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  1. NulEnvoid

    New SW Board Game Announced

    Looks amazing, I’ve been a bit burnt by some of FFG’s more recent releases but this looks mint. Can’t wait to play it!
  2. I remember making a comment pre release of the expansion saying they’d have to be pretty ignorant if they didn’t make changes, at that stage thinking it’d be a given that they’d at least offer a mod of the win conditions at the least. I am honestly surprised they didn’t. I still like the idea of the game but because I enjoy playing it, not winning it, which is definitely a shame.
  3. NulEnvoid

    New California Edition Where is it.

    Our local is Wednesday. I’m surprised there’s been no talk of rule or end game tweaks/alternatives with the expansion, really just seems to be additional content.
  4. NulEnvoid

    Expansion Pack Dream Figures

    I thought the zeta stuff played into the whole 50's paranoia fallout is based on pretty well personally.
  5. NulEnvoid

    Don't order anything from Miniature Market.

    I think you need to be a bit careful trying to blacklist a company, I’ve always found them good to deal with and that’s as an international customer. No problems whatsoever.
  6. Hi, I just noticed that the collection fields on the IA collection builder are squashed so you can’t see the numbers properly, and everything has a value of 5. There is also a “none” entry. There was a similar problem for legion awhile back but that seems to be fixed. Thanks
  7. NulEnvoid

    New California Expansion

    I think Vetnor was joking? The mod shut itself down when it heard about the release of the board game expansion fearing legal problems, Bethesda reacted and said they don’t foresee any issues with the mod or it’s name so the mod is continuing. AFAIK there’s nothing for anyone to worry about, you’d have to be a pretty rich mod team to cease and desist a company the size of Bethesda and/or FFG and hope you’d survive intact. Trolling legally like that only really works on smaller companies that will settle rather than go through the legal costs, or be tied up for years. Edit: had not seen Filters post before writing - without viewing I’d imagine it sets things straight.
  8. NulEnvoid

    New California Expansion

    There would have to be a whole other level of, what's the best word, 'selectiveness', if they weren't aware of how a lot of the community felt about the way the game ends. I'd think they'll cover some changes in an article by itself, hopefully.
  9. I’d dispute that, I have a moderately small collection and will require two conversion kits. As for the GW stuff, I can only say my experiences have been better than yours, more friendly, with free stuff and cheaper. So I guess we just leave it at that.
  10. Prices must be skewered in the US for GW product, NZD buying hardcover versions of both the expanded rulebook and a codex would be $150-$170 if you didn't shop around, you should be able to get that for $120-$130 new NZD easily. Core box and two conversion kits would cost me $210-$220. So either the US prices are whack (presuming that's what you're quoting) or people are quoting extreme cases rather than the average.
  11. The person did say ‘core rulebook and your army's rule book’ so I’m not sure what’s bunk. Warhammer 40,000 is 31 years old, yes it has a lot of books, most of them are related to specific armies.
  12. Try the AoS Warscroll Builder for points by GW online, you can choose the points system from the generals handbook or skirmish, the 40k one uses the power system rather than points I believe. Printing cards, bases and making dials is achievable I guess, but breaks copyright. Legitimately you only need one expanded rule book if you really want for competitive reference. They also have a lot of terrain rules on their site, even a collated PDF. You can generally download Warscrolls and rules from the product page. There seems to be free scenarios for 40k but I'm not sure about AoS unless you get them from terrain specific rules. I do get what you are saying, it's not as easy as they make out, but I'm not so sure it's as hard as is made out either.
  13. You should have enough between the books you own and the rules downloads to not be locked out of playing. You can always get the core book which also contains over 200 pages of info if you wish. The Generals Handbook is always handy too, but let's not pretend everyone needs to have either to continue playing, you can still play with friends or groups and share the knowledge. From what I understand you still have the warscroll builder online if you're struggling with points.
  14. It does matter when people pull unfounded figures up, regardless of the threads topic. Anything written is open to be challenged if it’s incorrect or misleading. As for the threads topic itself, I personally find it a false metric, it’s really going to depend on previous investment to a system and how much needs to be converted over - which isn’t going to be the same for everyone. People feeding into it with rubbish costs of other systems are only propergating the nonsense, especially when some people really don’t seem to know what they’re talking about.
  15. I shouldn’t really speak for Chucklenuckle as I am only presuming, but I think that what they said was more in relation to people throwing around all sorts of unfounded whacky figures, than in direct reply to the title of the thread itself. Some people are inventing a narrative to reinforce their stance in the argument, this can go both ways but in this instance was related to the cost of converting to the new edition of AoS. That was my take anyway, Chucklenuckle can correct me if I’m wrong.