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  1. After a dozen playthroughs, I’ve found this to be a fantastic game. Just wondering if anyone bought more than one copy so they could play two heroes with the same aspect, or if it is even worth it.
  2. If you or people you interact with smoke cigarettes you’re at a greater risk of cancer already, whether you own a playmat or not.
  3. Just curious how people play with the app. After you finish a campaign, do you keep your stuff (ie characters, skills, upgrades) and just keep going on the next one or do you start completely over?
  4. My son and i play the app. Our go-to team is Diala, Gharkaan, Jyn, and Biv. And Diala starts with her lightsaber because Star Wars.
  5. Just be glad you got one. Louisville is as close as it comes to the southeast. And don’t get me started on how these are being held during blizzard season.
  6. Here’s the problem, in a nutshell: when a Legion box comes out, most people buy as few as 2 to as many as 6 copies of it. So they are selling up to 6 times the amount of product per player and don’t even have to assemble it to get people to buy. I love the campaign mode and would continue to buy this game if it was still being made. But I understand why they opted for hobby elitists as their customers over casual guy who doesn’t want to blow his gaming budget on tedious model building/painting.
  7. Well, after almost a month I did go all in.... except for Stewards. Can’t find it anywhere.
  8. Late to the party here but I have to say abandoning your own IP in favor of producing games with third party licenses is about dumb as it gets. When those licenses are canceled, there goes your customer base. It’s fine to slow down what you’re doing as you pick up more license options, but stopping completely is pure foolishness.
  9. This is the only pack I can’t find for sale anywhere. Anyone know why that is? I’m completely new to this game.
  10. Ah that makes sense. Yeah they have limited production resources and the demand is growing constantly. For the record, I didn’t realize we were arguing. 🙂
  11. Except IA doesn’t really compete with Legion. I own both. Legion alienates players right out of the gate if they can’t or won’t take the time to assemble the models. I’m about as novice as they come when it comes to assembling let alone painting and I know plenty of people who love Star Wars and love Star Wars games but won’t even look at Legion because of the elitist constraints. Who wants to be snubbed and mocked for not having hobby painting skills? No one I know.
  12. I’m not a completionist. I don’t buy things for games that just sit on the shelf unused. At least I try not to.
  13. Thanks. Didn’t get Bonds, but I’ll keep an eye out for it. I started with the app because it’s easy to play by myself or with my kids at the kitchen table, but might try Overlord with my gaming group if they are interested. It’s not something my kids will do since they just want to use the tablet to play with their old man lol. How good is Guardians of Deephall? It’s one I’m looking at but haven’t bought yet.
  14. So I’m coming in at what looks like the tail end of this game’s life - which is ok, I’m still enjoying it - and not sure what to buy next. I bought the items for the app, which means Labryinth and Lair and Shadows, and then a few packs that boosted my hero base. Anything that is just a must have for this game? Thanks in advance.
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