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  1. Can I pull a monster which is already engaged with a another player? or the monster will stay engaged with the player until death? I know we can with a card, return the monster to the staging area, feint, etc.
  2. thank you, so yes I can use an event just before the plannig
  3. I'm wondering if before the planning phase we can play the Event cards, after that, during the planning phase, we can play Ally and Attachment. One thing is sure, Ally & Attachment is ONLY during the planning phase but I'm still confused about the event cards.. thanks
  4. make sense ? ''If the Lorien Guide is killed, I'm fairly certain you keep the progress token it placed on the active location (as it is a Response to going on the quest) but lose it's Willpower for the final resolution of the questing phase''
  5. ok so during the quest phase, I commit my characteres, including Thalin. I got from the encounter deck the Dol Guldur Orc (when Reveled) and Eastern Crows. Does it mean that only the Dol Guldur Orc will received 1 damage before he stand in the staging area or both cards? So if its both cards, the Eastern Crows will die before they Surge effect, and the Orc will have 2 hit point instead of 3, right?
  6. Does Thalin hero ability which is deal 1 damage to each enemy etc. is applicable to all monsters, including those in the staging area? Althought, if during the quest phase, I commited by exemple 4 characteres including Lorien Guide, if I got a treachery card that I can't cancel and I received X damage and Lorien Guide is killed, does I need to remove my progress on the active location and my 1 spirit contribution to the total during the quest phase? Same question for Northern Tracker about the progress token in the staging area. thanks
  7. I have Forsaken Lore expansion, which is good, and as you know, MoM and Strange Remnants has been released. I'm wondering if the new expansions are worth or not... I heard that MoM have a powerful (too) investigators, new rules, ancient etc. Strange Remnants have new cards, ancient. I think I'll buy only the small expansions and skip the big one like the Under the Pyramid, MoM... What do you think?
  8. I'll get the Reaper, Sacred Pool and Frostmarch, three lil expansion will be good for a while. Alright thx for your help ! ciao
  9. Hi, I want to buy the 4th edition with ''some'' expansions, not ALL... I know Fantasy Flight Games, they make a lot of expansions for their games (Arkham Horror, Lord Of The Rings, X-Wing etc) and maybe too much expansions... I know Talisman, its a great game but if I have 2 or 3 ''essential'' expansions to buy with the game, which one you could suggest to me? This question has been asked a couple of billions of time, I'm sure thanks for you great help
  10. Alright that's clear now, thank you vey much for your help.
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