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  1. Ah nice, that shouldn't be a problem for pictures. Thanks a lot for the quick reply!
  2. Hello fellow GMs, the time has come for me to prepare the new Enemy Within campaign. I've purchased the physical copy but I'm contemplating to buy the .pdf as well. The reason is that I like to take the book art and print it as large handouts for my players. I find it adds much to the immersion. Now, what has me concerned is that DriveThruRPG says that the pdf is 'watermarked'. Does that mean the pages will be marred by an ugly logo? In that case I'd give it a pass. Has anyone made any experiences with this? If the DriveThruRPG watermark shows on the prints, are there other places that sell the pdf without one? cheers,
  3. Potential IP violations are moot point as far as I as a customer am concerned - in fact I much appreciate it being synchronized with other canonical sources (such as the Warpstone Fimir article) and official source books which I own anyhow. I was unaware that the Fantasy Battle crowd had similar die-hard fans. :-)
  4. I always crank the disgusting dial to maximum when describing events. There's nothing pretty about a walking corpse. The point I want to get across is that they are not walking xp, but something to avoid.
  5. I'd probably pay the 20$ for it, but 38$ shipping & handling to Germany? This will have to wait until retailers in Europe have this in stock. Up until then, any party member meddling with the dark arts will be hunted down by Eisenfels, my NPC Witch Hunter who suspects the characters anyhow. After all, they always happen to be where the cults and the corruption are. A positive correlation - and we all know that that's as good as causation! ;-)
  6. Especially reading through the new Enemy Within Campaign I feel we got a good run with this edition already and I wouldn't be be bitter if they called it quits now. I hope, of course, that we'll see plenty more of material to come. From a business perspective I wouldn't be too surprised if they decided that it was time to sell the rules again to their customers and this is usually done in the guise of a revised or new edition. I could accept that, too, as 'rules of the game' in rpg print publishing. That said I'll start a new 3rd ed. group next Saturday that will hopefully be in for the long haul and so, entirely detached from any publishing schedule of FFG, I'll be playing 3rd. ed. for a long time.
  7. I find this harder to answer than I had imagined. Truth to be told, the tone and the setting of wfrp are something that is always lingering in the background of many adventures and source books. It's in the stories, the dark humour, the not-so-high-and-heroic way of telling all these little sinister secrets that each and every denizen seems to have. In any case, I'd say that the original "Enemy Within" campaign really introduced us to how a wfrp evening should be like. To me, its subtitle has always been "This is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay". Though this is a bit expensive to get a hold of and a bit much to read. I suppose you could just read "The Ratcatcher's Tale" to get an idea of what wfrp is in contrast to other RPGs. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/wfrp/ratcatchers/ARatcatchersTale.pdf FFG certainly did a good job to get the tone and theme across ;-)
  8. I've purchased every single book in that series just to be so short of time that I haven't been able to read them properly. That said, having flipped through them, I much enjoyed the setting and the alternate history in there.
  9. I'm curious - do you guys see yourselves as "wfrp 3" players? I ask because the edition has never been a defining feature for me. I currently use wfrp 3, but I play "wfrp", if that makes any sense. I've played the first edition for years, skipped the second edition since I didn't play at all and joined again for the third. In any case, I've always used materials from all editions, the fluff texts in wfb army books, fan materials, warpstone articles and whatnot. I've also been buying all second edition books on ebay now that I've started again, just to use their ideas. To me wfrp is wfrp - it's the setting, the world, the black humor and the grim and perilous. Which dice I grab to attack is of minor significance to me. The only mandatory aspect of the system for me would be the careers. You cannot change the system to one where you have a level 18 fighter and still call it wfrp. You gotta have a grave robber and a beggar as starter careers.Other than that I place little emphasis on it. From my vantage point an edition war would miss the point. Now, if they had changed wfrp to make it a clean high-adventure saga in a generic fantasy kingdom suited for all ages and free of any controversial elements, I'd be on the frontline of said edition war, but as it only affects the system I consider it side issue.
  10. A corrupt, greedy, superstitious, brutal, bleak and unenlightened society and everything is saturated with black British humour. What's not to like? ;-) I can't take shiny heroes with straight bleached teeth and chrome armour in Disney-clean fantasy settings. It nauseates me.
  11. And so it has begun! ;-) Bye, bye went my Amazon pre-order, to be shipped Dec 4. Honestly, I hadn't thought it was real anyhow. My bet is a re-visit of 'Hero's Call'. It will ship, it's real, it will just arrive months later. Hello, We regret to inform you that we have been unable to source the following item: Fantasy Flight Games "Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: The Enemy Within" http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1616614765 Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available. This item has now been cancelled from your order #026-7712723-9780365 and we can confirm that you have not been charged for it. Please accept our apologies for any disappointment or inconvenience caused.
  12. And if I may say so, we are are lucky to have a wfrp fan community where people take the time to create such scenarios for their fellow players! So thanks to all of you for sharing!
  13. I haven't heard anything about the production values and my guess is as good as yours. That said, Graeme Davis says a few things about the campaign's content on the 'Small but Vicious Special 4 : The Writer Within' podcast. Maybe you can read something between the lines: http://www.d20radio.com/sbv/?p=142
  14. My pre-order on Amazon.co.uk tells me that it will ship 4 Dec 2012. Now, after Hero's Call I'm carefully optimistic to put it mildly but it at least appears as if they try to make that date.
  15. I've just played a session of 'Chaos in the Old World' - the FFG board game. Good game, hands down, seriously! I'm amazed how well they've managed to capture the character of the different Chaos gods in rules. Even though I only played a small 2-man game with a friend of mine (and a wfrp enthusiast), it was already a very tight and interwoven game. I played Nurgle and I happily brought pestilence and disease to the populous areas of the Old World, but Tzeentch, Changer of the Ways, very cunningly managed to undermine my attempts and subvert my efforts. Luckily Khorne didn't join the game or my feeble and frail cultists would have been mincemeat. And I needed those weaklings to spread my plagues. Oh and curse those Bretonnian Knights for wiping out my sickly forces. Serves them right that Bretonnia ended up as a ruined chaos waste, a pustulent, blighted sore, quite in the image of the diseased gardens of grandfather Nurgle. Hah! Really, I can recommend that game. With 4 players (even 5 with the Horned Rat expansion) it must be bloody mayhem. Fast-paced and full of mean player-player interaction. The game even has a horror-scenario ending: that all rounds are used up and that the Old World manages to escape the all-consuming ravages of Chaos for another year! Have you guys tried it?
  16. We could take this for a spin and simulate a rampant edition war, like they have over in other games! Oh the joy! :-) To get the ball rolling, I say we need a 4th edition. In this, wfrp could be improved in the following way: We turn it into a board game, in which you fight grid-based fights for pretty much the entire session. It should be more like WoW. Everyone likes WoW! So we need to have 5-man parties who clear dungeons and grind for loot, disenchanting everything they don't need. Roleplaying at the table should be reduced to "You rolled on the AGI sword! Ninja!", "DPS sucks. You sucks, LOL." and "Hael me, Preist!". This gloomy grim & perilous world is deemed too 'emo' by the 4th edition's new target demographic. To counter, the world is more colourful, with 200 % more awesome. Blood Elves and Pandas, that sort of thing. Characters are normalized and sorted into the holy trinity: Tank, dps and healer. In the 4th edition, of course, everyone is awesome and can do a lot of damage, single-target or aoe. Players can feel awesome and empowered. Story elements have been removed, since polls indicate that the target demographic feels that 'story sucks'. The 4th edition acknowledges this and hence it is designed to be played alongside xbox shooters, while players wait for their turn to attack at the table. So, ladies & gentlemen, let's see what you can do! Bring out the River Troll in you and help us improve the 4th edition of wfrp even further! ;-)
  17. I've seen it and I enjoyed it. Don't expect to most in-depth character development ever displayed on screen, but rather a solid prototype of a problem-ridden Witch Hunter. The bleak and dark world in which everything is full of wickedness and sin is complemented by solid horror elements. The story is fairly straightforward and not too creative. But to be fair though, this is true to Howard's 1929-1930 tales. That said, I'd already watch the movie for the tone alone. It certainly does the gloomy, grim and perilous bit right. Oh, and it's either raining or the characters travel through the bleak winter landscape of medieval Europe and endure the biting cold. Any wfrp character can relate. :-)
  18. Well, even if posting on the forums is not something they want to do, then publishing a long-term road map like they did at the start would be greatly appreciated. This could be vague, but it would at least show their customers that they are working on *something* in the wfrp line. Currently, they are about as forthcoming about their plans as a secret service. Imagine Apple cultists would not be out-of-the-loop about the next Apple product (they usually are, it's part of the ritual), but would in fact not know if Apple was even producing new devices at all. For all they knew. Apple might have stopped making hardware. I see the apocalyptic scene before me… mayhem, chaos, and confused the-end-is-near prophets outside the iHeadquarters!
  19. What I find a bit discomforting is the patented radio silence FFG likes to keep on their forums. Not knowing if they even write material for wfrp anymore bugs me a lot more than postponed release dates. This lack of communication lacks style, considering above all that the wfrp community is very creative, productive and certainly not as inflammatory as other groups out there on the internet. I mean, these are supportive people that a community manager could talk to without getting shredded to pieces, I'd like to think. Even something like: "Hi guys, we're working on something but I'm not allowed to talk about it (yet)." would be enough for me at this point. As for release dates, well, we all play wfrp here so we are used to seeing our beloved setting being published over decades, by all sorts of publishers and fan sites and spread out across all conceivable channels anyhow. If the next thing gets here a few months later it won't kill me, I just would like to know it's in the making.
  20. Since we're all reading this thread anyhow I'll spring the question: Does anyone know of an RPG that on went for years and still produced lots of high-quality source material, campaigns and scenarios on a regular basis? If so, how did they do it? What was their business model? In other words, as a best-case-scenario, which route would FFG have to take to keep wfrp 3 going? They are a company, they are in for the money, I accept that. So what should they do?
  21. The Ultra Pro binders are good quality, though for other reasons I have switched to the 4-hole ones now. Here's how I store (some) of the cards: http://bayimg.com/BabhHAAek I'd say that it is always better to buy an empty folder and single sheets instead of a folder with fixed sheets. You'll be adding cards to your sub-categories via new boxes and pods and you'd have to re-arrange everything whenever you add some cards. Also, you'll run out of space. Switching around sheets is much more convenient I find, though I keep a small fixed one for item cards. There don't seem to be many new cards for those. The 9-pocket platinum sheets are just right for action cards and such: http://bayimg.com/BabhPAaeK And I'm using 4-pocket sheets (4x5 inch, I believe) for career cards and the like: http://bayimg.com/CabheAAEk As to the expected amount of cardboard you'll have to organize, it's impressive. We have lots of folders filled with cards by now and a single folder cannot suffice. All these folders contain wfrp cards: http://bayimg.com/dAbHIAAEk It's a battle but once you have a system, you're in the clear. Luckily those cards are for reference only and they are off the table during actual play.
  22. GrimAndPerilous.com said: I played in a Fallout game using the WFRP 3E version for nearly a year. It was fun! As a matter of fact, here's a snippet of items we developed. Good grief, what a brilliant idea! I've re-installed Fallout 3 GOTY the other week and I'm totally in the zone, so to speak. Can't possibly make a better post-apocalyptic RPG, I dare say. Radiation, scavenging. and all in the still-smoldering ruins of a civilization both advanced and foolish.
  23. Doc, the Weasel said: The Amazon sellers are crazy. Last month I saw the Mouseguard boxed set up for $1000, when you could buy it elsewhere for $70. Just because someone (or a bunch of people who jump on the bandwagon) decided to throw a crazy number up there doesn't mean it sells. I noticed this before. Out of print items sometimes get listed for Star Trek numbers. It's safe to say that no-one is buying, but I often wonder about the intentions. Now, if people used tools to determine the average sale price I'd see the point in tempering with the data in such a way to push the average price up and to make one's own listings appear less expensive by comparison later on (smart tools would detect outliers and filter them, of course). But this doesn't seem to be the case at the Amazon marketplace and so it remains a mystery to me.
  24. ragnar63 said: Totally agree with you there, but V1 was subsidised by Warhammer Fantasy wargaming. FFG have got to make this work for them, and if the V3 rules aren't bringing in the dosh than they will have to produce a set that will. Only then will we get the campaigns that we all look for. And to be fair, they'd have right to do that as a publisher. As for me, I'd probably tag along on the sideline. I wouldn't buy any rule books, but I'd pick out the source books and campaigns and convert them to 3ed. on-the-fly. Same as I happily use all materials published for 1st and 2nd ed., too. Editions were never in the foreground for me, it's all wfrp to me.
  25. Well, regarding new editions every 3-4 years, I don't see the point as a player and GM. I see the point for the company in re-selling all rule books yet again, of course. But as a player I don't need a new set of rules to attack orcs if I already have a set of working rules to attack them. What I need are source books and campaigns and that's it. The original TEW ran on wfrp version 1.0 and it was a smash hit success. Noteworthy campaigns make editions memorable, not the rules.
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