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  1. Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    I probably should have said 'the use of the Message to facilitate that' rather than 'do that': I understand how the combo works, it's very neat! I really like seeing how people use cards in ways I couldn't fathom to achieve really jaw-dropping levels of willpower.
  2. Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    Wow. That was quite amazing. Moving all the Ethir Swordsman over is quite a neat trick, and I like the use of the Message to do that. Very cool.
  3. Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    Absolutely! The locations I think are the worst part of the quest if you can't keep them limited in number, and the more players you have the harder this is to do. None of the enemies really hit that hard, and the worst treacheries focus on ally-hate, but the locations are really awful.
  4. Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    For those interested, I finally put the two decks into RingsDB in a fellowship. The fellowship is here: The decks are: Apologies for not putting full lists up. Will try to soon! Any thoughts are most welcome!
  5. Thanks @GrandSpleen, that's what I thought! I'm pretty sure it is a passive effect, since this was one of the rules queries about The Thing in the Deep with placing the progress on the location to clear Stage 1. It does make the first stage have an element of timing. Also means that I legitimately (I hope) beat the quest! Phew!
  6. Now that I've beaten DCG, I have a question about the end of quest Stage 1. The card reads: Forced: After any number of characters are rescued, reveal an encounter card. This stage cannot be defeated while a guarded objective is in play. The quest card also needs 10 quest points. Now, usually I am completing this stage by freeing the last captured ally, since it's easier to get the quest points on before then getting the extra reveals. My question is basically do I reveal an encounter card when rescuing the last captured ally if that also triggers completing the quest stage? I think that completing the quest stage is a passive effect requiring certain actions be achieved (in this case progress and rescues). These come before Forced effects, and so I don't think that the last freed character does trigger the effect, since the moment the card is freed I immediately progress to Stage 2A before triggering Forced effects, and since that text is no longer in play it cannot trigger anyway. The other reason is from a broader design POV: Stage 2A adds one card per player anyway. Am I playing this right? Thanks in advance!
  7. Wrong forum

    Wrong forum...
  8. Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    Finally beat it! Had a long stage 1 and a single Test of Will saved my bacon when the treachery that forced allies to become captured was blocked, but finally I got board control via a lucky Very Long Tale getting out crucial high willpower allies. Then just as I hit stage 2 I finally got out Thror's Map, and locations became no problem. Got held up a little with enemy encounters in stage 2, but stage 3 took 1 turn. Even losing two heroes on that last stage wasn't a problem. Got a lot of love out of Damrod and Anborn recycling Entangling Nets to get card draw after chopping down weakened enemies! A tough nut, but it seems like solid location control is important. Some of the 'in staging area' effects are awful!
  9. Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    I wondered about this in particular. I think that I hamstring myself in a couple of ways with the decks that I'm using, since neither can really reduce threat regularly (in fact only one deck can do so at all) and that they rely on allies a fair bit. The first deck does use the old Denethor tank, and that works pretty well. In solo play the first stage would be much easier to handle, since another tricky aspect is that you can easily in multiplayer have a string of treacheries that add up threat and/or surge alongside a collection of inhibiting locations. I should perhaps bring more location control, but the decks are nicely thematic at the moment The problem I have at the moment is that I'm so behind on things that I'm testing decks against these new scenarios, and that isn't always the best idea! Thanks for the ideas though! I need to do some thinking - and I'll try to get the decklists online soon, although they are, I think, fairly generic. I *am* liking Tactics Imrahil a lot!
  10. I was wondering how people were getting on with this quest (I'm playing catchup a little)? It's rated DL 8, and I've been using it to test a pair of Gondor decks based on Ld Denethor, Ld Boromir and T Imrahil paired with Ld Faramir, Sp Eowyn and Damrod. It's proving quite challenging. What I find tough about the quest (apart from my inability to draw either Thror's Map or A Test of Will successfully) is that the treacheries and locations jointly attack allies, threat, and actions in a variety of ways. I've made it to the 3rd stage a few times and generally get overwhelmed by enemies in the last phases because (inevitably) I'll be hit by one too many treacheries that discard allies or threat me out. How are people coping with this quest in 2 players? It also has a pretty consistent addition of extra reveals each round (first phase it's at least 3 extra reveals for the rescues; second phase it's one per round; third phase it's a new enemy per round), and the locations are all featuring nasty travel effects bar the Cell. It is kicking me hard! It's also an odd quest because many standard defender allies are useless in it, since their willpower is too low and so they either can't defend or die when doing so. I've found the new Defender of Cair Andros to be pretty handy, since his willpower is effectively 2 once you have the willpower boosts going. I'll try to put the current versions of the decks into RingsDB and post them up, but perhaps I'm just attempting this quest with the wrong decks? Or is it really a proper DL 8?
  11. Rhovanion Heroes

    Nice to finally see some support for attachment focused decks. It's making me look at the existing Dale cards with a bit more interest. I also like that both of these characters support playing attachments on allies as much as heroes. I've been enjoying recently using attachments on strong allies (Jubayr etc.) and it's really cool. I just hope that they don't design the scenarios a little too carefully to negate the new strategy being offered...
  12. Secrey without ally flood?

    I built this deck a while back to pair with another, and it's main aim is to be a low-ally secrecy deck that uses Strider for that effect. It has a few attachments that are meant to go across to a paired deck, but overall it's quite solid (and provides utility for other decks with some of the side quests).
  13. FAQ 1.9 Released

    Since the FAQs seem to come less than once a year, I think the fears of many heroes being errata'd are a little over-stated. It took them *many* years to actually get around to doing something to Boromir or Caldara: by all means I think it's fair to criticise how they errata'd them, but I really doubt that another tranche of erratas are coming down the pipe that soon (rightly or wrongly). I feel like I should add that since I don't tend to use these heroes at all, I am much less affected by the errata, and I concede quite happily the points made by others about Caldara and Hama in particular - they seem a little clumsy. Boromir, on the other hand, seems much less bad, at least in relation to the source material. He wasn't *that* epic in the books...and perhaps it's about time Faramir started to look better in comparison On the quality of the boxes etc., doesn't this have something to do with Asmodee buying FFG? There was definitely a price hike after Asmodee came along, and since Asmodee owns *many* board game companies they are getting close to a monopoly they seem to be acting with a bit more disregard for overall quality etc. I wouldn't really put the designers of LOTR in the firing line for those kinds of decisions, although I was disappointed more generally to see FFG get absorbed by Asmodee.
  14. FAQ 1.9 Released

    That's true. I do wonder if the drive to limit the cards in the way that they did wasn't to get them to roughly the same level of power as similar card types (so We Are Not Idle now functions like many other resource generators, and so recycling it is less bad, whereas even a single good use of the old We Are Not Idle could net 10+ resources). I think Hama is the most poorly handled, but I'm surprised that Caldara wasn't once per game in the first place. Plus ça change...some new broken combo will no doubt be discovered!
  15. Bolg and Quick Ears

    Ah, good call. Yeah, I think that works. The additional therefore is just to clarify that you have cancelled the encounter card revealed but still have to reveal one to replace it as a separate reveal. I think that helps a lot with the situations described above.