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  1. Thanks you two for the replies. I remembered that you could not cast attack spells on yourself but I couldn't find the rule in the manual.
  2. Hey all! So I just finished my first game of Wiz-War and our group had two questions I am hoping the community can answer. 1st off is casting spells on yourself. Can you cast Adjacent, Line of Sight, and/or globals on yourself. Our question came up with "Mental Force". This is a global attack spell that forces the target to move 3+Energy squares based on the caster's choice of movement. Could a caster cast this on himself to gain additional movement on his turn? My second question is related to lightning bolt. If you target an opponent with lightning bolt and the bounce back passes through your square (say if you are standing between two wizards and want to hit both), do you also take damage? Thanks in advance! James
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