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  1. I am a Dust Tactics player that plans to get into DW at some point. I have downloaded and read most of the PDF. The problem is that pdfs do not draw anyone else in. I recently had the paper copy of Dystopian Wars rule book arrive as my son (age 6) loves naval warfare and cool ships so I plan to play that with him once the models arrive and I test drive the rules a few times. He simply loves and book and wants to get the ships and play. When he sees the iPad he wants to play an iPad game, not look at some pdf. He generally likes the expansion books for DT. For introducing the game to friends, a real rule book is also more attractive in trying to build a community of gamers. Is it worth it to get the real books or just wait until I am actually playing warfare and decide from there? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I also just backed the $25 option-15 dice per faction for a total of 45 dice.
  3. Thanks Dakkon, that is pretty much what I figured but I thought it was worth putting the request out there. Busy time at work right now, next month should be more sane and I hope to get on the laser cutter there. Any resources I create, I will post/share somewhere. Take care and have a great day.
  4. I am planning to play some levels of he Zverograd campaign in a few weeks with a friend. This will be the first time we play with buildings (I soloed a 300 point game with a 3 story building to night to test it out) and wonder if a 2 story building will "break" any of the campaign levels. I want to try out more than 1 level but not if it gives one side a definite advantage, ie more people in house, reduced range for attackers. Maybe I just answered my own question. Any opinions? Take care and have a great day.
  5. Death Dealers: my wife painted these except for the fine details that I finished off such as the goggles. We kept the base green of the model. Rear picture
  6. Sturmpioniere, I painted in blue. I am thinking of gong back and changing the "eyes" to red instead of German yellow. I like the red on the Laser Grenadiers and have also painted the Heavy Laser's eye's red (WIP, hopefully coming up in a few weeks: dark grey and gold with big brass laser). The rear: Close up of 3 guys.
  7. Well my 6 year old son has decided to get in the painting game as well. Months ago I bought him some cheap army toys for him to paint and a few weeks ago he wanted to paint real Dust Tactics guys. Well I wasn't going to let him anywhere near my guys but after checking with my wife we decided to let him buy some with his money if he wanted to. He is a good saver and rarely has reason/opportunity to buy things so I got him a couple of squads online for only $7. Here are his version of the Laser Grenadiers. I tried to get him to wash but he was happy how they are. I'm not a father that pushes to hard. After a couple of suggestions, I let him do whatever he wanted so he enjoy his painting. Here are his Battle Grenadiers. The seller also threw in an extra guy so he has a squad of 7. He was so excited by this. The only painting I did to help was the iron cross on the shoulder pad. He has also painted up a Laventiy Beria and an Airblaster and I need to take photos of that.
  8. Well its been a while but here are a few more units. Laser Grenadiers: uniform is German Uniform and I think it turned out well. I need to use this color for some other squads as well. I have decided for "special" weapons to follow a certain color scheme. Lasers will use Vallejo's flourescent green for tubing, and effects and brass for parts of the weapon. I plan to use flourescent blue for phasers and another color for tesla weapons: orange or maybe pink? I did a flourescent green "wash" to for the backpacks to show the "energy glow" of the lasers, thanks to the VK.
  9. @El_Capitan My son also likes to be on my team so we play together against the computer. We both control our team and the other team. At key moments the "computer" may make some dumb decisions so we can attack instead of being wiped out. He knows all the rules and helps out when friends come over to play, especially when they are new to the game. One piece of "parent talk" that I got from a friend who wrote a parenting book: ask you kids at the beginning of the game "do you want to win or do you want to play for real/follow the rules". This is great for us because it gets the anxiety and unknowing out of the equation of how the child is going to react to things. On the painting side, he has been saving his allowance for quite a while and has decided to buy some squads and even the SSU tank and attack helicopter so he could paint them. Mine are still sitting in boxes as I don't have enough SSU yet to field an army (on the way from Book Depository). He has painted up 2 squads, the tank and yesterday morning the helicopter. Enjoy the gaming
  10. I am not sure of the scale but Zombicide 2 is coming out with both Zombie dogs and "survivor" dogs. The zombie dogs could be useful for axis.
  11. Hi guys, I normally play DT and I have been reading the DW rulebook. I am interested in making some terrain for when I move to DW and to liven up my DT games. I work at a school and have access to a laser cutter, although I have absolutely no experience. I want to make some nice tokens as well as make some terrain such as ruined buildings. Does anyone know of any sites, forums that have open source or shared laser cutter files/guides. My seaches have generally turned up online stores. Take care and have a great day.
  12. Thanks Loophole Master. - - - extra space so I could post a thank you =)
  13. Thanks to all for the feedback. I was going to differentiate but as more and more units come out I don't want to "use up" all the different "cool" color combinations. I have the repeated squads the same and do something slight to tell them apart, number on the bottom of the base or something else: maybe a marking on their shoulder pads? That could be cool: blue squad, red squad? If anyone else has any ideas please share. Thank you. Take care and have a great day.
  14. Does the spotter ability work with close combat? It doesn't really "make sense" for a knife attack, perhaps a grenade though… We played last night and decided that it did not. Sorry if this question has been asked before. I tried searching the forums but no searches worked for me. Take care and have a great day.
  15. I have repeats of some squads: 2 Sturmpionere's, 2 Death Dealers, 2 Battle Grenediers, 2 Laser Grenediers, 4 Allied Snipers/Spotters and I would like some advice on how to paint them: same pattern or differentiate. I have been inspired by Loophole Master's very recognizable units and have been doing the same: either modifying his paint schemes or coming up with my own. I plan to buy every unit in the game and where I can get deals or because I really want more than 1 particular unit I will get repeats. I have thematic items I want to keep: lasers have florenscent green where appropriate on weapons/tubing, phasers will have florenscent blue, etc. Question for advice: Since I will be getting so many units, is it "better" for my sanity, of keeping track of units during play and in boxes, to have repeated squads being the same/similar (perhaps different helmut colour or some other highlight) or feel free to paint each squad completely differently? ie. I have one Sturmpionere in a nice dark blue and was planning on doing a different one in more of a tan or a grey. Take care and have a great day.
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