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  1. Heck yeah! I cant wait! I have been making three faction decks like mad so next time we throw down ill have to try some new ones out.
  2. There is one pretty obvious card that could end that loop… alone with all loops and every other freakin card on the board! which is dimensional rift. I hate dimensional rift.
  3. Hello everyone Not sure if its already known but anyone in the Portland/ Washington area who likes or loves Cthulhu come to gaurdian games in Portland for a great time. Every month there is a group of us who get together and game not only CoC but Arkham as well as Elder Sign. There are also regular tournaments our next one being in March. Its a three faction three player tournament. Its never to late to show up and get in on the action and Gaurdian Games has a bar! But if you are under age fear not there are always tables reserved just outside the bar and we cycle players regularly. Its fun and layed back and the guys are totally willing to teach and share decks if you need them. our next meeting is February 16th from 1-5 if your interested hope to see anyone and everyone there! (did i mention the tournaments have awesome prizes?)
  4. Hey all its been a while since I have been on here. Just wanted to know some peoples deck themes and the strategy they utilize with them. Some people have pretty basics which are good and usually work best but I would love to hear some of the more creative ones out there. I just made a sorcerer deck with silver twilight, shub, syndicate and some rather nasty neutrals. Premise is to bring out low cost shub for swarm while building resources for higher sorcerer characters who i then sacrifice with magnus stiles to put success tokens on the board. The neutral give all my characters arcane while stuggling artist allows me to choose and cancel any struggle I wish. I like the theme, color scheme and idea but i have not played it yet so we will see if it works out. What different kinds of decks have you who dwell in the other worlds created?
  5. Hey all Me and my buddy have been thinking about making rules for a four player CoC game. Anyone heard of rules for this style yet?
  6. Hey all Me and my buddy have been thinking about making rules for a four player CoC game. Anyone heard of rules for this style yet?
  7. Three player games are the way to go for sure! Hey Matt i had a question about tournament play. When playing do read your cards abilities to your opponents when you play them or is it their job to ask?
  8. This may seem like a stupid question but is there a limit to the amount of cards you can have in your hand? I have it in my mind that its eight and if that is correct does this mean that you cannot draw cards above this limit?
  9. There are many story cards that state "Your Characters" such as the locked door which states "Each of your characters committed to this story gains an investigation icon" my question is does this apply only to you or does the ability shift to someone else once its there turn to commit.
  10. Much thanks i was pretty sure but the ability its such a brutal one that the clarification was needed for more skeptical opponents (AKA sore losers).
  11. So Cthulhu's ability states that you drain a domain with three resources to make all opponents choose and sacrifice a character. Does this mean that if you have multiple domains with three you can drain them all? Basically can i trigger Cthulhu's ability more than once in a turn? With Canopic Jar, it states you may take a character just destroyed and couple it with canopic jar. during the next turn you may use that characters ability without paying. My question is, can I use the characters ability if it's a response, for example: Deep one rising, when deep one rising comes into play, he destroys a non-ancient one character, can I use Canopic Jar on Deep One Rising and destroy a character?
  12. Yeah and he also seems like one of the only ones who dosnt just screw his followers over, i mean you worship Azagthoth and your screwed! You worship Cthulhu you gotta be a fish man forever and Hastur.... Well worshiping him is just plain crazy
  13. I would add a thing from the stars it destroys insane characters, Hastur loves his insanity
  14. Ha Ha yeah actually thats what inspired me to make it, im not going to have any real gods except for Tulzscha. Thanks a lot, it seems that the majority of cultists are from the Hastur faction.
  15. The neutral cards definitly have their fare share of strong cards, as long as you have enough of them i think it will be easier than you think, i've turned the tide of many a game with neutrals, especially dimensional rift, i hate and love that card.
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