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  1. It would be nice to see some response from FFG on this product line and the app.
  2. I called MM to cancel them out of my pre order , didn't want a pack of dice delaying my core. The guy on the phone made a remake to the effect of "Probably a wise choice" I did the exact same thing and received a similar comment.
  3. Thanks! I just figured a hour here and there it would knock it out. A few of those figures are four colors with a wash and dry brushing.
  4. I finally managed to complete painting the base set between the Holiday's, work, kids, gaming, and everything else. I painted these to be more 'playable' miniatures vs. showcase figures. Hope you enjoy! Click the link for more photos http://imgur.com/a/SprEr
  5. Looks like my order went from preorder to pending event. Still won't plan on seeing this until next week.
  6. Plus it looks like 2 weeks to the store once the icon goes to 'shipping now'.
  7. I was surprised to see x-wing wave 4 get here first.
  8. I managed to get one for each aor and fod. Note all the group was as lucky.
  9. Still at the factory. I'm expecting this at the end of June. If it shipped tomorrow: - 3 to 4 weeks on the boat - 1 week to get it to the stores. Granted that is beginning of June, BUT it isn't on the boat yet. I'll give FFG a 3 week buffer for that to occur.
  10. All, I'm looking at selling my Dust Tactics collection (not enough time to play anymore). Other than ebay or craigslist, are there any good suggestions as to where I can post this? Here is my craigslist link: http://austin.craigslist.org/tag/4325332878.html
  11. Guess I trying to say keep the fights fun. If they get shot down you don't have to make getting a replacement vessel (or repairing the old one) a feat of strength. Nor should the players perish in a immediate ball of flame. IMO, spaceships are backdrops to the story and fun tools for the players to use.
  12. Typically player's can destroy minion groups quickly, or reduce their fighting capabilities. Eyeballs are fairly weak in the wound threshold category, so the players just need to get a few good shots off. Not saying the minions can't dish it out, but they don't get to survive their ship going beyond wound threshold. Recently my players top pilot almost lost his xwing, but in two rounds he took out 2 sets 2 tie minion groups and then helped the freighter with the another (won't go into the gritty details unless asked). Just keep in mind all the 'get out of jail' free cards the players have. To me Star Wars space ships get lost, destroyed, repaired from the ground up, beat up, and so forth. Player characters might have to think on their feet to get out of the new jam, but I have tried to make accessing more space craft a achievable feat. FFG gives the players a ship for some debt and if you run Under a Black Sun a headhunter (or great chance for one)
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