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  1. What were the cards from last year
  2. In RtNotZ. There are scenario upgrade cards I have one marked Return to the Gathering. One marked Return to Midnight Masks. Can't find one marked Return to the Devourer Below. Am I missing one or is there not one?
  3. I don' know about anyone else but I would like them to put out a yearly errata card pack with corrected text.
  4. Is there any way to select multiples of any of the individual packs of expansions.
  5. The danger of players creating themselves, or chatacters based in other players has lent to hurt feelings and people feeling left out. Using standard character creation and calling them an alternate reality version of themselves has been used at my table to good effect. If you want their real world experience to help early on give boost dies for explai ing why their idea works.
  6. I am wanting to run a campaign set in Terrinoth. Where are the best references about the world and cites and stuff.
  7. Is there a way to tell the app I have multiple copies of expansions or ally packs?
  8. If the game was in same design space as Imperial Assault, Descent of Mansions of Madness. It could be Imperial Coup, where the players are all ninj.....I mean shinobi. Attacking a palace to get a target. Or even better, Defend the Wall. Where the players each have a leader and say like 5 to 10 guys stopping the incursion of the shadowlands.
  9. In my house we have 4 players. 2 sleeve whole collection and 2 sleeve decks.
  10. For multiplayer roles, that would be outstanding, especially if they were different from standard roles. First player token could move counter clockwise, where as player order is clockwise.
  11. Having 2 sets of rings for 3 or more players. But set them on one side. I.e. military water ring only is a military water ring. If it has been chosen it is gone.
  12. Shivore: Thank You very much for the link. My Google Fu was severely lacking. "EDIT: This might actually be more of what you are looking for, by the same author: http://dojooflies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=23959#p23959" Hinomura: Somewhere, not sure where, I got the gist that you had made you choice before you got there and everything else just added to it. Thank You for explaining the reasons, and not assuming I was being combative.
  13. First of all, congratulations to all those who made choices for Clan Roles for making top in clan. The Scorpion player stated in a post that you had reasons for Seeker of Void. Would you elaborate those reasons please. I had only a few reasons to be disappointed in not getting to use Backhanded Complement. The art, the name and the fluff text are so well tied together.
  14. Good point, was mostly wanting alt arts if I am honest.
  15. With regards to an imperial stronghold. It would be interesting if the dynasty deck was constrained by keywords more than clan association. The conflict have like 20 influence, 10 from each of any 2 clans
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