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  1. I would say it depends a lot on the circumstances... mostly i would expect them to return what they found to either the owners or the the watch armory... However you should also reward them for doing so... for instance in one of the intro missions i ran, my group came across a squad of marines that had died and mananged to not only extract geneseeds, but also the bodies, armor and wargear. After Examination they were returned to their home chapter for proper right to be overseen. The Chapter in question donated a powersword to group as gratitude, and they got a few extra reknown each. Note that they were rank 1 when they got it. The power sword is now being used by one groupmember on a mission to mission basis.
  2. Maybe if you were a power armored spacemarine... a strong armor and SUPER-ENHANCED BONES... then you might survive iit... but it does not seem like a good idea to try XD
  3. This.... Blew my mind...
  4. So... My players will go come across a zeno artefact that contains a map - among other things - and will go out hunting various interesting items they can see on the map... One of them is - I have not yet decided exactly what it is, possible a C'tan shard - happens to be located on a necron crownworld that are awaked and have largely mobilised its forces... The players are aware that the necrons are active in the area and initially i figured they they would leave the the world alone.. But recently i came to worry that they might decide to be bold (read arrogant) and jump their fleet out and try to grab the item... I hope they turn tail once they ram their head into the necron fleet that is waiting... However the Necrons are going to retaliate, the Question is: How? My players are well-equiped, they are almost an extention of the AdMec, and they are badasses in their own right, and have power and influence, but this is beyond their power...
  5. Arrange an accident and blame the psyker? Always works You could also keep them confined to their repective areas for whatever reason... Bribe them? Tell them that they are in it with you either way? find a rogue psyker and use him as standin for the astropath! whatever is needed!
  6. So... An Imperial ship beset by enemies and want to make a warp just to get away... How long does it take? Can you do it under fire?
  7. Actually since mankind is "divinely preordained" to rule all, Every planet belong to the emperor... And i know Sisters of battle that would put a bolt round in your chest and head for saying otherwise But not all worlds are under Imperial rule and if the people of the planet B23 haven't accepted the Emperor as their saviour then why would the Sororitas care if some infedels get blown to smithereens? Their acceptance, is not requiered THE GOD-EMPEROR RULES ALL! THE EMPERAH OWNS ALL!! (i kinda wish he would wake up to see how would react to the imperium turing in to the exact thing he did not want it to be XD)
  8. I do one thing with my players (that is in DH, but it might work here too): I split up their focus test. I let them roll their focus to make the psychic power themselves, and then i roll perils of the warp myself. It mean that while they are not more likely screw up, but the pure risk of something happening and they not knowing it will make the players less likely to use psychic powers... Its also worth noting that i keep insanity and corruption hidden from the player... So when they hear wispers or start to see things, they can't know if they are there, or its just in their mind...
  9. Actually since mankind is "divinely preordained" to rule all, Every planet belong to the emperor... And i know Sisters of battle that would put a bolt round in your chest and head for saying otherwise
  10. Yes, Planets are very valueble, but if you player do get their hand on some that can and you like to let them do it, that is fine... But they will make enemies just because you destory a xeno planet, doesn't meant the imperium will thank you... especially if it was something the imperium could/had planed to take over - some qoute said "men are the one resource that the Imperium can afford squander, planets not so much" - condeming a planet to death require inqisitorial order or oversight at least... depending on the alligence of the planet they destroy they will get an enemy for life... destorying a Chaos aligned planet might bring the wrath of chaos lord in the area, imperial won't be forgiving either... even if its unaligned, other races might like the Tau might be gunning after them (especially if people turn to them for help)... or people other places might start worship chaos for hope of saving... Orks might find it good sport and attack because of the change to fight a good fight... But who know what might have been on the planet? Eldar having their maiden worlds destroyed can make fearsome enemies... or if there is a Necron tomb on the planet that gets destroyed they are likely to make an dread enemy indeed... Sure a strong group could take down a group of necron warriors... but when the necron troops in the thousand (or millions) are launched in retaliation across their world, its another story... and don't even get me started on facing their ships as coherent fleet... so if they really destroy carelessly, don't be affraid to have someone give a brutal retaliation... There are things out there a rogue trader -no matter how powerful, ruthless and brilliant- has no hope of defeating.
  11. Well... since my impression of macro batteries are somewhat the same with the turrets, they fire all the time and there are so many of them that the the reload time doesn't really matter... nor would i nessesay say plow slot.. though you could choose to do so if you like... 1d10+2 damage, Power 5, SP 2, Strength 7, range 5... or rather than just use it as a normal weapon, it could be a template that inceases the strength found from a damaged STC adds +1 power, +3 strength, -1 range, same for the rest of the base weapon.
  12. As to what they do on the hit the ground - espcially how big damage they cause - i have no answer... But while its a big explotion, i would think the force of the explotion would be hampered by the resistance of the atmosphere, and thus make the explotion much smaller.. (still likely to be enormus to people down on the planet, but not so big as in space). Secondly Nova cannons are (from my point of view) made to deal damage over a LARGE area... i won't destroy a planet, it will detonate on the surface... To create exterminatus on a planet.. you need to destroy it utterly. Crack the tectonic plates systematicly, virus bomb it, destroy the atmosphere... nothing should be able to survive an exterminatus. Necrons care very little if there are oxygen or radiation... Besides Nova cannon shells are rare..no way you can use the nove shells en masse... (do they even still produce them?) Secondly there could be the fact they are anti ship weapons not meant to be used that way... they could detonate as soon as they entered the stratosphere... making a very spetacular and intimidating light show... but not doing any real damage...
  13. Well i might be well the story is this: we had run a few tranings sessions where the character practiced against some caught 'nids in the watch fortress (also the players could learn the rules) ... and the mission they wer explained was going to be one where they had lots of suplies with them, guardsman support... a classic starter mission... and i decided "Hell No! i will surprise them"... so their thunderhawk is getting ready to land and it ground to air battery guns them down... suddenly the "rutine intro mission" was a brutal struggle for survival... however dispite a minor crisis of faith about how they would survive the few against the Tyranid onslaugh (after having dealt traitors) that would attacck them when they activated the relay... Which lead the glorious moment when the squad leader eventually said "We are spacemarines. We will prevail." and the four man squad went through Tyranid infested landscape, activate the ancient relays station, fighting heroicly to hold the 'Nids at bay... Then the relay fire and powers down... retrive the information, get extracted, and transmits the information (about the hivefleet that the relay just gathered) leaving the imperial forces in a much better position to fight the hivefleet... And they felt pretty smug when they returned... the Annoying NPC Liberian who cautioned against sending them stayed away from the debriefing...
  14. You could make the players play some of the NPC soldiers for this combat... and if they live/die apply the relevant results.
  15. I would say no... and from all my 40k experience, it would be a 100% guess... I would guess sisters of battle would be a no-go... i DO believe that i read something about the sister hospitalars can... I think its in Gunheads but don't blame me if i got the name wrong... but its one of the guardsmen who remarks something about "i wish i could get one of the Hospitalar sisters but oonly the officcers would have a chance with those" ... but its a long time i read it my memmory could be way off...
  16. Well, it DOES make a good boos, considering how brutal it is should definitely be used with caution... Something like this could definitely waste a anything a rogue trader can get their hands on, if given the chance for focus-fire Well, i think if you really want the PCs to shine consider giving it something that allows to byepass the damage reduction, or deal some heavy damage, that way, their small ship can outdo anything imperial fleet can come up with... Or ofc Board the ship, and kill the Nemesor... Can is ask what the story is? (unless your players also lurk on the forum ofc)
  17. How dare you? you can not be serious!... No actually i think its a brilliant idea i have little to add, other then the fact i might just use whatever stats you that pops up here (:<
  18. Thats Necron ship for you no, it should be comparable with an Emperor class Battleship (which the cairn are a great deal more exensive than, in BFG points)... though ten damage reduction IS too high, i can see that... 8 might be better? Necron ship are not ships you fight one-on-one And you are right, THEY CAN fire in all direction... **** its been too long since i played BFG with my freak of a necron ships... same goes for the freaking 6 lances... oh the memories that comes back XD still a strength 20 barrage in BFG is brutal... a strength 20 battery seem pretty pointless, in RT you will never land that many hits (unless i miss something)... you could always say that it is allowed be split up to multiple attacks against a single ship to the minimum strength used is strenght 4...
  19. First... it was technically not a Rogue Trader, but a cross race story... So please don't burn me for heresy So yes, The only ship my character Exile could commit to the conflict (but what a ship). So here My Necron Lord's Ship: Will of the Exile Class:Cairn Class Tomb-ship Hull: Battleship Class: Cairn-class tomb-ship Dimensions: 8.6 km long, 3.0 km abeam at wing approx. Mass: unknown Crew: unknown number of xenos automata Accel: 3.7 gravities sustained acceleration reported Speed: 7 Void shields: 0 Morale: n/a Turret Rating: 6/7 (with flak) Manoeuvrability: +19 Armour: 25 Crew population: 100 Weapon capacity: Prow 3, Port 3, Starboard 3, Dorsal 3 Detection: +30 Hull Integrity: 123 Crew: Veteran (50) (60 if Exile is present) Essential components: Reactive hull with stealth systems, Huge interphased drive, Inertialess drive, Quantum shielding (5), command crypt, crew coffins, tomb-sustainer, transdimensional sensor array. Barracks Augmented retro thrusters Reinforced interior bulkheads Armor plating Tenebro maze Munitorium (xenos equivilant) Liberium vault Auto-stabilized Logis-targeter (xenos equivilant) Micro laser defense grid Small “crew compartments” Life sustainer Supplemental components: Prow lightning arc (x2) (Macrobattery, Str 5, Dmg 1d10+4, Crit rating 4, Range 6) Plow torpedo portal (count as eldar torpedoes) Vortex torpedoes Port lightning arc (Macrobattery, Str 5, Dmg 1d10+4, Crit rating 4, Range 6) Stbd lightning arc (Macrobattery, Str 5, Dmg 1d10+4, Crit rating 4, Range 6) Dorsal particle lance (x2) (Lance, Str 3, Dmg 1d10+5, Crit rating 3, Range 9) Dorsal torpedo portal: (count as eldar torpedoes) Vortex torpedoes Star pulse generator (special – occupies 1 Port & Starboard weapon slot) Portal (x3) Nemesor’s strategium: The xenos nemesor can direct a fleet from this chamber. Special rules and modifier summary Command vessel: All piloting and navigation tests made by allied vessels within 10 VU’s get a +5 bonus. All Necron vessels within 10 VU’s, including this one, count their crew rating as one level higher than it is normally, provided the xenos nemesor is in the strategium. Personality: Stoic +10 to all Command Tests (+20 if Exile is present) +15 (+25) to all piloting tests, +5 (+15) to all navigation tests. This rises to +35 (+45) to piloting tests made due to celestial phenomena. +10 to all Ballistic skill tests made to fire the ship’s weaponry. (+20) -10 to all Ballistic skill tests and augury attempts made against the ship. -2 to all crew losses except decompression. (No losses due to decompression.) Ship is immune to morale loss. Ship regenerates 1d5 Hull Integrity per turn if damaged. So the AdMech guys had their small feet, the eldar had theirs and i had this beauty... needless to say, she didn't let me down.
  20. First its awesome (esp. as a Necron fan who loves their fleet) Though there has already another idea out here http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/65106-necron-fleet/ Though I have to admidt i am unsure about idea of reactive hulls... the rolling under means that it ignores the small amounts of but still suffer griviously from worst of damage... Consider either letting it count as a forcefield.. or giving them damage reduction. something that is more akin of the fluff as i see it.. Necron ships a suposed to be ridiculously resistent to damage... considering giving damage reduction that is always subtracted from the damage first. For instance something like damage reduction 2 for raiders, 4 for shroud, 6 for scythe and 10 for Cairn.. That way they would be capable of taking a massive beating... and 1d10+3 that deal 0,1,2 or 3 damage lance suddenly seem less fearsome for ship with no shield, than an 1d10+3 lance that deals either 0 or 6-13 damage.. Another question: why does the Cairn not have any port/starboard slots? and shouldn't it have armour and hull points? Just stuff off the top of my head
  21. Your GM is to kind. I always surprise my players... The mission where they would have to hold a fort with a group of guardsmen, while they were activating a beacon that woud draw tyranid attention... Well, turns out the guardsmen were corrupted and lead by traitor marines... and the PCs are shot down, while cultists swarm them in melee, while chaos marines fire indiscriminitely..
  22. I planned that for my group... then allow for their next characters to be a newly formed kill team that all knew the former ones....
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