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  1. monkeyrama

    The Fate of Wilderland

    Excited about Radagast in this pack. Good to have a reason to revisit eagles and also to try a Radagast and his beasts deck with only him as a hero and many creatures. It may not be good, but it would be fun to have a pack of animals to run around with.
  2. monkeyrama

    The Fate of Wilderland

    Thank you! I knew I was making a mistake with that. I retract my earlier disagreement then.
  3. monkeyrama

    The Fate of Wilderland

    Maybe, but wouldn't reducing damage by 1 completely negate archery damage, which is assigned point by point? I think it has to be reduced to 1 to avoid breaking archery (unless, and this is likely, I'm misremembering how archery works).
  4. monkeyrama

    Mount Gundabad

    Glorfindel lore does have the Warrior trait though.
  5. monkeyrama

    Mount Gundabad

    Yeah, that's true. Although what you could do instead is to choose the order of activation so that you clear off enemies that are ready to be offed with Argalad, and choose your moments to activate him. I can't recall off the top of my head, but would Bilbo's willpower be reduced by Argalad's action is you activate Argalad after staging and before quest resolution? Actually, given the order of activation, Argalad need not affect Bilbo: 'A lasting effect created by a player card ability must be calculated at the time that the ability is triggered, and that effect is not recalculated if the game state changes.' So activate Bilbo's response when he quests, then later activate Argalad for the same enemy. The fact that Argalad has reduced the willpower later does not affect Bilbo's response, since they are both player card abilities, and therefore not recalculated. Does this logic hold?
  6. monkeyrama

    Mount Gundabad

    I'd have to play with Bilbo to really assess his ability in full, but I am increasingly finding that the threat cost of heroes is less important as the game develops. Back in the old days sub-30 threat total was important, but now a 9 threat hero seems like no biggie (and perhaps it's just that T-Eowyn has thrown the curve so much with her ability, which is *so good*). I can definitely see the advantages in Bilbo. I really want to try out a direct damage deck in which all the heroes deal damage each round (Thalin, Bilbo and Argalad - am I forgetting some other options...?). Good hobbit support here, and Sting looks very tempting for a guarded card.
  7. Ah, forgot that some cards are really quite limited in the core. Post-errata some of the really silly core cards are also much less potent, so I can see the point here. Fair enough. I do remember, way back in the mists of time, beating all the quests in the core with the pre-made, monosphere decks. Although Escape was hard, especially solo.
  8. Prior experience with deck-building and competitive games makes a huge difference with LOTR, and the core is tricky, but manageable or even easy if you know the tricks to the quests, but the 35 card decks are going to be a huge help right now because they are so much more consistent than 50 card decks. Added to that, the core has some of the best cards in the game, and I recall the early decks I built could be really quite punchy because of this. Going up to 50 cards makes it harder to get the key combos out, although this can be mitigated. What Rouxxor says is true also: the game is challenging depending on how you choose to play it. Escape from Dol Guldur solo with core set only is *hard*.
  9. Ramrod sounds like an awesome hero! That's a lovely autocorrect! Like a superhero.
  10. monkeyrama

    Mariner's compass

    I find that it's a fairly useful sideboard card in Dale decks because you have so many allies who want item attachments, and particularly the spirit ally that does not exhaust to quest can be fairly handy with this to get rid of problematic locations in the staging area. It is quest specific, but can have its uses. It's not the best solution to locations, but it can complement other solutions. Certainly not a power card that finds its way into decks without specific reasons in mind.
  11. monkeyrama

    The Ghost of Framsburg

    So happy to see flat flexible and good weapon attachment. A minimum of +1 attack in normal circumstances. So good.
  12. monkeyrama

    Noob Questions about Galadriel

    I find that she's powerful because she is an exceptional glue card for many decks. She's great with Silvan and Rohan to get additional uses out of those allies, reduces threat, adds card draw, can add to questing with just one attachment. The ally questing effect is my favourite part of her abilities. One of the best utility heroes in the game. As to cards needing to be out for a hero or card to be powerful, the game has certainly built to the point that needing a single card to activate a deck is really no big deal anymore. There are so many ways to get cards out now that I barely blink an eye at needing a single card!
  13. monkeyrama

    Wilds of Rhovanion available now!

    I got mine in the UK about two weeks ago from Element Games (https://elementgames.co.uk/the-wilds-of-rhovanion-expansion-lord-of-the-rings-lcg) They still have 4 in stock. I can't speak for their delivery service, since I collect, but it is in the UK!
  14. monkeyrama

    Fire in the Night

    Elvenking looks like it might be the attachment to bring the Silvan trait together. Those allies are best the turn they enter, during my decks in the past always struggled if I ran out of events to bounce allies. Being able to return the cheaper ones at will is going to be very useful. Plus a new readying attachment. Looks to be a good pack. Thalion plus Thurindir is going to be nice.
  15. monkeyrama

    The Withered Heath preview

    Bit of an irony in a way that this is his problem, but I agree. For questing he'll be great, but unlike the other dale allies he probably won't tie down an area so much. Even 3 defence can be a bit flimsy sometimes.