tranig). I have most 2e and all 3e books, so, anyone suggest an adventure to integrate with this? Or any other ideas? PS. Might be relevant or not, but I suspect they are still going to investigate the "haunted tower", the elven tower where the stones originally laid (I said lightning still strikes the place continually, even though they found all the stones).
  4. I agree… come on FFG! One dice pack isn't nearly enough for my 7 playeres group. BTW, I ordered some blank dice from "The Dice Shop Online", I'll try creating some custom fortune/misfortune dice. Not the ideal solution but it's a start…
  5. asri said: Hmm, that was about 4 months ago…
  6. Interesting. Suggesting minor changes to their bodies or behaviour as they accrue corruption (before mutating) seems a good idea to describe how it is manifesting on their characters. That will give a warning of what's going on and still remain in-character.
  7. Ok, when you fail a corruption check, you get some corruption tokens. The player gets to know that. But my question is, do the characters know they just gained one (or more) corruption point? How should that be roleplayed? And if the player knows his characters is about to gain a mutation, just needs one corruption point… does the character also feels he's about to be changed by the Ruinous Powers? Should it be considered metagaming if the wizard starts behaving too conservative (e.g. stops casting spells) because the player knows his character is about to draw a mutation?
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