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  1. Thanks for the comments guys (I've got the original files I can send you, to make the editing easier - or just send me the images and I can make the change myself!)
  2. For all of you asking, and for people possible interested, here is a link to Dropbox, to download the Tarot Cards in printable format. Enjoy and have fun, because I know I do! https://www.dropbox.com/s/x9w0x2826yxz0t7/3-%20Tarot%20Cards%20To%20Print.rar
  3. I have all the cards alined in pdf format to a height of 13cm and width of 8.8cm. If you want I can send you the pdf's and all you need to do is double side print them. I've done that and laminated them, they look pretty nice ))
  4. If anyone wishes to use an Imperial Tarot deck for Dark Heresy, check out these sets of rules (rules I haven't made): http://www.twilightpeaks.net/blogs/media/blogs/DH/40K_TAROT%20v1.01.pdf?mtime=1351320181 If you want cards to go with it aswell, I have created a set of 78 cards (complete tarot deck, minor and major arcana) to go along with the rules linked above. The cards are here: http://roddyhood30.deviantart.com/gallery/ Enjoy your games!
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