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  1. Looking at the pregen guys in the gm book and Vassili on page 25 hos "arrows of unloading". What the hey are those? can't seem to find them anywhere. thanks for any input.
  2. So I have a paladin who keeps pushing himself as much as he can spending fatigue like water and no one in my group is sure about how long it last when you make the withstand pain check. Is it just for that action or the round or till your check would change? And where else would that skill be useful? Thanks for any answer you can give.
  3. I also have a question along these lines. i went rich boy in creation and buying better than normal equipment. The problem we had was how do you enchant shields? What bonus's do you add to it for each +5 you add to it? thanks a lot.
  4. Hey, wondering if you could put this up another way. Since megaupload is now blocked by the us gov't. thanks
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