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  1. Hopefully F.O.W. adds a DT & DW forums (& the unit prices don't get all jacked up). Anyways, see you wherever it is we land, folks… Over and out.
  2. Sweet! Love the DAK-type paint schemes in DT, myself. Just a suggestion, tho -- needs some decals or other personalization to make it "pop." How about some closer shots after detailing? (& then some RCS Axis infantry in DAK scheme, eh?)
  3. What do mean by "PLATOON"? Do you mean like 3 or 4 squads & a hero all deployed next to each other in adjacent squares on the mapsheet?
  4. Yep, plain old sponge chipping. "Hair spray & salt" sounds like sorcery to me… Check out "Girlpainting" doing a demo of the technique on Youtube . The effect is so cool you would swear it was sorcery. Or voodoo…
  5. Very nice work. The progression from the original posts up to now is evident. Can't wait to see some walkers!
  6. Really nice! Did you use a sponge to create that chipping effect on the airborne walker, or have you graduated to the "hair spray & salt method"? Either way, the contrast between the red, gray and rust colors is stunning.
  7. Looking for quick & cheap Armor 1 SSU infantry for DT? Check out this link at BoardGameGeek.com.
  8. In case anyone was looking, here's the original link. Mickey A.V.R.E. No card. Ever.
  9. It's got the Jump skill and a .50 cal MG to compliment the Petard Mortar. Plus, it looks pretty cool next to a few Pounders. Having yet another alternative to the Allies medium walker is good enough for me. I'm just using the AVRE at 35 AP for fun in casual DT games. I also recently read the "Engineering Vehicle" rules in the OP: Icarus PDF and it got me thinking… The acronym A.V.R.E. does, after all, stand for "Armored Vehicle Rangers Engineers." Considering that the DUST 1:35 model AVRE description includes a phrase about the Petard Mortar being "sufficient to demolish many bunkers and earthworks and even disable a very heavy armored vehicle," I'm starting to get ideas about bunker busting … I know that there's no official rules for bunkers yet, but, hmmmm ….
  10. Playing the AVRE as an alternative to the 35 AP Mickey. Eridani Light Horse.
  11. The Fast ability never crossed my mind, mostly because the official DUST Barking Dog does not have it. I figured since the Barking Dog has Jump but not Fast, the AVRE would probably be similar.
  12. The only reason I ever considered the self Repair skill is because the original Mickey has it. Without Self Repair, I also think 35 AP sounds about right. Thanks for the input.
  13. Yes, I am aware of that, Miah999 (see original post). What I would like to get opinions on is whether a homemade Mickey AVRE stat card should have the Self Repair skill or not, and what the AP cost would be (again, see original post).
  14. I think you misunderstood me. I know that the Mickey AVRE is a 1:35 model kit on Parente's Dust site. I want to use a modified DT Steel Rain for it, but there are NO official stats for the Mickey AVRE. If you take a closer look, there are DT stat cards for all other 1:35 model kits that were eventually made into DT units (Otto, Ryu, Fury of Ivan, etc…) except for "Big Joseph." I was looking for player opinions on what the DT Mickey AVRE's stats and abilities should be. Hope this clears things up …
  15. Don't know if this topic's been brought up before, but … The Mickey A.V.R.E. from the 1:35 Dust line (Link here) has never been printed as an official stat card, even though all a DT player has to do to have one on the field is take the rocket rack off of the Steel Rain walker and add a .50 cal MG. So I'd like to use the AVRE in my casual DT games, but I want the community opinion on stats & AP cost first. Here's my theory: The AVRE should have the Jump skill (like the Barking Dog walker does). It would NOT have the regular Mickey's Fast skill b/c of the heavier Petard Mortar. I guess the biggest questions are: should it have the Self Repair skill, and what should it's AP cost be? I'm thinking YES on the Self Repair since it is so close to a standard Mickey, and an AP cost of 36 would be fair (heavier weapon than the 35 AP Mickey so one more point). It would end up being a Mickey w/o Fast & armed w/ a Petard Mortar instead of a 75mm howitzer. Any thoughts? I look forward to any responses. Thanks guys and gals!
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