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  1. Ahhh I see now! Its worded too well though is it? You can see why I might get confused. Well, that changes everything! Thanks very much.
  2. www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/GoTCards.html/_/kings-of-the-storm/narrow-escape-kotstorm I've no idea where the notion that the whole hand has to be discarded comes from? The card says 'at least 1 card', so why would anyone discard more than 1 card? Maybe i'm missing something? If not then why on earth is it a restricted card! I've read the comments on the above link and still am confused. As I see it now, this card is not that good if your opponent can just loose 1 card to stop all dead/discarded characters from returning to play that phase. Please help, this Night's Watch deck fan is confused!
  3. ktom said: marhorn said: I have another uestion,characters with renown claim power "on" themselves or on the house? Power for renown is claimed by, and placed on, the character. You earn power faster, but it is much more vulnerable because if the character dies, the power is gone with it. Totally. The advantage of Renown is that you can gain power very quickly and deny power to your opponent from lost power challenges. On the flip side, yes, you will loose that power if the Renown characters die. A few renown characters is a good mix, but best not to rely on it I feel.
  4. Thanks very much chaps. I've nearly finished building my Stannis At The Wall themed Night's Watch deck. I want to include the Old Bear hence the question. It shall not be a completely Nedly deck, but enough so! I've gone with only the Rangers & Stewards Adgendas. Stewards will help me alot in my groups metagame as there is not too much intrique. ~Pope
  5. www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/GoTCards.html/_/defenders-of-the-north/return-of-the-others/Old-Bear-Mormont-RotO Hi all, So I understand Old Bear Mormont's response. What i'm not too sure of is how that might affect duplicates on him? Now, his response has 'cannot be saved' in its text so I am thinking that the duplicates are redundant and are removed along side Old Bear. Is this correct? Thanks for your help in advance! ~Pope
  6. Me again... Do the North Agendas stack? If I use the Stewards & the Rangers Agendas I would gain both a Military & Intrigue icon but suffer a raise of 4 power need to win the game? Have I read this right? I'd rather ask than simply assume. Thanks
  7. Thats really cleared up the question for me. This card seems worthwhile to run in my Knights deck as I have access to a lot of Power Challenges!
  8. Brilliant, thanks for the speedy response. So essentially each time I want to use this card I must pay the 1 Gold to bring it out of Shadows at the start of the phase and then return it to Shadows after I have declared a power challenge. I don't need to pay 2 Gold again to put it into Shadows?
  9. www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/GoTCards.html/_/kings-landing/city-of-secrets/Kingswood-Trail-CoS Hi all. My questions is this; To activate Kingswood Trail's response (see link) do I put it into shadows from my hand, paying the 2 gold? I did read that cards can only be put into Shadows during the Marshalling phase and during Setup. Does this response, as I think, bypass this rule? Then later on I can pay the Card Cost of 1 to bring it out of Shadows ready to use again next round? Have I got this right or completely backward? My friends and I are just starting to play proper games. Kind regards,
  10. Hello all, I've yet to master deck construction so bear with me! Using what I have currently, (Core Set, City of Secrets & Defenders of the North) I've attempted to construct a Baratheon/Night's Watch deck. I'd welcome your feedback and purchase suggestion. I'll be ordering Kings of the Storm from a local stockist tomorrow. Here goes... House Baratheon The Rangers (Agenda) Defenders of the North Plot Uneasy Truce (Core) Winter Festival (DofN) Tourney for the Hand (Core) Summoning Season (Core) Good for the Gander (Core) Mutual Cause (Core) Rule by Decree (Core) Event Support of the Kingdom (Core) Lords of the Narrow Sea (Core) Retreat (Core) Distinct Mastery (Core) Prosperity & Plenty (Core) Muster (Core) Characters Old Red Priest x1 (Core) City Watch x3 (CoS) Melisandre x1 (Core) Stannis Baratheon x1 (Core) Ser Barristan Selmy x1 (Core) Maester Cressen x1 (Core) Robert Baratheon x2 (Core) Loyal Guard x3 (DofN) Army of the Faithful x1 (Core) Renly's Courtier x1 (Core) Edric Storm x1 (Core) Devan Seaworth x1 (Core) Knight of the Rainwood x1 (Core) Brienne of Tarth x1 (Core) Knight of Flowers x1 (Core) Ser Axel Florent x1 (Core) Highgarden Honour Guard x1 (Core) House Tyrell Guard x1 (Core) Renly Baratheon x1 (Core) Selyse Baratheon x1 (Core) Stannis' Northern Cavalry x1 (Core) Ser Davos Seaworth x1 (Core) Host of Storm's End x1 (Core) Ghost x1 (Core) Septon Cellador x2 (DofN) Ranger of the North x3 (DofN) Benjen Stark x1 (Core) Jon Snow x1 (Core) Maester Aemon x1 (Core) Attachments Milk of the Poppy x1 (Core) Lightbringer x1 (Core) Shadow's Blessing x1 (Core) Motley x1 (Core) Stinking Drunk x1 (Core) Locations Dragonstone Port x1 (Core) Kingswood Trail x3 (CoS) Seat of Power x3 (DofN) Castle Black x1 (DofN) King Robert's Chambers x1 (Core) Street of Sisters x1 (Core) Aegon's Garden x3 (Core) Great Hall x1 (Core) Narrow Sea x1 (Core) Crossroads x1 (Core) Stormlands Fiefdoms x2 (Core) Ouch, thanks for any comments. Now to rest my aching fingers!
  11. So far I only have Core Stannis, and will have Kings of Storm Stannis soon. He can be a duplicate for Core Stannis from the negative comments about him.
  12. Thank you for all your replies! I'm pleased that his Response is really that simple! Apologies if this seemed like a daft question, but better asked than not aye? ~Pope
  13. www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/GoTCards.html/_/core-set/ser-davos-seaworth-core How do I handle his Response? Do I just say "I want to save him" then pay 1 gold and put him back in my hand? Or is he saved only via attachments etc? Just a little confused on the wording I guess. Thanks for any help. ~Pope
  14. Stannis is too my favourite GoT character, followed by Davos Seaworth. Can anyone suggest which is the best card for each of these? I'm unsure which theme I want to go for at the moment. I love the idea of Stannis at the wall, having Night's Watch with him, but I also like the amount of knights Baratheon can have. Maybe I should focus more on Asshai? Ahh the choices!
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