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  1. For Elladan and Elrohir, would Thorongil double their stat bonus? If so, it's certainly worth the cost to add the abilities and sphere.
  2. True, but really Asfaloth is not as amazing as it once was. Location control has so many options these days. Reforged is just generally an exciting card to see for all kinds of uses. The Great Hunt seems to be a useful corner case card for some saga quests, where you may well want to discard enemies you are avoiding (any and all mumaks...). A nice addition to mono-Lore encounter control decks, I think. Gwaihir's Debt is also a nice addition to Eagles decks. Now that Radagast can help play them this is a form of draw to complement The Eagles are Coming! I'm way behind on playing at the moment (still struggling through Roam Across Rhovanion) but this is making me think I need to get a move on!
  3. Also, keep it up! I think I took about 4 tries when I first took on this quest, with decks I'd run through the whole campaign. I rejigged quite a bit to fit in more direct damage effects to take off those resource tokens. It's a tough old fight, as befits Ungoliant's spawn!
  4. It only works in campaign style play (or with the new Sting card, I suppose), but I tried using a buffed frodo with the Sting boon to add damage each time he defended. Even a single point knocks a resource off! Plus with readying Frodo could take several attacks per round. The resource to cancel damage effect must be a design to prevent power combat decks taking out Shelob in one hit and making the big boss fight not hard. There are *many* quests where the bosses don't have this bonus, and it's not too hard to power through in one turn (even Saruman in the saga is like that, if you play it right). It makes Shelob hard, but I always felt that it added to the feeling of desperation in the quest.
  5. Excited about Radagast in this pack. Good to have a reason to revisit eagles and also to try a Radagast and his beasts deck with only him as a hero and many creatures. It may not be good, but it would be fun to have a pack of animals to run around with.
  6. Thank you! I knew I was making a mistake with that. I retract my earlier disagreement then.
  7. Maybe, but wouldn't reducing damage by 1 completely negate archery damage, which is assigned point by point? I think it has to be reduced to 1 to avoid breaking archery (unless, and this is likely, I'm misremembering how archery works).
  8. Glorfindel lore does have the Warrior trait though.
  9. Yeah, that's true. Although what you could do instead is to choose the order of activation so that you clear off enemies that are ready to be offed with Argalad, and choose your moments to activate him. I can't recall off the top of my head, but would Bilbo's willpower be reduced by Argalad's action is you activate Argalad after staging and before quest resolution? Actually, given the order of activation, Argalad need not affect Bilbo: 'A lasting effect created by a player card ability must be calculated at the time that the ability is triggered, and that effect is not recalculated if the game state changes.' So activate Bilbo's response when he quests, then later activate Argalad for the same enemy. The fact that Argalad has reduced the willpower later does not affect Bilbo's response, since they are both player card abilities, and therefore not recalculated. Does this logic hold?
  10. I'd have to play with Bilbo to really assess his ability in full, but I am increasingly finding that the threat cost of heroes is less important as the game develops. Back in the old days sub-30 threat total was important, but now a 9 threat hero seems like no biggie (and perhaps it's just that T-Eowyn has thrown the curve so much with her ability, which is *so good*). I can definitely see the advantages in Bilbo. I really want to try out a direct damage deck in which all the heroes deal damage each round (Thalin, Bilbo and Argalad - am I forgetting some other options...?). Good hobbit support here, and Sting looks very tempting for a guarded card.
  11. Ah, forgot that some cards are really quite limited in the core. Post-errata some of the really silly core cards are also much less potent, so I can see the point here. Fair enough. I do remember, way back in the mists of time, beating all the quests in the core with the pre-made, monosphere decks. Although Escape was hard, especially solo.
  12. Prior experience with deck-building and competitive games makes a huge difference with LOTR, and the core is tricky, but manageable or even easy if you know the tricks to the quests, but the 35 card decks are going to be a huge help right now because they are so much more consistent than 50 card decks. Added to that, the core has some of the best cards in the game, and I recall the early decks I built could be really quite punchy because of this. Going up to 50 cards makes it harder to get the key combos out, although this can be mitigated. What Rouxxor says is true also: the game is challenging depending on how you choose to play it. Escape from Dol Guldur solo with core set only is *hard*.
  13. Ramrod sounds like an awesome hero! That's a lovely autocorrect! Like a superhero.
  14. I find that it's a fairly useful sideboard card in Dale decks because you have so many allies who want item attachments, and particularly the spirit ally that does not exhaust to quest can be fairly handy with this to get rid of problematic locations in the staging area. It is quest specific, but can have its uses. It's not the best solution to locations, but it can complement other solutions. Certainly not a power card that finds its way into decks without specific reasons in mind.
  15. So happy to see flat flexible and good weapon attachment. A minimum of +1 attack in normal circumstances. So good.
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