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  1. Thanks. Some interesting choices to consider for my Bara-Rose and mono-Martell decks. Curious tho, did FFG say why this deluxe xpack was released mid-cycle rather than between cycles?
  2. Yeah, you know that's my mistake, thanks for making me realize lol. I was thinking Runebound instead of Rune Age. Further evidence I need to get into the world ASAP so I can better distinguish between the names lol. But yes, actually Rune Age was one I was highly considering as well, though I'm sure I'd be providing decks for anyone I play with. Not sure it has much of a player base around here, though I'll definitely ask around.
  3. You're in good company. I haven't played Descent either. But I did get sucked into Rune Age and Runewars. Thankfully for my wallet, I was able to resist the urge to buy Descent ... phew! ... oh, but then I bought Imperial Assault anyway. Yeah, I'm considering Descent and BattleLore as my first purchases. BattleLore seems interesting - pvp wargame in a box w/ more units to add. And Descent, I'd probably get the co-op expansions for me and a couple buds to play (one usually prefers co-op). The ones you mention I'd be down to get too, down the line, if I end up loving the universe so much. For now, they'll wait, given that it takes a lot for me to commit to buying heavy or long, time-consuming games!
  4. If it wasn't for money, I'd be down, considering it sounds like the standard game is fairly small (2 starter boxes = 1 full standard pt army or close to it). But even then, that's $ I don't NEED to spend. I'll probably stick w/ my 1 half of 2 starters and then get 1 extra expansion army down the line. Leaning towards Orcs or Dwarfs, if they ever come.
  5. I'm glad they're not pre-paints, only b/c 99% (100% maybe) of the time, pre-painted minis are pretty low in paint quality. exactly what i do. I'm lucky in that I have a bunch of local commission painters I can and do use.
  6. Thanks for this. I'm also looking at the PDFs for various games that have some of the lore/fluff. Always interesting to see new (to me) fantasy settings.
  7. In my area (Sacramento), I think there's a big space for this game to potentially grow. Here's why. 1. We have a very large Fantasy community (bi-monthly tourneys would attract 20-30 players for WHFB when I played from 2011-2014). AoS hit us over a year ago and ppl are still trying to find their replacement game. We just had our 1st KoW tourney and a dozen ppl showed up. However, not all those players are completely committed to KoW. Some are still trying out other games, including going back to AoS now that it has pts. I think this game has the opportunity/chance to capture some of those players, me and my friend included 2. We have a very large X-Wing/Armada community. I'm not familiar w/ the game, but I hear it plays similar. Maybe the X-Wing/Armada players take a gander at this game and end up liking it enough to invest? Anyway, I'm definitely picking this up w/ my friend (I guess probably 2 copies, ugh...). My friend (who ran the KoW tournament, but is now getting back into AoS, ugh...) may check this out also w/ a little convincing from myself. We'll see where it goes from there. I'm personally excited. I've never played any of the Rune/Terrinoth games. Now I want to buy a few others lol (am a big board game fan. It's blasphemous I have not played Descent, I know...)
  8. Haha, thanks. So far all my games (just under a dozen or so) have been fun. Even when some local vets destroy me. Yeah, I got What Lurks Below the other day. Been focusing on Orks (Gorzod and Nazdreg specifically) the past few games and have used 2 of the 3 cards in the Warpack to good results. And yes, I have already sleeved my cards lol. I had to settle for FFG's sleeves. I usually prefer to just use inner sleeves since they are so perfectly flush, but they seem to be hard to find at stores and even online...So I just got the FFG for American games, w/ a little give. I'm content w/ that for now lol. Oh and yeah, my aspiration for Baharroth has gone down the wayside. I played Eldar and I just couldn't handle all the expensive units efficiently. Granted, it was just a randomly built deck, I just didn't quite have fun w/ it. My current plan is to focus on Orks, then Necrons. Then whatever tickles my fancy down the line. I think i WILL end up being a completionist and just buy and keep everything. I have a friend who got The Great Devourer and is willing to trade me my Nid cards for that box's non-Nid cards. But I think I may avoid to just make my own Nid deck possibly down the line.
  9. Thanks for the reply. And yeah I'd like to play at a more frequent pace, but not sure I can unless I keep bothering one local player lol (the others, even our TO have limited play time and my friends are still undecided). And yeah that site is great. Has helped me plan purchases which is always nice. I wonder, is it reasonable to just buy any new future Warpacks as they come out? Or wait for testing/reviews from other players/the online community? Guess it is just $15 I can throw down blindly
  10. Hey all, So I'm new to Conquest. Bought the Core set last week and over the next few days got Scourge, Isha, and Blackmane warpacks (I know, I need at least 1 more Core, 2 more if I wanna be pro!). I've only played 2 games, 1 as the Orks and 1 as SM + AM. I plan to get a couple more games in a couple days, maybe another couple more this upcoming weekend. Going into the game, I had wanted to play 2 of either Orks, Chaos, and Necrons (once they're out). Tau was a darkhorse. Now after seeing all the art and playing SM+AM (which I didn't expect to care for, but ended up liking a lot), I'm kind of torn what to play. I'm really big on fluff/flavor and I've always favored Orks, Chaos Marines, Necrons, Tau, and Nids in my 6 years of following 40k. But I'm loving the Eldar art in Conquest and Baharroth seems like an awesome Warlord, so now Eldar are tempting me lol (along w/ possibly some Imperium deck, focused on BT and AM once the BT Warlord comes out). So my first set of questions are about how to decide what decks to play. Should I focus on just maining 1 or 2 decks? 1 or 2 factions as a whole? Diversify and just play as many as possible? If it's best to focus on just 1 or 2, I know it'll be up to me to make the ultimate decision between the 6 candidates lol... But this is related to my 2nd set of questions... How common is it to just trade cards for factions you don't intend to use/play w/ your friends? I may have reeled in 1-3 other players to start w/ me and we're discussing splitting a lot of Warpacks, more Cores, etc. Is this the best approach or should I just keep everything for myself in case I change my mind on what I'm playing? I was going to buy a few more Warpacks tonight, but decided to hold off til I know if my friends are buying in and what we can trade/split. Should I just buy what I want and sort out any trades/splitting later? Also, how frequently do you all play? I don't want to burn myself out too soon, so I'm trying to "slowly" take all of this in, but I'm just too eager to really get into the game. Is 5~10 games a month a good pace? For a new player? I think that's about it for now. I definitely am looking forward to learning more and researching more about meta strats, decks, my local meta and what they play (we have at least a few regular players, but no regular meet up day. My FLGS is apparently hosting a regional tourney soon), etc. Thanks for any and all input!
  11. And by "what to purchase" i mean in what battle packs the cards you need are in. I know deck lists obviously show the cards in the list, but I don't know what battle packs those individual cards are in! edit: ok, nvm, i see on the databases it shows what edition/packs they're in. So I can just cross-reference that stuff.
  12. New player here too. Is there a site or guide as to where to get the cards you want for a deck? Or is it pretty simple like core deck + any battle packs w/ Dwarf on it = good enough deck for Dwarfs? Or is it like Magic where you can buy these cards individually from auction/3rd-party sites? I've checked out a couple database sites, but nothing that really shows a guide as to what to purchase...
  13. I think the game is really fun. Games can last up to an hour, depending on how in-depth players' tactics are (there are ways to turtle). It's a pretty simple game - in regards to rules and turns and such. But there can be some pretty intricate tactics to win. Basic summary - you try to exploit/take advantage/manipulate the buildings in town to your advantage to get rich and not getting too much of a bounty on you! I'd give a more detailed explanation of the rules, but not sure if that's allowed(?). I, personally, LOVE it. However, I don't plan on constantly playing it over and over, then I'd get tired of it - but that's how I am w/ any board game really. I can see myself playing a couple of matches w/ friends maybe once every couple of weeks or so (we already get together once or twice a month for Risk and this will be a nice change of pace) and never getting tired of it. ...I hope!
  14. I usually just put it at the edge of the board, not on a specific square, since it's the end of the game anyway.
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