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  1. Can I get an official answer please? A post on facebook was telling people to use Holocron on royal guard to give it blue abilities. I disagreed. The Royal Guard says "you cannot play blue abilities on this character" The Holocron says to "Switch this upgrade with a blue ability upgrade in your hands ignoring IT'S play restrictions. There are 2 sets of restrictions here. The character and the ability. What does the word "IT'S" refer to?
  2. You have the right to do what you want. If you are willing to pay 7.95 for a randomized pack of cards to try to complete a set you are crazy.
  3. I understand supply and demand. I understand some people may buy boosters and resell them on the secondary market. I also understand that a store may want to keep some in stock so they have them for customers. If that is the case then they could limit the quantity per customer. Price gouging is not the answer. My local store had packs for 2.99 at release. I bought a box to split with a friend. The next week, they were 4.99. I refuse to pay that price. They still had a lot of stock. Apparently people were spending that because now the store raised the price to 7.95! Who in their right mind would pay that for a randomized booster? I love the game. I don't love it that much... I would think FFG would have a problem with this. As someone who is trying to play the game this sucks. I would rather find an empty shelf.
  4. Zinger5656


    I disagree with your "proposals". Lasers are just fine. It is hard to understand your arguments when you do not type complete words or sentences.
  5. Chris, buy the Zverograd book. The 5, three player senarios are in it.
  6. I've said on here before I am a huge Portal fan. My army is Portal themed. So I had Dust Warfare Portal dice made Has anyone else had custom dice made? Dust dice are hard to come by in big quantities.
  7. Sorry for the late reply, I have not been on the forums in awhile… I found a Sigrid and Joe pack. Thanks for the offer!
  8. Maverickg said: As for platoon upgrades, it is not expressed in the rules that I have seen. To extend this question, what if you lose your command section? Can you change the "type of platoon" by replacing it with another type of command section. For example, in our campaign, I have Sturmgrenadiere Platoon, but I considered changing to a Blutkreuz Platoon if I lose my command section in a campaign game. At that point I re examine my platoon upgrade. I am going to leave the decision if this is allowable to the guy running the campaign unless we recieve clarification on it before that time. I would say it would be fine to replace a different command squad as long as the existing units in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4 positions are leagal units for that platoon. The guy running the campaign sounds like a cool dude! I wish he lived near me.
  9. Maverickg said: simpatikool said: HADES Axis Heavy Weapon Teams: How many suppression markers suppress them? Page 20 of the Hades campaign book says the "Basic Unit: 3 Heavy Storm Grenadiers" Page 47 of the Core rules states "Whenever a Soldier unit has more Suppression markers than it has miniatures left alive, it is retreating." Since it appears that all miniatures of the "basic unit" are alive until the unit takes 3 damage, then it would require 4 suppression markers to force this unit to retreat. If there is a better interpretation on this, I would like to hear it. Otherwise suppression would effect the unit as normal for a soldier unit. I dont know where I saw it, Zach maybe? But I believe they only count as one mode. So 2 Suppression can equal retreat.
  10. shadowz said: a full 5 man hellboy squad versus a full 5 man type 2 squad. the hell boys get 24 attack dice ( 5 per flame thrower, 3 per shotgun, 5 grenades) and the opponent only gets 2 dice for armor saves no cover. Thats only at 6 inch range however. Dont forget that distance can change what weapon lines can fire.
  11. I do not have anything to trade just looking to buy them. EBay is dried up! Please help! Send me a message or reply.
  12. I do not have anything to trade just looking to buy them. EBay is dried up! Please help! Send me a message or reply.
  13. I do not have anything to trade just looking to buy them. EBay is dried up! Please help! Send me a message or reply.
  14. I do not have anything to trade just looking to buy them. EBay is dried up! Please help! Send me a message or reply.
  15. While thematically it may be hard to grasp… Yes they can
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