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  1. Your English is good. I appreciate your clarification. So when doing team battle, we add all players dice!! This was our mistake. We only added the strenght of each char. We made up to 22. Then each player rolled his dice. 4 players game, scenario #2 ennemy has 40 str. So each of us rolled dice +22. But none ever made it past 40! Best was wiz with 12 with potion becomes 24 + group str of 22 for total of 46. But impossible to get higher than that. So. Its ALL characters as from what I understand for your example "both characters would have 25 from dice only". Makes perfect sense now. I will re-read the team combat sheet, perhaps I read too fast. Case closed and thanks again.
  2. Thanks bu what if Dwarf gets the 3 runes, he gets all black dice, right? Or warrior too. Not sure why you said it's only good for mage and archer sometimes...
  3. Rule is a bit contradictory.. Please clarify. If 1 character gets 1 rune of each color,... Doe he get ONE single black die to replace one of his regular dice. OR Does he replaces ALL his regular dice with black dice. Thanks for the solution in advance. Love the game by the way, really awesome.
  4. sorry, its not "The Apocalypse".. I beleive the name is "Cataclysm"...
  5. You are right, this game is a LOT of fun. I bought my first box last year.. and within 6 months, I put my hands on all runebound products (expansions, everything). Being a D&D fan for long and having abandonned for various reasons... this board game was THE right fit. One time we tried mixing 2 adventure variants... the Apocalypse and the Cult of the Rune.. a nice mayhem.. While you run around the map doing quests for the Apocalypse by trying to free some cities from their Curse, the Cult is roaming around, cursing more towns and spreading corruption.. hahaha, very nice.. and you might get cursed if you're caught by them too. I strongly recommand buying these 2, and playing them together when you are confortable with the game rules. Each adventure variant I tried was well thought off.. congrats to the geniuses behind it.. and the playtesters.. they did a great job. On a last note.. here's a quick house rule we use when playing.. first I separated the allies and items into 2 piles, so when doing market step.. the player choose what pile he draws from. it gives some freedome of choice to players.... already have plenty of weapons and armor.. I'll go for an ally this time.... he might not be as good as I hope, but at least.. by drawing from the "ally" pile.. its satisfying already. anyways.. enjoy Runeboud.. I do. and wish there is more maps released soon... that's a definite buy for me, if each new map coming out would be double-sided... that would be even more amazing.
  6. I just bought the game and tried with my gfriend (34) and her daughter (9), and we played 3-4 times so far. Its a great strategy wargame (I tried other, smaller wargames in nature and complexity).. The next challenge now is to try to plan 2-3 moves ahead.. much like a chess game, everyone can always improve from game to game. The random effects of the 3 piles of cards (sorry I forgot how its called, the ones marked with I, II and III) are great to completly ruin what you are doing now and what you had planned.. LOL. but its a lot of fun. This week-end we're planning to do a 6 player game for the first time.. I think it will take a good 5-6 hours to complete. I dont want to call it a long session, because its plain fun really. The closest comparison would be with RuneWars.. (another great game, which I also own).. its early for me to decide which one I think is best between these two.
  7. I suppose so.... Hide behind waves, try remaining out of sight, ...making sure the ship crew is really angry...hahaha. Alright, it will help create diversity on the map too I think. thanks again.
  8. is it possible ? I saw no examples of it in the rule book, and nothing that would prevent it. Although... would make no sense to me, (how would you increase your defenses at sea... really).. Thank you.
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