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  1. The images are a bit small to see details but looking good
  2. Seems weird considering the nature of the game, any chance this might change before release? I’m guessing there’s no player elimination so no fail state for a solo player, but could include a variant in the box? At time of writing there’s no Fallout Shelter forum, so please feel free to move when there is.
  3. FFG is largely know for its licensed games, and while no doubt lucrative it would be nice if a company the size of FFG could put some efforts in world building a new universe, something unique, that’s well crafted and with its own flavour. Take a fully holistic approach, from art, graphics, background and game design - not piece meal, or regurgitative. A bit more mature in tone and direction than what we’ve been getting.
  4. Even if it’s own game it still feels a bit much so soon though, especially considering the reuse of art. It’s worse than EA and UbiSoft watering down franchises with over saturation.
  5. I’d love to see a rethink of the win conditions, there are some good user variants that should be considered.
  6. That is awesome Game definitely needs more content and a few tweaks, trouble with licenses from big companies is that it tends to kill transparency and dictate support. Fingers crossed though.
  7. Looks amazing, I’ve been a bit burnt by some of FFG’s more recent releases but this looks mint. Can’t wait to play it!
  8. I remember making a comment pre release of the expansion saying they’d have to be pretty ignorant if they didn’t make changes, at that stage thinking it’d be a given that they’d at least offer a mod of the win conditions at the least. I am honestly surprised they didn’t. I still like the idea of the game but because I enjoy playing it, not winning it, which is definitely a shame.
  9. Our local is Wednesday. I’m surprised there’s been no talk of rule or end game tweaks/alternatives with the expansion, really just seems to be additional content.
  10. I thought the zeta stuff played into the whole 50's paranoia fallout is based on pretty well personally.
  11. I think you need to be a bit careful trying to blacklist a company, I’ve always found them good to deal with and that’s as an international customer. No problems whatsoever.
  12. Hi, I just noticed that the collection fields on the IA collection builder are squashed so you can’t see the numbers properly, and everything has a value of 5. There is also a “none” entry. There was a similar problem for legion awhile back but that seems to be fixed. Thanks
  13. I think Vetnor was joking? The mod shut itself down when it heard about the release of the board game expansion fearing legal problems, Bethesda reacted and said they don’t foresee any issues with the mod or it’s name so the mod is continuing. AFAIK there’s nothing for anyone to worry about, you’d have to be a pretty rich mod team to cease and desist a company the size of Bethesda and/or FFG and hope you’d survive intact. Trolling legally like that only really works on smaller companies that will settle rather than go through the legal costs, or be tied up for years. Edit: had not seen Filters post before writing - without viewing I’d imagine it sets things straight.
  14. There would have to be a whole other level of, what's the best word, 'selectiveness', if they weren't aware of how a lot of the community felt about the way the game ends. I'd think they'll cover some changes in an article by itself, hopefully.
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