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  1. Those are all good suggestions. so far what I've done is I've dropped the Armor Master but still gave him the two defense. this drops his soak to an 8. As part of the Move under the inquisitor write up they can do it as a Maneuver so I think i'm okay with the CC, only thing is that two strain an action is can add up after a while. Especially with the added strain that comes naturally with combat. I was going to make two body guard inquisitors using the base inquisitor rules. it would be roughly 5-6 soak with another 25ish hip points each. give them the dual sabers and lightsaber at a 5 so they have a really good chance of hitting with both weapons for the extra damage should help the Defender and Saber Master off of him while he's mixing it up. I agree with the second action thing Whafrog, especially for this guy. He is like a truck so it can be really hard logistically to see him going that fast, though to kinda mirror this there is the extra hit from two weapon combat.
  2. Dude...I am super jealous of the amount of TIME you have to be able to play all those Used to play the times a week after work at the local stores and the lord of the rings on the weekend. Now I'm down to once a week and the lord of the rings as the other groups moved on our stopped playing.
  3. Sorry for the late reply, life has been really busy. The reason for the gauntlets only is a character one. The insquisitor despises Jedi and With for their over reliance on the force and their glow sticks. The force is a tool to be mastered only. I toyed around with giving him an ax but the whole Juggernaut feeling this gives is nostalgic since Juggernaut was one of my favorite villians in comics. I'm not sure if I want to avoid that or not. I don't want the players to get frustrated but at the same time have a boss that will last more then two or three rounds. Is ten to high, should it only be seven or eight?
  4. The Soresu Defender has a Fully upgraded Lorrdian Crystal, the Krayt Dragon Pearl has the Damage and one Vicious Upgrade, and I don't remember the Third Jedi's crystal, it might just be the Ilum/Rubat from the GM screen adventure. I was planning the fight to be on a Star Destroyer Bridge. He normally has Two Dark phase Troopers or base inquisitors with him just so that he doesn't get 5 attacks to his one. Just a random question, Under two weapon fighting rules can I do that with the Guantlets?
  5. AGOT 1.0 (all) AGOT 2.0 (all) Netrunner (missing the last 2 packs) Star Wars (all) LOTR (All) Warhammer: Invasion (all) Warhammer Conquest (all) and L5R when it comes out since I followed it closely as a TCG.
  6. This is the end boss of my Campaign and I'm not sure if this guy is too strong to handle six 450-500 xp PC Human Inquisitor B 6 A 2 I 3 C 3 W 4 P 3 Wounds 26 Strain 28 Soak 10 Defense 2/2 Brawn 5 Melee 4 Range Light 3 Skill sets per Page 419 The Brute The Mastermind The Warlord Talents Adversary 4, Improved Armor Master, Lethal Blows 2 Abilities: Aura of Command, Improved Field Commander 2, Terrifying Force Abiliites (Force Rating 3): Influence, Move (pg 421) Equipment: Superior Cortosis Armored Robes (+4 Soak, +2 Defense, this includes Armor Master Talent), Refined Cortosis Gauntlets (+4 Damage, Crit 3, Concussive, Stun 3) The Group is three Jedi (Sentinel Career: All three Specializations, Pathfinder, Ataru Striker; Warrior Career: All Three Specializations, Protector, Soresu Defender; Mystic Career, Niman Disciple, Shien Expert), Rebel Saboteur (Soldier Career: Sharpshooter, Mechanic, Scout Specializations), Droid Smuggler (Smuggler Career: All three Specializations, All three Spy Specializations from the Rebel book). Biggest thing I'm worried about is that the Jedi and the smuggler will have a lot of trouble hurting this guy minus really good dice rolling since the average damage is 8 with the exception of the Mystic Saber expert that managed to roll three Triumphs in her Streetwise check to look for a Krayt Dragon Pearl (there not stats for the Krayt Dragons and I was not comfortable making one up from scratch). But I would like to hear from you guys, especially those of you who have completed/are currently playing in high xp groups.
  7. According to EU Both the Cathar and The MIraluka were wiped out in the Old Republic. This is why you don't see them during the time of the Repulic/Clone Wars. Miraluka were Wiped out after Darth Nihilus consumed their Homeworld and 95% of their population. I don't remember the Cather for Sure but I thought I read in the KOTOR games that they were on the decline even then.
  8. I just bought the starter for this game and after playing a few games I had a few questions. For cards with Italic words on them such as Quest, Kingdom, and Battlefield can those actions only be taken in that phase or in any phase on your turn. And if that is the case then how does the dwarf quest in the start work because it targets attacking enemy units, but it has the Quest word in Italics in front of it. Second, this one might is kind of lame, do you HAVE to have a wizard/priest/sorcerer in play to cast spells, I know in the miniature game the army can dispel magic just not cast any. For Toughness does it apply to all damage, including indirect? I know the rulebook said assigned damage that is not uncancelable. Sorry for the bombardment of questions I just need this cleared up.
  9. Okay so I was playing this again after several months of school, and I was wondering, my understanding of the duplicates rule is this: Once you play the duplicate they go under the character being duplicated but once you have to use the response you discard the top copy and the lower one becomes the current copy. if this is the case they why stack Loyal Guard on say Renly or Robert to save them, am I missing something about this rule, or is there errata about this care. I have looked in the FAQ and found nothing. Thanks for replying
  10. Thanks all for the Ideas, and sorry for the late reply been busy with life and work. I have implimented some of the Ideas like Milk of the Poppy into my deck to help slow them down. So far it seems to work, I can't really do some of the other suggestions due to not having all of the chapter packs at this time.
  11. Hello all, I'm new to the forums, so if there is already a thread for it and I didn't find it I apologize in the mean time. The reason I'm writing this post is becuase I started Playing with some friends and a friend of mine has come up with a combo that seems to stop all of us in our tracks in either Melee or Joust format. Just to give you all an idea of what we have (we work from a community pool) we have gotten: The Core set x2, Queen of Dragons, Lions of the Rock, Kings of the Storm, Kings of the isle, Princes of The Sun, All of hte Defenders of the North set, all of the Kings landing set, Illyrio's Gift from Brotherhood without a banner, and a couple of Clash of Arms. With all of that said the combo is this: The Prince That Was Promised-Illyrios Gift F20 Blood of the Dragon-Core T100 Khal Drogo-Wolves of the North F9 Dany-Queen of Dragons F22 Rheagal-Queen of the Dragons F24 Viserion-Queen of the Dragons F 25 Drogon-Queen of the Dragons F23 Astapor-Queen of the Dragons F28 Qarth-Queen of the Dragons F26 Using these cards they have two guys with over 11 strength that don't have to tap to attack and even when they have to defend they can usually stand one or both of thier big guys. With the Duplicats on Drogo and Dany it makes it really hard to kill them when Gift of the Meagi is thrown in there to bring them back from the dead pile. My question is this: is there away to stop this using a Stark Army Deck or a Baratheon Knight deck? (the Knight Deck is used mostly from the Kings of the Storm Box premade deck) and if you need the list for my stark deck I would be happy to provide it if it helps answering the question.
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