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  1. Regarding Sanity/Stamina I wanted him to be the opposite of Sherlock Holmes. Anyway I only did it for fun, I know it's a bad idea gameplay-wise and I doubt anything can be done to fix it. Also, most players hate JTWT so they would hate him too.
  2. I think the traitor mechanic might not be very balanced. I mean, you can screw with the other players pretty well if you'd like. For example, you can close gates on unstable locations before others have the chance to seal them; you can avoid helping with rumors; if you have an elder sign you can simply never use it; in the final battle to can set your fight to the lowest and not use any weapons or spells, etc.
  3. Weird, I didn't label him at all. Must be automatic. I'm using the beta for the new strange eons…
  4. Hey, thanks. Personally I find his arrangement of traits thematic. And you said so yourself- he's not broken. Sure, tier 1, but not tier 0 (a tier I just made up for broken investigators such as Daisy, Patrice, Wendy and Rex).
  5. @Joseph: These house rules take care of the difficulty level. anonymous said: Shub-Niggurath is actually the hardest IMO, but you should play with the variants most players agree upon: 1. No buying of Elder Signs at the entrance. 2. The clock moves 5 hours every turn instead of 3. 3. If something else moves the clock, again it's 5.
  6. Only some mythos cards add a terror effect.
  7. wish we had a concrete evidence though… Omens is hardly evidence as a lot of the rules there are different
  8. That would make sense… I once had a terror: add a doom token and rolled 4 terrors and couldn't complete a task… didn't know I should only have added 1… still won that game though
  9. you can't edit posts in these forums after some time (a couple of days I think)
  10. Dam said: goldenTroubadour said: I respectfully beg to differ. Just today I played a game wherein I received Tom's Sanity counterpart (as a reward for completing R'lyeh) and playing as Kate Winthrop I was able to tank at least two late-game adventures that involved both Sanity loss and Terrors (which have no effect on Kate as it stands) (apologies for not replying sooner, both Firefox and Chrome were not giving the writing window for about two week) By tanking, did you mean fail an Adventure? Sure, Tom/William probably work great if you're houseruling them. T/W help you against Sanity/Stamina COSTS (those listed on the tasks for Adventures), they do NOTHING against losses for failing Adventures. Costs and losses are two different things. Except that Whiskey/Food say to prevent "loss" and according to the FAQ they can be used to prevent costs. But yeah, the allies in question only apply to task costs.
  11. Yes. Btw, In ES: Omens it only counts one terror symbol. Doesn't mean anything to the physical game, of course.
  12. $3 And I think his storie's reward is pretty good and helps the team. He also has a range of useful abilities. Just starting with an ally chosen out of two is pretty darn good. Reading for free is awesome, and rational is a two-edged sword but I believe it does more good than harm.
  13. If an adventure has a "Terror: Lose 1 Sanity", and I fail to complete a task and I rolled 2 terror symbols, do I lose 2 sanity or 1 sanity? I only ask because of another terror effect "Terror: Discard all terror dice" so I would assume that in order to lose 1 sanity per terror it should read "Terror: Lose 1 Sanity per terror dice". or something like that. I have been playing that I lose 1 per terror, but now I'm starting to think I was playing wrong.
  14. MP would be awesome except it will never happen
  15. PDF file if you wish to print it: (also includes investigator marker) http://rapidshare.com/files/3614634400/RL.pdf
  16. Download link: http://rapidshare.com/files/1937401554/Yegga-Ha-.rar
  17. His modifier and attack are both easier than Alatch Natcha. AN has -5 but magical+physical resistance, which will overall give you less dice than plain -7. Also AN's attack is also much more severe. And if that isn't enough, AN's slumber ability is also mile more difficult than mine. So as you see, Yegga-Ha is easier than AN in every single way. Not to say he's an easy AO, but everything is relative. As for synergy, you're right. Wait for my next post.
  18. Can anyone post Wendy's stats? (sanity, stamina, starting items, ability) I'm curious
  19. True, it would profit you less, but it's better than nothing? or you can just release it for pc and keep the greenlight thing going and if it pans out move it to steam…
  20. My hat is off to you. I've been cracking my mind on how to implement a silenced gun to AH in a way it would feel thematic and I did not think of your idea- sneak instead of fight? awesome! Not original as Strom of Spirits uses lore instead of fight, yet I didn't think of it myself so kudos to you. This opens a wealth of possibilities: Lucky Gun- use luck instead of fight; Horrifying Blade- use will instead of fight (this one, however, might be overpowered); Fencing Sword- use speed instead of fight. I actually made a few monsters some time ago that forced you to use stats other than fight when battling them (one per stat) yet I still didn't think to implement it in an item.
  21. But, but… DH introduced tasks which cost $0 so that mean I can hang out in the general store forever without having encounters?
  22. rugal said: Here is a new link http://depositfiles.com/files/u34hgy57o I tried to post them on BGG but the files is to heavy and it crashes everytime. So I leave the idea, I'm too lazy to cut it in parts. A shame, for sure. And because english is not my native language, I was sure what to do else. NVM missed this link
  23. rugal said: here they are. hope you will like it, it takes me a lot of time. http://www.2shared.com/file/gTDh3MPT/DungeonQuest-DescentHeroes-Eng.html The file link that you requested is not valid. Please contact link publisher or try to make a search. Can you reupload?
  24. Click image to download it at print quality.
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