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  1. Oh, full disclaimer, I did not ask that one to Caleb, there's just no doubt in my mind that's how it works.
  2. Luckily of the 7 female heroes we currently have, I'd say 6 of them are really very useful. I've never made a Caldara deck, for the reasons mentioned above basically. Hard to get value out of her. Galadriel is a newer hero who is really rather good, albeit a bit unconventional. Unfortunately your sphere selection is limited to Lore or Spirit, heavily favoring Spirit, as you pointed out. It's too bad there haven't been some ladies in Leadership and Tactics, but I suppose the source material gives them little to go on. For what it's worth, they do have a fair share of female allies, and extremely powerful ones at that, like Arwen and Imladris Stargazer.
  3. So here's all the questions I asked for those curious or wanting exact wording: Hey Caleb, one more question about Sword-Thain: if you were to put an ally into play during your planning phase, and then play Sword-Thain on it, would it still return to your hand at the end of the phase, since Sneak Attack specifies "if that ALLY is still in play return it to your hand?" Great question. If you use Sneak Attack to put an enemy into play, and then play Sword-thain on that ally, that ally would not be returned to your hand at the end of the phase because it would no longer be an ally. Cheers, Caleb Hello! So I was just reading on the forums about the newly spoiled Sword-Thain card, and a question came up about what happens when the ally become hero has card text that refers to returning them to a player's hand or deck, as heroes cannot do this. For example, is ally Beorn able to use his ability and not get shuffled back into the player's deck? The Golden Rule for the game requires that a hero Beorn must be returned to your hand if you trigger his Action while Sword Thain attached. The text on the card still super-cedes the rules for the game. Cheers, Caleb In a similar vein, how does Landroval work with this new card? If it is placed on him, I wouldn't think he could activate his ability if he were destroyed, but if another ally with this attachment is destroyed, can Landroval save them? Or have they already lost the hero distinction and been rendered an invalid target? Landroval’s Response triggers “After a hero card is destroyed…” An ally with Sword-thain attached will lose the hero card type after it is destroyed and Sword-thain is discarded. That means at the moment Landroval can trigger his effect, the ally would no longer be a valid target. Also Mirlonde's ability wouldn't do anything to the threat cost of the ally with Sword-Thain on it, since its threat cost is 0 and it cannot be lowered below that. Returning to starting threat with Aragorn would still be back to 18.
  4. I did. It's the golden rule. I can post that too when I get home and have access to my emails.
  5. I just got an answer. Sneak attack allies do not return to your hand, as they're not an ally anymore. I'll post the official answer when I get home.
  6. Sounds to me like Christopher needs to watch the Lego Movie. Lol.
  7. It really is too bad that Christopher Tolkien thinks he's the only person who can be trusted to "preserve" the materials he has exclusive rights to. His comments certainly paint him as a rather arrogant old man. I suppose he has a right to be, as the same material was only published and brought to light by him, but still, it's a shame.
  8. I sent some questions to Caleb regarding this card. I forgot the sneak attack one though, which actually is kind of puzzling. I know for a fact Landroval doesn't work, because when the ally turned hero is destroyed, it immediately becomes an ally again, so it can't trigger Landroval's response.
  9. 50 cents more for packaging that doesn't perform it's only real function as well? Suffice it to say I'm glad that's not the route they've gone with.
  10. Now that's something I'm excited for. Bring on the traps! =D
  11. He's got a boatload of health, but yeah, not much else. Having to use Forest Snare doesn't really make him more appealing really at all, because that's 6 resources from two spheres. Maybe I'll have a heaping helping of crow later, but I sort of doubt it.
  12. Also since I haven't see anybody say it yet: stop playing with the preconstructed decks. Those are the absoloute worst. You picked probably the only one that even functions at all, but even then it's just awful. Throw together your own deck with two spheres, or look up a deck online that uses one core set, or even send me a message if you haven't returned the game and I'll make you one. I question why they even put the preconstructed decks in there, since it's basically "every card of a certain sphere and Gandalf."
  13. Just purely my gut reaction, but I'd say the moment that character is destroyed, it's returned to it's original state. I would agree that Defender of the West basically stops working on the ally it's attached to if you make it a hero. This is a crazy card though, can't wait to see what shenanigans this cycle throws out for us to use it with.
  14. Aw dang. You ruined my plan Duke! Ally Treebeard + Steward of Gondor! Lol. Probably for the best. Also, just looking around at what allies work and I was wondering: Can ally Faramir do his action more than once per phase?
  15. "Damage from Cold from Angmar must be dealt to the character you least want it dealt to (you know the one)."
  16. Cold from Angmar is kinda fun. It can be a pain, but it has some really fun side effects. I was playing with Boromir when it first popped up in Wastes and it put me in a tight spot, since he was doing a lot of defending, but when I put that point of damage on Gandalf and Glorfindel I felt like a genius.
  17. I don't know how you're going to feel about it Glaurung, but I played it two handed solo and thought it was pretty tough. When the Day/Night card turns to Night another encounter card is revealed, so you always feel a little behind the 8 ball and the encounter deck combos really well. I felt like anytime an additional quest card came up I was in a load of trouble. If you're able to get through the first part of the quest and get established you'll probably do alright though, as the enemies aren't particularly strong by themselves. I thought it was very good!
  18. Also don't use a scissors, there is a small piece of sticky tape in the slot they use to hang them on racks. Peel that off and it pops right open.
  19. If that was the intention, it worked. I think the plastic held up much better. Seemed like an awful lot of my cards had a bend in them, but the cards from the Wastes really looked nice coming out of the packaging. I know some people are resistant because they don't look as nice and all of that, but they do what packaging is supposed to do much better in my opinion.
  20. Lol, you were so enraged fighting with the plastic you threw it across the room once you got the cards out.
  21. Huh? It says it on the back of the insert, Took. And as for the plastic packaging, say what you want about the aesthetics of it (which I couldn't care less about), it seemed to do a better job keeping the cards straight. I can't tell you how many of the old packs that came with all the cards having a super annoying bend in them.
  22. Honour Guard was doing some serious work in the decks I played against The Wastes last night. I'm not 100% sure there aren't cards you'd want to include before him, but when I had 3 up it was a marvelous safety blanket. Probably my favorite card of the whole pack, just for the versatility of it. He can even save those valuable yet wimpy allies from deal one damage to all characters treacheries!
  23. The action window for a hide test comes after you've committed characters and revealed the encounter cards for the test. So in this case it's safer to commit Sam to the quest and use Fast Hitch right away if you also intend to have him ready for hide tests. It's not ideal, since Sam has a built in readying mechanic, so you'll have to feel out how much you need him at any given time. Hope that helps.
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