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  1. I stand corrected... never thought it was an X.
  2. That won't work, he will be discarded after the first heal. What is possible is to get read of the location before the second quest.
  3. Well, nowhere it is sais that you discard character that are destroyed... you move it to your discard pile, yes. To be more precise, they are defeated So no, don't invent rules that doesn't exist, and stick to the formal language defined by the game as close as possible.
  4. No, Heroes cannot be put into your hand.
  5. Talking about that, I answered someone about the Dale and Esgaroth trait, but I only did it from old memories... someone here could help me. What's the diference between Esgaroth and Dale, seems to me that Dale was an ancient kingdom and have been destroyed by Smaug, then brought back after its death, and during the time, Dale was just a region of Esgaroth. Is that right? Also, we got Harad and the Outlands, so why not Dale... From our french forum, someone analysed the Heros and come up with three trait that would be cool if they got expanded: Esagorth, Dale and Beorning. The author of the post excluded Corsair, Steward and Isengard from being developped further.
  6. As far as I can remember, we had a question somewhat similar (but not the same) where Carahadras (I think?) was a shadow card while moving to the quest that make it the active location. The answer was that you should look at the shadow card one by one to find it. (the quest didn't say to limit to encounter deck and discard pile)
  7. Well, if I remember correctly, you get quest 3A that remove all your resources, so stockpilling isn't doing any good.
  8. I remembered seeing that in my faq: Q: Regarding the hidden cards mechanics of Blood for Gondor, does the enemy is considered revealed when turned face up? Will Faramir prevent the enemy from being revealed and/or engaged when using his ability? A: In The Blood of Gondor, enemies that are turned face-up are not "revealed." If a player uses the Faramir objective-ally to turn a hidden card face-up and it turns out to be an enemy, Faramir will deal 3 damages to that enemy before it is considered to be engaged. If the enemy is destroyed by that effect, then it never engages. http://sdajce.forumactif.org/t2616-question-le-sang-du-gondor-carte-cachee-et-engagement-au-combat-reponse-officielle#43390 (French)
  9. It shouldn't have any effect. First enemy is the only one who should be eligible, and he cannot.
  10. Q: Here, we have a Cave Entrance in the staging area, and we have played Silvan Refugee and Saruman, targeting the Cave Entrance. The end of the turn arrives, and Saruman leaves play. We are now dealing with a Forced effect from Silvan Refugee that trigger on Saruman leaving play, and a Forced effect from Cave Entrance that trigger on end of turn but could not have been resolved before Saruman left play. What is the right order of resolving this? A: At the end of the round, you discard Saruman. That immediately triggers the Forced effect on Silvan Refugee, discarding it from play. Now it is still the end of the round when Cave Entrance is considered to be in play again, so you would need to trigger its ability before beginning the next round. http://sdajce.forumactif.org/t2254p15-question-effets-en-fin-de-tour-saroumane-entree-de-la-caverne-refugie-sylvain-reponse-officielle(French)
  11. That's weird... when checking for forced effect at "end of the round" we can have one that add another forced effect at the end of the round (Saruman ally) and we must resolve it because it is "still" the end of the round... Here, we are still at the begining of the round and I don't see why it should be otherwise. One possible answer would be that there is something between 1F and 2F I don't know of because I don't have the cards.
  12. His doc clearly says that The Door Is Closed is bad worded and get a different treatment, and it's perfectly logical too, so the doc is still good.
  13. Too long, didn't read. But I have seen some keyword that I came across when studying game design. I would like to share the result of this research here for those who want to read more. Here's the references: Timmy, Johnny and Spike: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/making-magic/timmy-johnny-and-spike-2013-12-03 Vorthos, Melvin: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/making-magic/vorthos-and-mel-2015-08-31 Bartles' Taxonomy : http://mud.co.uk/richard/hcds.htm Octalysis : http://yukaichou.com/gamification-examples/octalysis-complete-gamification-framework/ The last one is what I consider the most advanced and is now my reference.
  14. In my opinion, he doesn't need an errata yet... As NathanH said, everything that generate something from other thing without any limit could potentially lead one day to a loop. Warden of Healing as the same problem and seems the stronger card now, but don't forget we got Dunedain Remedy (and I'm also considering Vigilant Guard).. we're quite close to a missing card that could broke everything. (Rest in peace, Blue Mountain Trader, it could have been you...)
  15. The nastiest I can think of is "limit: 6 (or whatever) damages healed per phase". That way you can steal keep heal a tons of damage each turn with a lot of ressources, but no more loop possible.
  16. I'm in favour of a limit on warden of healing more than on Gloin on this one. I don't find this ridicilous and "immortal" since you can easily get wrecked by shadow effect that could discard ally/character/attachement or boost attack enough to oneshot Gloin.
  17. Glorfindel Lore Hero would be discarded if he heal Wilyador.
  18. The meaningfull word, here, should be "After", and no presence of the word "cancel" who is the only one that can backtrack time.
  19. My train of thought was : Keyword are shortcut for text. Doom X is a shortcut for "when revealed, each player raise their threat by X" The card is revealed just once, so it doesn't seems weird to me that Doom can be additive. Archery, Toughness, and all other works the same in my mind. If you can increased the X, then just increase the X, don't make two separate instance of the whole things. Let me find a more obvious example: cost. If you increased the cost of a card, you don't pay separatly (because reducing cost would mean nothing if you had to pay -1). So if, in the future, they release a card that reduce the doom of a card by 1, it would workds exactly the same.
  20. I always played doomed like archery and other numerical keyword : if more than one instance of the keyword is present, it should be treated as only one instance. I mean, if I use Grima to play Waters of Nimrodel, it should only be one instance of doom 4, not one doom 3 and one doom 1 for the same card, it seems wrong to me, like ennemies having +1 atk meaning they do an additional attack at 1 atk...
  21. If you could, that mean you could attach anything to... anything. I mean, if you can ignore the "attach burning brand to a lore character", then why not attach it to a leadership attachment? With this, you can easily conclude it doesn't bypass the "attach to" but can bypass "play only if..."
  22. Or you could play Don't be Hasty after readying merry with fast hitch and when revealing a second enemy.
  23. I recommend reading this article. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/223439-a-brief-history-of-resource-acceleration-in-lotr-lcg/ The conclusion is that SoG will be toned down with a lot of choice for ressource generation. And even if SoG IS the best card, having to find it first isn't reliable enough, so it's just like a very good draw, but you can eventually play well without ever drawing it. Each time I see the preview for the new cards, I see Unexpected Courage / readying effect suffer the same fate, and same for Burning Brand / shadow management.
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