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  1. What tree doesn't like a hauberk? 🤔
  2. Only 3 resources, since the attachment cost is reduced. So good.
  3. Absolutely. I think it's going to be one of the most versatile cards in the box. Beregond will like it, and it will any good sentinel warrior. Plus, it ain't restricted. Very exciting.
  4. monkeyrama

    Mono Tactics Spotlight

    For me it's also when the heroes are unusual, or ones I don't use much myself. I have a fastred with leadership faramir deck that might interest you both i also like decks that bring fun or unusual themes. A while back someone, sorry I forget who, posted a deck that used loads of pipes, and I really liked that one! And anything that pushes encounter deck manipulation.
  5. Even allowing for this, Firyal is one of the best allies in the game. In single player she dominates the encounter deck.
  6. monkeyrama

    The One Deck

    Given the win-rate of the encounter deck on quests like Nightmare Escape, and more generally against many players in many quests, perhaps Sauron is in fact the best player... 🤔
  7. monkeyrama

    Organizing cards

    I store all my scenario cards in cardboard boxes designed for trading cards, and do it roughly by cycle chronologically, since it would be a pain to reorganise them into, eg, sagas vs standard cycles. My player cards are all stored in one of these boxes: http://oplaser.co.uk/shop/lotr-vertical-storage.html It's a little pricey but it's very nice as a way to store the cards. I have everything so far, and it *just* fits, so I may need to get an additional box. It also comes with nice dividers to help separate out card types. I store by sphere, with dividers separating heros, allies, attachments, events, and cards currently partly used in decks (i.e. extra copies of a card that is 1x in a deck). Heroes are arranged by threat and, where possible, by trait, and allies etc. are arranged by trait and then by cost. For events that's impossible, so I have an insane system in my head for what goes where. I also have a final column of storage for secrecy, doomed, valour, neutral, and songs, so that I can quickly find those cards.
  8. monkeyrama

    Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    All done! Finally found time to play Mount Doom after rebuilding the decks a bit for the unique challenge. Heroes stayed the same but a load of readying effects came in. My favourite addition was the 5 cost neutral readying event The Free People (IRRC) which twice gave me big rounds, once on the last questing phase. Leadership Eomer came through really well but the big star was TaEowyn, who was singlehandedly questing and fortituding by the end. In the last round Glorfindel got hit with the treachery that stops the hero contributing to Fortitude tests, so my last test only had 10 willpower against 8 card reveals. So tense! Came through with 10 willpower to 9 eyes! Such a great scenario! Well, that took years. Now what? :/
  9. monkeyrama

    Thinking about playing this

    It's a funny game, because if you play with certain decks that use a lot of doomed cards then it is really close to 'too easy', but if you play thematic decks, or decks that don't use the most powerful versions of every card type, the game has a nice level of challenge. The 'too easy' comments do stem from the intent to build decks that crush (Seastan's ability to break the game is really quite amazing), but most decks can't hit that level. It is hella hard when you first start. The advantage, to my mind, is that this gives you something to work towards. I am by no means a great player, but I've managed to get to the point where I feel confident I can at least challenge even very hard quests with a bit of thinking. @Bradders77, one thing to know is that the early quests in the game tend to front-load the difficulty. This means that once you clear the opening stages not that many quests can really push you. The designers have got much better in recent cycles at keeping quests consistently challenging, and challenging at the level the designers intended, so very hard quests start and finish hard, and easier quests are similarly well-designed. One challenge of getting into the game is that the early quests are not as good as the recent ones in terms of design, but some key player cards are in the early boxes and expansions. Following guides (like Beorn's or any good buying guide) can allow you to strategically purchase the packs that give the best/most useful player cards and also the better quests. I love this game, and have played since it was first released, but some quests are just bad, especially early on. I am *very* impressed by recent cycles.
  10. monkeyrama

    Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    Whoo! Managed to last 7 rounds last night. I didn't alter the decks at all, but wanted one last go at it before tweaking. Think I'll go with this result for the next scenario, since I also killed both Nazgul burdens and got Gwaihir out in the last round. I managed to quest successfully twice (rounds 1 and 3), in the latter case thanks to a timely Palantir boon usage dropping the reveals down to 3 in total. Also had some timely help from various tricks (one use of Doom Hangs Still and a Fierce Defence in round 6 helping to clear two Nazgul in one round!). It seems to me that location trickery is pretty important, because it helped me to hold together with questing through Beleaguered Hills remaining the active location for two rounds while I had a Winged Wraith and a Nazgul engaged, dropping the staging area threat by 7 and then 8 in total. Finally threated out in round 7. I guess I could go again, but it worked out quite well, and I'm keen to finish the campaign off. I still have *all* my one-use boons left, so this final scenario can be a splurge of boonage. On to Mount Doom!
  11. monkeyrama

    Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    Yeah, Eomund could be a useful alternative. I was using Hama recycling as a defense mechanism, since he can defend twice at 5, or even 6 if Arwen ally is in play, and then pop back out if necessary when recycled with Gamling or Guthwine. The tricky bit is that Hama was often destroyed, not discarded, so Gamling couldn't come into play. Thank you for the decklist. I like the idea of using Elven Light with heroes who discard cards, and this may make me add in Protector of Lorien from the other deck to provide variable boosts using cards like Elven Light. The decks I use start at 9 and 6 willpower respectively (perhaps 7 if I use Eomer to quest/attack round 1), so can hit 15 or 16 total, up against a standard 6 threat in turn one (Mouth of Sauron, 2 x Winged Nazgul, Black Gate) plus whatever pops out (2 reveals averages something like 5/6?) and whatever I chose to reveal in the first quest card. So I *could* succeed by 3 or 4, but it didn't happen last time (Nazgul reveal first round kinda hurt) and I like to hold back Eomer in order to kill off one Winged Wraith in the first round - keen to have one fewer in Mount Doom. Much to think on. Thanks for the thoughts!
  12. monkeyrama

    Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    Agreed, I think it's at least 2 too few. These decks can quest like **** if necessary, but that takes some restructuring, so I'm confident that Mount Doom can be done in 7 or 8 turns, but I need to do better on Black Gate (that, and I only killed one Winged Nazgul and Gwaihir was a shadow card...). I'm going to give it a few more shots, partly to see if it was only a bad draw (I scooped one opening turn, but otherwise this was my first attempt). Low threat is obviously not possible, but I think that I may need to rethink one character (I've had a rotation spot in one deck since the start, ever since Haldir was sacrificed against the Balrog), and I'm thinking of subbing in Beregond (sp). Having a decent defender with sentinel would really help. I was trying to make a Hama ally recycling work, but I couldn't keep it up. Do people tend to find that they can quest successfully in turn one? Ever thereafter? I've found Ld Eomer to be quite good, and I wasn't expecting it, to be honest. He can really help out in quests that add enemies before staging, or when they get returned to the staging area.
  13. monkeyrama

    Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    Finally took this scenario on tonight with slightly tweaked campaign decks. Made it to 5 counters before threating out. I had pretty bad luck with draws (mine and encounter) so that no combo piece came out and the encounter deck spewed nazgul or pillars in the first two rounds. Seriously hard quest, but I think the problem I have is that my campaign decks have never had a single defender. I've always fudged that aspect, and it's not working now! It seems that combat really is king here. Is a solid defender a key part of surviving? I think maybe a little more doomed would help. Im using leadership eomer, but not seein enough benefit from his ability. Hmm.
  14. monkeyrama

    Win %

    I also tend to play thematic over power decks, and have a fondness for weaker themes (traps, e.g.).
  15. monkeyrama

    Win %

    I think being realistic I'm about 33%. I have a similar situation to dalestephenson in that I tend to play a quest until I beat it and then move on, partly because of limited playing time. And I usually beat quests on or around the 3rd attempt. I also don't play decks much after I've got them refined, since I want to try out more cards. If I ran my good decks against more scenarios I might have a higher %, but I'm happy at 33%. I've had some pretty memorable losses, but way more boring wins. So I'm all for a fun loss over steamrolling quests. Do we count The Black Gate Opens in these stats, since you can't win...?